YouTubers React To 10 Videos That Went Viral BEFORE YouTube

♪ Ma-ia-hii
Ma-ia-huu ♪ – Oh boy. – This is the most influential
piece of art in the last two decades. ♪ (dramatic intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re gonna
be showing you a selection of videos and all these videos
went viral before YouTube even existed.
– What? So there was viral videos
before YouTube. That’s news to me. – Where would you even
see a viral video? – Yeah, where were
viral videos? – There was no iPhones.
You’re not sharing anything. – This is exciting, actually.
– This is very exciting. – Like
or eBaum’s World. – (mimicking explosion)
We’re doing some archaeology now.
That’s exciting. What horrors are we
about to uncover? – I’m gonna crush this one.
I’m the oldest person, not just in this room,
but at VidCon. ♪ Ooga-chaka
Ooga-chaka ♪ – I do not remember this. – What is going on?
Why did this go viral? – Oh yeah. – This was me. ♪ Ooga ooga
ooga-chaka ♪ – Not this cursed image. – That was it?
Oh my God. – The dancing baby
from Ally McBeal, which was a show I watched
as it premiered. I love the dancing baby
still to this day, but here’s what I will say.
I don’t remember it being that low res. – I very well remember
the dancing baby. – Yeah.
– I don’t remember it being that low res.
– Right, yeah. In my mind,
it filled in all the pixels. – (FBE) So that’s 1996’s
dancing baby or baby cha-cha
and this video went crazy viral and proceeded
to show up in mainstream media, most notably on Fox’s
Ally McBeal. – Okay.
– I don’t think that baby would hold up in today’s
viral thing– today’s social media climate.
– But there was nothing. – So that was probably
the first thing ever. – Memes haven’t changed
and meme humor hasn’t changed since 1996. – Oh, okay.
– Yes, yes. I remember downloading this
on Kazaa. – Sure, Star Wars kid.
– Of course, Star Wars dude. A classic. – Yeah. – I did that because
I liked it so much. – He’s got moves, man. – Who hasn’t picked up
a stick or a cane and pretended that they
were Darth Vader? Everyone has. – Oh, what an icon. – I definitely can see why
that went viral. I feel like that was just
a vine or TikTok. – I remember watching that
and laughing at it and then feeling bad years later
when the guy who was in it said that it was the worst
thing that ever happened to him. – The kid really probably
had a really hard time as a result of that video,
but I’ve always thought he was awesome. – (FBE) So, this is
Star Wars kid and according to reports,
the teen left the recorded tape at school and the footage
was then discovered by classmates who posted
it onto Kazaa, which was a popular
peer to peer file sharing site and there are estimates
that video has been viewed at least a billion times,
but there’s no way to accurately track its
view count. – Oh wow.
A billion views. – Everyone’s kinda making
fun of this guy and I’m like,
he’s having fun, man. He turns on that camera,
he’s living his truth. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – “In the spring of 1999,
the Family Learning Channel commissioned animator
Don Hertzfeldt to produce promotional
segments for their network.” – “The cartoons were completed
in five weeks. The Family Learning Channel
rejected all of them upon review and they were
never aired.” – What is this?
– I know what this is. I’ve seen this before. – This I still watch about
once a year. – (figure) My spoon
is too big. – Yes, I know this one. – Yeah, I remember this.
– Do you know this? – Uh huh. – What is this?
– This is some experimental film. – (banana) I am a banana. – I think I have a deep
rooted thing in my head and that’s why I’m doing
animation now from this video. – Yes, it’s my favorite part
coming up. – (cloud) Everybody dance.
– These are cute. – Hell yeah, this one used
to make me laugh so hard. – Oh God. – (cloud) My anus is bleeding.
– Wait, what the hell? – That really freaked me out
when I was little. I was worried about
bleeding anuses way too prematurely. – (cloud) My anus is bleeding.
– When I was ten, I was like, “This is the funniest
thing that’s ever been created.” – I know what that’s like,
buddy. It’s no fun. – I wonder what this artist
went on to do because this was so good. – Oh no. – Yeah, I can see why
they rejected these. – How does he have
so much blood inside of his little cloud body? – I think the point of this
is there’s no point. – (FBE) So, that was
an animated short titled “Rejected’
made in 1999. The short actually won
27 animation awards around the globe
and was actually a 2001 Academy Award
nominee. – Wow, I’m so glad.
I’m glad that that guy got his dues because
it is still to this day one of my most favorite
pieces. – It’s very good,
but it also speaks of the fact that there’s
animation that’s on YouTube today that should be getting
nominated for an Academy Award
in the short animation category. – Absolutely. ♪ Ma-ia-hii ♪ – Yes.
– Numa Numa. – There’s Boogie.
– You know that’s not actually Boogie, right?
