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Hello there, today we are testing some of the most viral and WTF beauty hacks that you’ve probably ever seen. All of these you’ve probably seen on Instagram, Pinterest, the Internet and you wondered, “Do these really work?” Well today, we’re about to find out. If you like hack videos, give this video a thumbs up! Whack it, whack hack. (In odd voice) Thumbs up for a hundred years of an easy life…. Seriously give it a thumbs up. It’s worth a try. You might- You might get a hundred years, who knows. Subscribe if you aren’t already, and make sure you hit this little bell to be notified of more fun content. For more fun beauty hacks, follow me on Instagram. I’m posting daily awesome and useful content on there. The first weird viral Hack is to remove blackheads with flosser yes you heard right we’re about to get real close for this hack you’re not supposed to have any makeup on wanna grab a hot cloth and apply onto your nose all you do is you can go your nose all you do is you can go downward you can go upwards my god are you saying that for the disney I told you guys are going to get very personal this is gross and oddly satisfying I don’t know how good this can be for your skin. Definitely works and it’s a lot lighter I think that if you’re just likes squishing your face trying to get blackheads out so i like i like next viral mehak is absolutely insane in the membrane literally my jaw dropped when I saw this and that is cutting your hair by using a drone. Are you ready? No I know it’s time to introduce the leash off she’s gonna get her haircut she purposefully we should be the one that’s gonna get her hair cut like her makeup was awfully thumbs up if you think you’re making what did you think was worth it was really cool but if you stick that chainsaw oh but anything XP hack is using band-aids as nipple covers thought I’d be doing this but free the nipple alright guys so this is the one with the mandate on like it kind of looks like i have a nipple here but i don’t know i don’t really like this not uncomfortable but it doesn’t really do any i’ll feel like you can see more the band-aid than the actual nipple I don’t really like this one this hack is plumping up you’re looking for that just looked pain so in the video the girl basically just goes back and forth messing with her window and like basically poking at her lips it was very painful feel like imagine like being at lunch and just some girl or animal poking her lips I give those I i I’d be like kind of getting that circulation going alright so this is this is up next week has a weird one it’s actually been very recently roaming around and that is to use bra inserts to apply your foundation kind of found something like this yeah it’s very strange the use of this is pretty much to apply your foundation it claims for a very beautifully like airbrushed look because this doesn’t absorb and make a product so you’re losing less product and also if you have makeup tools you know use this so i actually testing out this behalf on my second channel buoy blender and it’s Abby busters over on their the link is going to be down below in case you’re interested but it’s a really cool hats next we have is using a screw to create a cut crease now I’ve always been super intrigued by this because doing a cup crease is literally hell right so i have two different types spoon don’t even know the size that looks kind of good I would this be had I’m super impressed actually it’s not perfect but way not perfect when i try i feel like the result is pretty good i think for a first try with this hat i like i like another really clever you have to have seen go around is using a fork to create perfect nose contour without from what I’ve seen you pretty much get your contour college so pretty much we put this onto your nose and then you would contour right here and then on the other side in the middle you just feel like a highlight no just alone i feel like this already did kind of like a good job at centering where my nose I feel like it did a really really really good job like my nose looks pretty good you know that if you have something like this you can always count on to look the same another half as we’re on the Internet forever is using baby powder or baking you face that always tell me don’t do anything with baby powder it causes cancer so that’s kind of scary so maybe this isn’t the best alternative I let the big power set in and now i’m just gonna kind of brush it off thats nice it doesn’t like stick onto the skin looking pretty bad I’m more impressed than I thought maybe my skin feels like a baby’s butt which is kind of weird but but so it blends like a dream it feels really nice i’m not into the small law doesn’t look cakey it all now I’m gonna test out the flash because that always get you past the flash test in my opinion it I don’t look washed out my foundation with washed up but i don’t watch out this next meeting I always thought was like the coolest thing ever and that’s basically to use sharpies as nail polish like peek a little decoratives thing with you kind of have room to make mistakes don’t like that then you can just quickly rub it off i’m going to try to create like just little curves and I don’t know what I’m doing but things that I typically wouldn’t be able to create with nail art so I’m kind of just lightly rubbing off after a few and it’s not coming off so i think that’s there to stay i think i have all the hacks this was my favorite I think if you get a lot of really cool metallic colors you can create really awesome designs you definitely have a lot more like room to create circles and squiggles and whatnot and I love this one either really awesome you have i’ve always wanted to try out our DIY beauty Cal’s because Beauty details for nails and stickers and stuff are so expansive it’s pretty much all you’re going to need is nail polishes to create really nice design and then some like plastic bag right so for this one you are just going to create a very nice design or any kind of design honestly and so what they say is to make sure you make it kind of thick you wear on the nail polish that it’s easier to remove all right now for the part that will review all everything i’m just going to peel these off supposedly you just use a little tweezer alright well i got this much off so essentially what you would do is you just like stick it on like that for the remaining portion you just kinda wanna take it off with the nail or a nail file and then you can just add some clear gloss to that I think it turned out pretty cool obviously the color and the design isn’t that great but the concept definitely works in your comment below letting me know what happy thought work the best I really this was one of my favorite scribe to the channel for more from content also head on over to my second channel for a wider range of content as always you can follow me on Instagram Twitter Facebook and snapchat Natalie outlet for more doses of fun and if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up thank you so much for watching i love you guys don’t forget to live here or died or 1 x great way to mobile on that matter ok but failed

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