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– We’ve all heard that dogs
have an amazing sense of smell, something along the lines of
10,000 times more powerful than the human nose. And we’ve even heard some stories of dogs being able to
smell diseases like cancer. But are there humans out there
who can do the same thing, like smell diseases? That’s what we’re talking about on this week’s Wednesday Checkup. Bewhoop! (upbeat hiphop music) It’s true. Dog noses are actually amazing
at how well they can smell. That’s why I’ve always been puzzled as to why dogs run to
smell each other’s butts when they’re meeting each other. Gotta be kinda gross. In reality, there’s a percentage
of the human population who do have a heightened sense of smell. We call this percentage of
the population super smellers. The medical term for being
able to smell really well is called hyperosmia. And while one may think
that it’s pretty cool to be able to have a
heightened sense of smell, it actually can be
considered a medical disorder for which people seek treatment. It can happen as a result
of a genetic disorder, hormonal imbalance, or even
a medication side effect. It wasn’t until recently though that we in the medical
community have realized that there’s an untapped potential of these human super smellers that we can be using for medical research. In fact, today, I’m gonna be
covering a very unique case of a grandmother from
Scotland who has the ability to smell Parkinson’s
disease on human skin. For those of you who may not know, Parkinson’s disease is a
progressive, degenerative, neurological, movement disorder. And don’t let all those words scare you. It’s quite simple. Let me explain. Progressive means as time
goes on it gets worse. Degenerative means there’s
actually damage being done. Neurological means we’re affecting the central nervous
system, a.k.a. the brain. And movement disorder describes the type of symptoms we generally
see with Parkinson’s. Now, this disorder affects
10 million people world-wide. And it usually happens
above the age of 50, but up to 4% of cases
happen earlier than that. The scariest part? We don’t have a cure. In fact, we don’t really have a test to diagnose Parkinson’s disease. The most common symptoms
that we see with Parkinson’s are those affecting movement. Think tremors, shaking, difficulty with swallowing,
speaking, or even walking. Two of the most widely-known individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s
disease are Muhammad Ali and Michael J. Fox. Michael J. Fox actually
established a foundation for the disorder and has
raised millions of dollars to try and find a cure. Let’s talk about this very
unique grandmother and nurse from Scotland, Joy Milne, who is able to smell Parkinson’s
disease on human skin. It’s crazy even saying it right now. I can’t believe that I’m saying it. It is true, and how she found
out is truly an incredible and unique story. When her husband, Les,
was about 30 years of age, she noticed that his body odor changed. His scent changed. It became more muskier. And while she did mention
it to him a few times. They sort of brushed it off. She didn’t wanna keep
complaining about it, so she just left it as is. Fast-forwarding 10 years later, her husband was diagnosed
with Parkinson’s disease and attended Parkinson’s
disease group meetings. During one of those
meetings that Joy attended, she realized that every patient in there who had the disorder smelled
exactly like her husband. And it sparked something in her mind that perhaps there’s a connection
between this musky scent and the disorder. After a period of time, they
attended a research convention, where one of the leading researchers on the disorder was making a presentation. Afterwards, Joy Milne raised her hand and asked a question
if there’s a connection between scent and Parkinson’s. This confused the researcher, Tilo Kunath, because he wasn’t sure if she
wasn’t talking about the fact that some patients who have Parkinson’s lose the ability to smell. Upon clarifying her point and saying that she believes there’s a connection between the scent of a
human and the disorder, he was completely puzzled
and actually intrigued. Afterwards, Kunath wanted
to put Joy’s sense of smell to the test. So he gathered 12 participants, six who were diagnosed with
Parkinson’s, six who were not. And he had them wear a T-shirt
for a period of 24 hours. Afterwards, he let Joy
smell those T-shirts. Guess what happened? Out of the six that had
Parkinson’s disease, she correctly identified them. Of the six who did not
have Parkinson’s disease, she said one of them was positive. At the moment, they thought she was wrong. However, eight months later, it turns out that person was now diagnosed with Parkinson’s as well. I mean, how incredible is her nose? Once her talents were
verified, scientists sat down and tried to brainstorm
what was the best way to make use of Joy’s talent. They decided to create
a research experiment to identify the molecules
that Joy’s nose was picking up when she was correctly identifying
the scent of Parkinson’s. When they tested 60 individuals, 43 of which had Parkinson’s, they were able to isolate
four specific compounds that were present in different levels when the Parkinson’s scent was present. Three of those compounds
actually increased, and one of them decreased. So now that we have all this information, where do we go from here? Well, the idea’s to catch
Parkinson’s disease early because currently the way we
diagnose is through symptoms. And once symptoms have occurred, that means the damage
has already occurred. If we’re able to diagnose
Parkinson’s earlier, we’re able to study the
disease more accurately. Now, if we can find certain points where we can insert a
medication or another treatment to modify the progression of this disease, that could be a major breakthrough
in Parkinson’s research. What’s even more amazing is that Parkinson’s is not the only disease that Joy Milne can smell. She states that cancer, Alzheimer’s, even liver disease all have unique smells. I don’t think anywhere in the near future we’re gonna have individuals
who are super smellers running around hospitals, trying to diagnose certain diseases early. What I do think can happen is we can use the abilities
of these super smellers to identify which diseases
have unique scents, and therefore, create
certain screening tests where we’re able to screen
the general population and catch these diseases early,
so that we can intervene. I wanna give a huge thank
you to the Milne family, to their contributions
to Parkinson’s research. And I’m gonna drop some links down below in the description box for further reading and if you’d like to donate to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, who interestingly enough
awarded grant funding to the research that
Milne was associated with. I’ve also been tempted to make a series diving into the complexities
of different organs in our body, maybe starting with the nose. If you’d like to see that, drop it down below in the comments. And I put together a playlist for you that I know you’re absolutely gonna enjoy. Click here, and as always,
stay happy and healthy. (upbeat hiphop music)

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  • Interestingly enough, 5 of my father's 8 Aunts and Uncles suffered with, and passed away from Parkinson's Disease. They used to always say that there was absolutely no genetic connection with the disease. However about 15 years…give or take a few, my great Aunts and Uncles were part of a study to learn more and see if there could possibly be a genetic component. We never got the results from that study, unfortunately.

    There is always room for environmental impact as well though as well…who really knows.
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