WTFast Malware / Virus Question, Will WTFast Give You Malware / Virus?

WTFast Malware / Virus Question, does WTFast
gives you a Malware / Virus? Hi guys, my name is Kabalyero and thank you
for watching The Kabalyero Show. The show where I share to you what’s happening in the
games I play, as well as, other things you might find interesting. Okay guys, I discovered this question while
browsing through the League Of Legends forum. The question was, would WTFast gives you a
virus / malware? Fortunately, the answer to that question is
very simple and that is, NO. WTFast will not give you any kind of malware nor virus and
I’m talking about the official WTFast program. Now, if you are using one of those so called
WTFast Cracks then you’ll definitely get a lot of malwares / viruses in your computer. That’s why always download WTFast from the
official WTFast website and never ever install these so called WTFast Cracks. That’s it for this video and if you have any
comments, questions or reactions then please post them in the comments section below. Now, if you wish to receive updates when new
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in my next video. Bye bye.

9 thoughts on “WTFast Malware / Virus Question, Will WTFast Give You Malware / Virus?

  • Im getting a message form Wtfast while playing Aion
    "You have logged out due inactivity"
    No about be afk on the game, it says about afk in wtfast, i dont understand why…

  • Right now i'm an official premium user of wtfast. I have payed subscription. And as you said wtfast doesn't give you Malware/Virus, BUT the problem is the –> ads <– i think. I installed wtfast with my subscription on 3 pc. all of them started to have same kind of malware redirect actions in the browsers. Even in steam built in browser, malware redirect actions started to happen. Let me be clear, i'm IT guy, programmer. All software that i'm installed is legit and mostly opensource for work. + Norton 360 + malwarebytes(premium), both payed too. Before WTfast has been installed there is no problems at all. After, it started to happen. Those malware redirect actions in the browsers. So i think that is not wtfast, but 3rd party ads or something that wtfast providing with 3rd party. So i will test later by unistalling wtfast and will see what happens. If redirect actions will stop. Then sorry, but becouse of wtfast – we have problems with malware/viruses.

  • Actually it does give you a browser redirect/ad virus, I installed it yesterday and got it… Gotta try to uninstall see what happens. I ran three cleaner programs on it and nothing happend so far.

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