– Before I met him, I thought for the longest time
this actually was. – I don’t think I look
anything like that kid, but everyone else does. ♪ Ma-ia-haa ♪
– Yeah, I’ve definitely seen this. ♪ Ma-ia-hii
Ma-ia-huu ♪ ♪ Ma-ia-haa ♪
– This is just TikTok. – ♪ Ma-ia-hoo
Ma-ia-haa ♪ ♪ Ma-ia-haa
Ma-ia-hii ♪ – Yeah, I remember thinking
this was the literal funniest thing in the entire
world. – I did the same stuff
in my room. – Yeah.
No one will admit it, but everyone does that. – That is an all time classic.
In Europe, people like playing this on the radio
like, “Ah yes, our culture.” – Not to brag, but Hank
is actually the leading translator of the Numa Numa
song into English, which is…
– There’s a guy. He’s calling a girl on the phone
and she’s not interested. – (FBE) That video’s known
as Numa Numa and creator Gary Brolsma
uploaded it to the website Newgrounds in 2004
and is one of the most viral videos of all time.
– I remember Newgrounds. – Newgrounds was just
the wild west of content. There was some weird
stuff on there, but that’s cool that that
was up there. That was the first type
of community on a video website. – I forgot about this one. – Oh God, I love this video
so much. I haven’t seen this in 20 years. – (narrator) We got China,
France, India, Israel, Pakistan, Russia, the UK.
– This is another one I quoted all the time. – This video was so big
in middle school. – (narrator) One day,
we decide those Chinese sons of a bitches
are going down, so we launched a nuke
at China. Once it’s on its way,
China’s like “[bleep]. Who the [bleep]
is shooting us?” – It reminds me of a very
base version of history of the world. – (narrator) And France is like,
“[Bleep] guys, the missiles are coming.
Fire our [bleep]. But I’m le tired.”
– Le tired. – (narrator) “The missiles
are coming. Fire our [bleep].
– But I am le tired. – Well, have a nap.
Then, fire the missiles. Yeah, I remember. – (narrator) So now we got
missiles flying everywhere. – Is this PewDiePie? – He sounds like PewDiePie. – (narrator) Some huge meteor’s
like “Well, [bleep] that.” – I like that we avoid
the apocalypse because the meteor isn’t
interested in us. – (narrator) Assuming we don’t
blow ourselves up, Californians just have to
worry about California breaking off from the
United States to go hang with Hawaii.
Alaska can come too. The end.
– I remember that one in the old Albino Blacksheep,
Newground days. It’s one of my favorites. – There’s some good lines in there.
That might be one of the most quotable videos
of all time. I remember that was one
of the first videos I ever saw on the internet. – (FBE) That was called
The End of the World Flash Animated Cartoon
that was uploaded to Albino Blacksheep
in 2003 and the narration in the cartoon created some
iconic catchphrases that were often used
back in the day on the internet, such as “I am le tired.”
– Okay, so that’s where that comes from.
I used to say that because other people said it. – I say that to my friends
all the time. It’s just part of the culture now.
This is the most influential piece of art in the last
two decades. – I am le tired.
At the end of VidCon, everyone is le tired. ♪ Badger, badger, badger ♪ – Yes. – Weebl. – Such chaotic neutral energy
from Weebl. ♪ Oh, it’s a snake ♪ – Classic.
– Yeah, classic. – So that’s basically what
goes on in my brain on a daily basis. – ♪ Badger, badger, badger,
badger, badger, badger ♪ ♪ Mushroom, mushroom ♪
– Weebl, underappreciated god of the internet.
He still does stuff. Are you supporting him?
You should be. – That’s internet roots right there.
That’s history. That’s gonna go in a textbook
one day. – The thing about that video
is it gets so stuck in your head very quickly and it won’t leave. – (FBE) That was created
in 2003 by animator known as Weebl and who
still makes animated content today on his YouTube channel
known as Weebls Stuff. – This was one of the first
things that in my life went viral, ’cause I was at school
and everyone was like, “Have you heard of
Badger, Badger?” It was like that baby shark
moment where it’s like it completely dominated
the entire world. – My big takeaway so far
is we have come a long way with internet content.
But I mean, I used to love this stuff, too.
It’s the more random, the better. – ♪ There’s a llama
and another– ♪ That was so instinctive. – I’ve also covered this song.
– Yeah. – I’ve never seen this one. – I remember this. – ♪ I was once a treehouse
I lived in a cake ♪ ♪ But I never saw the way
the orange slayed the rake ♪ I know the whole word.
I could keep going. It’s really upsetting. – It’s such a simple video
and literally anybody could have edited that
in Flash, but it’s one of those songs
that again, just get into your head. – (FBE) Reports date the llama song
was uploaded first in 2004 to art titan DeviantArt
where reportedly it racked up over 50,000 views before
spreading to Newgrounds and Albino Blacksheep.
