What It’s Like to Go Viral (165,000 New Subscribers in 1 Month)

All right, what’s up guys? This is going to be a mega unscripted video but I just wanted to share some thoughts, and share a little bit about kind of what I’m going through right now. As you may have noticed, in the month of April, everything just kind of took off and I got over 165,000 new subscribers. It was craziness. I just want to say that I’m extremely, extremely, grateful for all of this. I feel really lucky to be able to kind of, you know, make a living doing this kind of work. It’s something that I just absolutely enjoy. However, the purpose of this video is actually not so much to like, thank you guys, and it’s not really to like boast or brag about what happened. I really just want to share some of the things that I went through that I wasn’t expecting. Stuff that nobody seems to talk about , and stuff that was very eye-opening for me. First of all, this was a lot scarier than I thought. I discovered what I believe are some of my karmic fears. Okay, and before you kind of tune out and move on, I don’t really care so much about where these fears come from. I have the personal belief that they come throughout our past lives and we accumulate them through reincarnation. But whether you believe in that or you believe in accumulating fears throughout childhood. It doesn’t really matter to me. Either way, it comes from somewhere. And I was just blown away by how gripped by fear I was, regarding like thoughts of losing it all, right? That my whole audience would just move on, or that somebody would like expose me and take down my channel, which is crazy. I felt very irrational, for at least a couple of weeks. It’s just hard to wrap your brain around a number of that size, you know, 100,000 or 200,000 people. I just feel the immense weight of the responsibility and so, you know, pretty much daily I would have like a moment where I was like: “Oh my God! I’m freaking out!” And I just kind of had to remind myself continually that all I have to really do is continue to do the things that I did that got me here, you know. But I really wanted to kind of talk about this a little bit just because for so long, for literally years, I had this goal of getting to, you know certain milestone, like 100,000 or a million subscribers, right? Kind of with you know, maybe not explicitly but implicitly the thought that that would bring me happiness, and fulfillment or something, you know. And, I don’t know if it was like the velocity that this happened, but arriving at 100,000 like super quickly kind of made me realize that like, whoa this is not making me any happier at all, actually. You know, it’s weird to say this, but I kind of like celebrated it for a short period of time, and then I was already focused on the next goal. And I think that’s something to just like be mindful of, and something that I’m trying to pay a lot more attention to now. And it feels a little bit difficult to talk about these sorts of things and not sound ungrateful. Once again, I feel they need to repeat this. I’m extremely grateful for everything that has happened, you know, there’s just an outpouring of love that just kind of blows me away. I’m receiving so many amazing messages from you guys, and I’m just… stunned honestly, in a really good way. But, I think again the message of this, and I hope that it’s more impactful coming from me, you know somebody with now hundreds of thousands of subscribers is that you know, this really did not make me a happier person. What makes me happy is the creation portion of this. Is the, you know, pushing my boundaries, and telling stories, and connecting with people, but I was already on that path before I started getting a ton of subscribers, you know? It’s a dangerous thing and I’ve talked about my ambition and how it sometimes robs me of joy, and I don’t want that to happen here and now, you know? Because of the fears, they came up and because of how quickly this all happened, it was difficult for me to enjoy it at times. But, as the dust has started to settle, and as I’ve kind of come to better understand my reactions, I just came to the conclusion that you know, I wanted to create this little piece here. So I hope that you see that the numbers don’t change me. I’ll be honest, I’m a little afraid that they will, but I’m trying to be, again, really mindful about it and just aware, of all the mind games that we play, all the psychology that goes into this. I’m more than happy to, kind of, further discuss this in the comments below, so you know, feel free to leave your thoughts. Thank you so much for watching, thank you so much for supporting me… in this crazy project of mine, and I’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “What It’s Like to Go Viral (165,000 New Subscribers in 1 Month)

  • If you noticed that some of the footage in this video doesn’t look like Mexico, then you’re right. I included shots from last summer when I spent a bit of time on my own in Barcelona and Madrid. At that time, I knew I wanted to create and connect with people online again, I just had no idea what that looked like or how I was going to go about it.

