When is a headache not “just a headache” – Dr Notley Winnipeg Chiropractor and Athletic therapist

Dr. Notley here, Wininpeg chiropractor and athletic therapist. One of the top three reasons why people come to see me is headaches and when appropriate headaches are my most favorite condition to treat . Most people are familiar with migraines and tension headaches but did you know there’s 14 different types and sub classifications of headaches? When a patient comes in to see me I need to recognize when my treatment will be helpful and safe. More importantly I need to recognize when further evaluation is needed .Here are the most common signs that your headache isn’t just a headache: it’s not just a headache if your headache is getting worse over time You’re headache is severe all of a sudden. Your headache is associated with a high fever, stiff neck, or rash. Your headache came on after a head injury. Lastly, your headache is associated with problems with vision or profound dizziness. If I hear any of these things occurring alongside a headache further evaluation is needed to determine what’s causing your head.

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