WRITE4CHANGE – Mental illness of students in Vietnam

Albert Einstein once said: The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything I’m taking this opportunity to do something special to talk about a subject that’s being ignored by our society but it could affect future generations this topic is mental illness 1 in 5 students in Vietnam have mental disorders Chances are that yourself, your siblings, a friend must be going through mental health problem right now But still, less than 40 percent of them living with mental illness receive help for their conditions and it is because of a barrier created by our society A barrier that separates people who suffer from mental illness and the treatments that could help them It’s a barrier created by stigma, stereotypes and discrimination that cause shame around these conditions that makes students refuse to seek treatments that makes them unable to talk about the problems to the teachers and friends or even their own families Dear parents, have you ever taken a few minutes to contemplate upon your offsprings’ aspirations What they would like to become in the future? Or everyday you just urge them to work harder without acknowledging all of the pressure they have to withstand Dear netizens, have you ever questioned why you call people going through physical health conditions BRAVE and COURAGEOUS But mentally ill people are considered CRAZY and WEAK This is all because of lack of awareness and misconceptions Today, I have a dream for society where we could talk about mental healthcare with no doubt where governments give mental health the funding the resources and the attention it desperately needs where schools can teach us how to handle our emotion how to cope with anxiety and how to seek for help and finally, where every students no matter where they live or who they are have proper access to healthcare, treatments and the opportunities for a good quality of life Let’s go for it! Students may only comprise 20% of the population but they are indeed 100% of our future So, are you ready to change the future with me? Thank you :))

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