    However, it was during my time there that I took my first conscious steps towards what I’m now doing, my search for mental clarity. I’m literally just going for it and learning from my mistakes.

    You cannot think your way to a better life, you must do something about it.

  • Just came across your channel this morning. I can’t find the words to explain how I feel about your channel, and you as a person. But I do want you to know I appreciate the content, and the message behind it. Keep it up, looking forward to seeing more ( NO PRESSURE) just do…you.

  • I fully get what you mean… I love uploading content to my channel, I am in May uploading daily, but the idea of going viral scares the sh*t out of me… I kinda like that not many people watch my videos, and i am so so grateful for them and for the small community but yeah.. the more you grow the more the pressure can grow with it…

  • Do you possibly think it's because you moved to Mexico? What I mean by that is that you saved up money and went there with no job and pursued YouTube, and knowing you just put everything in to it subconsciously made you make improvements and better videos at a much faster rate

  • Congratulations my friend, stay true stay you. Small time channels like mine look to yours as inspiration and hope that good people are making it. Take care and best of luck going forward! The best is yet to come

  • You deserve the exposure dude! When I found your channel I was like why doesn’t this guy have more subs?! You earned it

  • I feel like I'm on a similar path and I came across your channel a few weeks ago and it just spoke to me. I want to be as honest and open with myself as well.

  • Hi Nathaniel, so I absolutely love your videos, and you are a great influence on people who watch your videos. It has been recently brought to my attention the seriousness of climate change and sustainability (link of video below). With your great social media platform following it would mean the world to me if you made a video on the topic of climate change to bring it to the attention of more people. I hope you can help with this idea. Sustain Ability video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs4zj0ttRqU

  • HI Nathaniel! I'm one of your many new subscribers. 😀 I really appreciate your honesty and your willingness to embrace big challenges and go after what you truly want, and I know I'm not the only one. When I think about where I want to be in the coming months and years, yours is one of the loudest voices saying "Go for it"! Even if moving abroad or to another city seems crazy to those around us, if we internalize that message and stop before we even try, it'll never happen. So, thank you so much for living your principals in this brave and exciting way, and for bringing us along for the ride. Keep it up–I can't wait to see what you have planned!

    P.S. – Love the Singer machine in the BG here. If you've never used one, you should definitely give it a try!

  • No no no. all the non originals are like fangirls and crap 😂😂😂. I still love your channel

  • I'm so pleased for you, I've been following you prior to the surge of subs, it was your video when you meditated for an hour each day that grabbed my attention. Your hard work is paying off my friend, I wish you all the luck. Best Regards – Neil.

  • Goals are cool. Associating lasting happiness with goals has to be experienced to get to the real nature of impermanence. Realising that having 200k subscribers is not brining happiness is good, i feel you. Because in fact 200k subscribers doesn't exist. It's not a thing, you can't hold it in your hands. It's just something created by humans to approximately measure something that is disconnected with reality and happiness. To cut a long story short, there is only one person watching your video at a given time and location in this world.

  • Hey Nathaniel – I've been a subscriber for only 3 weeks or so and love your content. You're vey humble and skilled with a camera.

    At 3 minutes what you're describing is a phenomenon called 'hedonic treadmill'. Worth a read as it'll give you an understanding and potentially help you with this.

    Hope it helps.


  • This is so so sooooo real. Thank you for sharing your experience, I went viral on Twitter a few years ago and I was entirely unprepared and terrified. I think I handled it as best I could but this is totally something people need to think about before it happens if possible and I appreciate hearing your perspective on it. I love your videos so keep up the good work and keep being you! You’re killing it! 💛🙏🏽✨

  • I watched your videos pop up at my recommodations since some months and I honestly thought you already had like 2-3 mio subscribers because of the quality of your videos.
    This is the first time I realize your actual views and subscribers count. Glad you made it.

  • Nathan, I love your channel for your authenticity. Your curiosity. Your constant pursuit if bettering yourself. I can relate to a lot of it. Your videos have helped me think about certain topics in a way that I never would have imagined before. I love it. ♡

  • it's helpful and insightful for you to share this aspect of success. The more of us that are reminded of and remember that it's not achievement that makes us happy, the better. We all, at some point in our lives, will learn where happiness truly comes from and every reminder that we receive along the way is beautiful and valuable.

