What should someone do if diagnosed with cancer?

– And that’s a very important question because you hear now from
people who are aware of this paradoxical effect,
whether they should undergo chemotherapy in the first place. And I think the answer is yes, because it’s a very
difficult decision, right? You have a beneficial
effect, you shrink the tumor, you debug the tumor which is often needed. You reduce the tumor mass which can have other complications, and you reduce probability
of spreading and so on. But on the other hand it causes damage. And it promotes chronic inflammation filled by these dead cell
debris and by the stress that you apply to the tissue. So that fits really well,
by the way I forgot, the picture that all pathologists
have had for a long time in that is the tumor is like
a wound that never heals. It is like a development that gets stuck in mature state full of stem cells and it’s like a regeneration
that never stops. So we have this inflammation locally and the tumor is abnormal,
abnormal stem cells, abnormal inflammatory cells. They don’t know how to
resolve the entire tissue and reconstitute a normal tissue stage, which is really
sophisticated architecture. And so the whole thing promotes and by adding injury to
injury, you just essentially promote chronic inflammation
which is beneficial for tumor growth. So it’s really hard to
decide but I would say, one should undergo
normal, standard therapy to reduce tumor mass. And then another chance for improvement, we need to find ways to
block all these mechanisms that I mentioned that is the second stage of this double-edged sword, that would promote tumor progression if a tumor is under stress by therapy. And that is the part of our research.

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