– 50,000 views back in the day was like you are the most
famous person that’s ever existed. – It’s crazy that that
entertained people back in the day. Not much existed,
so it was easy to go viral. – I remember logging into
Albino Blacksheep every day to find something like that
and when I found that, I thought I found treasure. ♪ Peanut butter jelly time ♪ – Oh yes.
I love this. – This was everywhere.
– This you would use on AIM as your away message. – ♪ Where he at?
Where he at? ♪ ♪ Now there he go
There he go ♪ – ♪ Peanut butter jelly ♪ – It’s still special. – It was a lot funnier
when I was younger. ♪ Peanut butter jelly
Peanut butter jelly ♪ ♪ Peanut butter jelly ♪
– I love this guy. – I just don’t get why
it’s a banana. – It’s a dancing banana.
Don’t have to ask questions. – (FBE) That one’s Peanut
Butter Jelly Time performed by the
Buckwheat Boys. – Performed by?
Okay. – (FBE) So this video’s
been remixed and reuploaded so often, many think
it came from YouTube, but it was first uploaded
in early 2002, three years before YouTube.
– Absolutely. That was everywhere.
Talk about an internet icon. That’s an internet icon. – It’s still really popular.
I feel like everyone, if they heard that,
they would know. They would sing along. ♪ We like the moon ♪ – Oh man, why do I know
what this is? – What is it?
– It’s Quiznos subs. ♪ ‘Cause it is close to us ♪ – That’s true. – Ah, it’s the sound of
my last brain cell dying. ♪ But not as much
as a spoon ♪ – I never saw that before.
– Is that before or after the Annoying Orange? – I need to wash my eyes
or something. That was scary. – Why are we still making
content? – Yeah.
– We’re done. We did it.
All the best stuff has been made. – (FBE) So that’s
We Like the Moon created by Joel Veitch
in 2003. We Like the Moon
actually got picked up by Quiznos and became
an inspiration for some of its advertisements
that appeared on television. – That’s right.
Their terrifying ad campaign. – I do remember that.
Quiznos had some weird little creature things like that.
What about that makes you wanna eat?
– I don’t wanna eat your food with that
face on it. – If that’s the thing
making it, hell nah. – (man) I’m just wild enough
to do what God said. That’s why results happen.
(fart noise) – It’s the farting preacher. – (man) That’s why…
(fart noise) I’m not talking about
figuring it out with your brains. (fart noise)
– Oh gosh. – Oh boy. – (man) Hallelujah.
The first thing that happened. That’s it.
(fart noise) – (man) Whoo!
– I shouldn’t be laughing because it’s just farts,
but I love a good fart. – It’s literally the oldest joke.
The fart joke is the oldest joke in the world.
It’s in Greek comedies from 2000 years ago
and it’s still great. – I don’t think I’ve ever
seen that one. That’s the only one
on this list that I do not immediately recognize,
but that’s hilarious. – (FBE) So, that was the farting
preacher. Some reports call this
the original viral video with some reports stating
that in 1985, two men began distributing VHS
copies of the farting preacher where it began to gain
popularity across the country. – Wow, a viral VHS. – What’s funny is there wasn’t
really sound effects. People didn’t play around
with that, so to take something that serious and then do that,
I think that’s great. – Can we do a fart?
(fart noises) – Last time I saw this video
was probably before the first VidCon.
I think that was in a very weird but very pure
stage of the internet where people were just making
stuff for the sake of making weird stuff.
There was no chance it was gonna go viral to them,
but it did. – (FBE) Finally, we just
talked about videos that went viral before
YouTube, which is now arguably the most known
way to go viral. – Yeah.
– (FBE) So do you think any of these videos,
if they were released today would have gone as viral?
– I don’t think they would. There’s so many videos
on the internet now, it’s so hard.
Back in the day, there was so few
on the internet that the quality threshold
was so low. – There’s no one type of video
that goes viral now and I think that’s why
a lot of these videos wouldn’t necessarily
go viral because they are of one class,
which is absurd humor. – I think it depends
on the platform and I think the dancing baby,
honestly, I would watch that right now, but I don’t think
it makes sense for YouTube. – We’re so long format
on YouTube. I think a lot of the stuff,
you’re right, would work maybe Vine format. – Probably not.
Probably it would just be in the wash of stuff.
– I don’t think any of those would go viral, but it does
still happen where surprisingly funny and weird content
does go viral like Bill Wurtz’s History
of the World, so I have a lot of hope
that versions of this, better, cooler, newer versions
can still go viral. – Thanks for watching
this episode of YouTubers React. – Be sure to subscribe
to all the creators in this episode.
The links are in the description. – Goodbye, be safe. – Hey guys, Vartuhi here from FBE.
A huge thank you to all the YouTubers that came out
to shoot with us. Make sure to support them
by checking out their channels and subscribing.
Links in the description below. Bye, guys.

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