  • I loved this video and honest reflection. It's something I contemplate, not that I expect to blow up anytime soon, but how would I react if I did? It's hard to know until it happens but I'd lke to think that it won't change me and that I'll continue to create in the ways I already do. I only found you a few months ago but have always felt like you were relatable and think you continue to carry that in this video. Keep rocking it, and I wish you the best as you figure out this path.

  • I find you authenticity inspiring! Having people questioning they thought process and their beliefs is something you don’t see everyday. I had something big happened to me the other day. A talk I gave and I felt really good connecting with these amazing parents. I was expecting to surf that wave of high blissful emotion for a couple of days, celebrating. But no…I found myself a bit depressed. I think it might be that I stretch out of my comfort zone and had to stretch back a bit in order to find balance again. Until the next stretch that in the long run will have me getting a much bigger comfort zone. What do you think? From an introspective mind to another…

  • The positive energy and love in the comments is amazing. You are honest and simply yourself Nathanial, keep up the amazing work my man!

  • You're Awesome. Keep creating.
    I'm being patient with my journey <3
    I was able to relate to you with school.

  • My friend,
    QUALITY and HONESTY, soon or after, are always rewarded!
    Keep it up,
    Francesco, from Italy.
    (P.S. hit me up if you travel near by VERONA😉)

  • It’s crazy because I found the channel when I was in my darkest place and now look at it man! You are doing amazing keep up following your dreams and inspiring me to follow mine ✊🏽❤️

  • @Nathaniel Drew I hear a lot of people comparing you/relating you to MATT D'AVELLA!!!1 and I just wanna say–dude, you're your own star ship cruiser. You're your own person. I love Matt, dont get me wrong–but youre on your own level right here. Keep up the good work. I'm in love with it, and everything you do. You've helped me refocus my goals and helped in other ways I try to express in words and just can't. I hope in my travels, we cross paths and talk life. Have a good day, dear. 🙂

  • This video rings very true to me, because something very similar happened. I'm a Latvian Youtuber, I make videos in my language so the numbers are comparitively smaller, but by our standards I'm quite a big youtuber now. +8000 in 1 month (biggest is at 80 000). All the feelings and thoughts you mentioned I've went trough as well. But you just have to keep doing what you've been doing. Good luck man! 🙂

  • Responsibility and the fear of success is actually an important topic to many entrepreneurs. Thank you for showing your vulnerability. It’s what makes your videos so authentic, and what I think has attracted so many new viewers, (myself included) to your channel. Your videos are so unique and helpful. I can’t wait to see this channel grow the way it deserves to. 😊👏

  • This production quality is beyond me, Nathaniel’s audio and quality to his videos are truly unique. It is so great to see a simple person put so much effort into everything they put out into the internet. Congratulations Nathaniel, you deserve it.

  • Alot of woke peoples realized you man and law of attraction dictates that you'll blow up if enough people believe in you. Cheers for the insane blowup man your a pretty smart guy and you deserve it.

  • Congrats Nathaniel! Love your work. Super inspiring on many levels. Love your authenticity. I recently started a channel and am in the early uphill climb. I too am into mindfulness, and this whole way of communicating our truths is certainly a mind trip. Bright blessings!

  • Nathaniel, it makes me so happy to see you and your channel gaining recognition. Your messages are very valuable and have a rare essence of maturity and authenticity that you don't see on many large channels. You deserve this. Oh and thank you, thank you, thank you. I literally feel that spirit spoke to me through your message just now, such an important lesson for me to understand is that its the creation that makes me happy not the subscription count.

