Women and Heart Disease

Heart disease in women is the number one killer of women. It’s not breast cancer, it’s not stroke but heart disease. Heart attacks, actually, are the major killer of women. Especially after the age of 65. A little known fact is,
after menopause, heart disease accelerates faster in women than men, and equaling that of men by the age of 65. What you eat on a daily basis can dramatically affect your heart health. For example, instead of using butter, use nonsaturated oil or olive oil. Instead of eating pastries, take yogurt. Instead of drinking whole milk, or putting
whole milk in your coffee use skim milk. These are little things that have a huge effect
on heart health. There are known things that affect the heart.
For example, you train the heart. By exercising you’re conditioning the heart. You are able
to get the heart rate up. You’re able to get your blood pressure under control. Your blood pressure is in better control if you exercise daily. So those little things you do, it may
be a modest amount of exercise, have profound effects on your heart, your vascular tone
and your coronary arteries. So it’s very important. Heart disease is the silent killer because
patients tend to minimalize the symptoms when they occur. So when they get chest pain, or
feel some kind of discomfort in their shoulders, don’t minimalize it. It doesn’t matter if
you go to the emergency room and they say, ‘Oh, it was nothing.’ Don’t feel embarrassed. Go to the emergency room — it could save your life.

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