When Shoulder Tendonitis is the Wrong Diagnosis [Success Story]

So I started playing sports in seventh
grade I played volleyball did basketball in high school I actually did track but
I was a thrower and played volleyball all through college when I got out of
college I was playing volleyball semi competitively for a little bit and then
I found CrossFit and I started doing that and I wouldn’t say that CrossFit
caused the injury I think it was all of those years of movement and using my
muscles in my body that eventually just led to my body having pain and I
initially started coming here because I was having shoulder pain and not only
just pain but severe limited range of motion I couldn’t lift my arm past here
and it got so bad I could not open a car door I couldn’t open the door to a
restaurant or a store it was hurting all the time I couldn’t get rid of the pain
I had gone to see another orthopedist specialist who told me it’s shoulder tendonitis take Advil for two weeks and sure enough it went away because the inflammation went away but we didn’t solve the problem
Heather has been a patient with us for several years she came to us I want to
say about five years ago with shoulder pain and we did an exam on her and we
told her you have some adhesion but your bigger problem is you have a labrum tear
let’s go get an arthrogram the arthrogram confirmed a labrum tear and we
told her right off the bat we said this looks like you’re gonna need surgery we
started treatment anyway long story short she didn’t need surgery and now
she is CrossFitting she’s much happier the fact that she didn’t have to get cut
open so when I first came in for my shoulder it took I would say about six
months to clear up and then I’m able to have full range of motion again I
haven’t had treatment since then maybe every now and then if it flares up I
might have a spot treatment here and there but for the most part I don’t get
treated on my shoulder anymore I’ve kept coming back because I’ve had
different areas of my body that started to bother me that I said hey doctor
Chris can you help me with this so that it went to my neck it went to my lower
back he’s worked on my calves just kind of whatever ailment I have and in
general it’s a couple treatments depending on how severe the pain is or
the limited range of motion and then after that I’m good for a while

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