Whirlpool Washing Machine Error Codes Diagnosis

Hi I’m Mat from eSpares, in this video
I’ll be showing you how to identify an error code on a Whirlpool washing machine. Your machine will display an error code
if it has identified a problem or fault. On Whirlpool washing machines with a digital display
this will be identified by two letters For the purpose of this video I’m using an older
machine but the process of identifying an error code and then fixing the problem
will be similar for all Whirlpool washing machines. Error codes can be misleading
but there could certainly be used as a guide to identify the problem and then
fix or repair it. Safety first: Always unplug an appliance
before carrying out any work. Here is a list then of Whirlpool
washing machine error codes. The first one is FH error code this indicates that
the machine has a problem filling with water. So the first area to check is the water
supplied to the machine itself. Then check for a kinked hose or hose that’s
been trapped under the machine. If all those areas are fine check the water inlet valves within the machine, and also remove the hose at the back and check that the filter within
the inlet valve is also OK. Next error code FDL relates to a door locked error. An error code FUL relates to a door
unlocked error so make sure the door can open, close and lock properly and if the
problem persists check the lock itself. Error code FP relates to an output error
meaning that the machine can’t empty correctly. So make sure first off the you drained the machine
if you haven’t all the water will spill out. And you need to check the filter
so grab yourself a suitable tray to put under the machine because there will
still be water behind the filter. Take the filter out and check for any debris
that you might find inside. Now if your machine is displaying E4 or UE
after a cycle this indicates an unbalanced error. Which means that you should put
similarly weighted items inside the drum otherwise it won’t spin correctly. Now the next few errors relate to the heater
and its sensor. The heater on this machine
is located at the bottom at the front now on your machine it may be at the rear
of the machine so for the purpose of showing you the heater and it’s sensor
I need to remove the whole of the front of the appliance. Error code F5 relates to a temperature error
which means that the heat sensor is not giving the correct readings,
so check the connection and if necessary also check for
continuity of the sensor. F08 indicates that the heater is an open
circuit so check the heater for continuity with a meter. F12 relates to an element short
or the heater has failed completely so replace if necessary. Fault code F 09 on some machines is an
overflow error which indicates that water has been found on the base of the appliance
this may be a leak within the machine itself or after a flood, so check for any leaks within
the machine and drain the base of the appliance The following fault codes relate to the motor so I’m going to tip the machine over to
show you the motor better. Error code F06 relates to the Tacho on the
back of the motor here you can see the Tacho. Check its connections for a loose
fitting or corrosion if the problem persists check the
tacho coil for continuity. F 07 on some models may relate to the motor itself
same with F 10 this usually related to the motor thermal protector within the motor on
some models but F10 and F07 may also relate to the control board and that’s the area
I will show to you now. F07 which could potentially be a problem with the motor itself is more
likely to be a problem with the motor triac which can be found in this control unit
and would usually require a replacement control unit. F 10 is a problem with the two boards not
being able to communicate with each other. so check for loose or corroded fittings. The following error codes all relate to a
problem with the control unit. A control unit can only be proven
once the control unit has been replaced. Those error codes F14, F16, F18,,F20
F21, and F22. So there we have it a comprehensive guide to
error codes on a Whirlpool washing machine. Parts for washing machines and washer dryers for
all makes and manufacturers can be found on the eSpares website.
Thanks for watching.

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