  • I just found your channel and subscribed today. I absolutely love your content. It's funny…your comments on what it's like to go viral remind of what George Harrison said about discovery spirituality after the Beatles became so huge. Something along the lines of, "We experienced so much and grew so much in such a short period of time. We were lucky to have gotten all the money and things that you could possibly want at an early age and realise that this isn't what makes you happy. This isn't it, this isn't it. There's more to life." I hope you don't feel any pressure to live your life or change your work to suit anyone but yourself. Your work is amazing! And you're a dose of kind, sane introspection in a world that definitely needs more of that. Love from Australia 🙂

  • I'm a small channel, but different! I've been doing it for 3 years and I still have 300 subs, but I do believe that it takes one good video to boom.
    maybe you should do a new video about your income like you did before about these last months since its a big difference in view count.
    Thank you

  • Thanks so much for sharing this insight. I think a lot of people forget that once you've met your goal you just make more. There isn't a point where you are just done or you say, wow! now that I've met that milestone I can just be perpetually happy for the rest of my life!

  • Hey Nathaniel.

    I commented on one of your videos about how much money you make online, back on 7th April.

    I'm so excited for you to see you breaking through going viral.

    I wish you all the health, happiness and success with your channel.

    Very inspiring what you are doing here!

  • I love your thoughts, I'll be here forever and I'm thinking of opening a YouTube channel for Art. I'm going on a journey with my fear, saying to myself brace yourself fear we're in this together

  • Thanks for sharing Nathan, and thanks for letting us into your thought process. Sometimes I'm wary about people throwing around the terms, "you're authentic" or "you're relatable" because I notice some youtubers could paradoxically "fake being relatable"? There's a kind of categorization that goes on in youtube, where a person's popularity is based on "relatability" but I think you captured it better in that it's more about the speaker and audience finding human connection. So I would just like to say, I continue to subscribe to your content because I feel CONNECTED to your story, thoughts, and the topics you discuss. thanks for being an awesome person, Nathan — and continue doing whatever you want to do.

  • Thanks a lot pal…. Everybody is doing things to be happy… And you shared that ‘although you are grateful for all the subs but it didn't make you a lot happier. You're more happy connecting with people and pushing your boundaries to achieve your true self’ thanks a lot for sharing that materialism doesn't bring happiness… You literally touched my heart.
    Love from India❤️

  • Your dedication brought you to this point! You deserve it! Hard work pays off. On top of that, you have great content and a clear personality. I am also 21 years old, but I am an artist. Consistency is what I struggle with daily. You motivate me and I hope that one day I will become more self-disciplined. Thank you!

  • Is it weird that I was randomly thinking one day if someone made a video on this topic and a few days later this comes on my recommended videos🤔

  • New sub here! I'm going back to watch all of your old content. I'm kind of trying to figure out a lot of things in my life right now and I find your videos so helpful and inspirational!

  • I recently discovered you! I am myself starting walking on the same path and hopefully will one day meet the same success. I think what I liked when I ve watched your first video is the way you come across. You speak in a really calm, simple and genuine way, I feel like you are someone I have known for ages and you are definitely the type of friend I have in my life. Your content is good, smart and your video is quality! No surprise here on your success. I would love to watch a video of you giving your tips or recommendation which you think helped you in getting the audience you deserve! Keep it up, you will see more of my comments going forward.

  • I think people are drawn to you, Nathaniel, because you are authentic. As you continue to relate your growing, changing self to us, I predict more and more will follow you. Just be yourself. How easy is that.

  • you are going to get way beyond a million. you bring something new to the personal development genre. been watching your vids since you were at 40k (which wasn't long ago) but actually subscribed at 238k. seeing where you are coming from and living your dreams the way you do, makes me really proud of you and I don't know you personally lol. You motivate me to get my shit together too. "the only thing to fear is fear itself"… keep up the awesome work

  • The comment where you said… 'Your ambition sometimes robs you of joy', < That really resonated with me! I've not been able to articulate it like that before, but that is something which I also experience! A great line, and another great video, thanks.

  • Wow! You are inspiring 🙂 Thank you. Truly, thank you. You're changing lives, and maybe that brings more anxiety to you, but please know that we're here because you're honest. Thank you again!

  • Wow, I was looking for the one individual video you made that blew up and instead I found 4 videos that did incredible numbers.

    You’re killing it dude 💯

  • been subbed 6 months or so. Nate dog, you did it man. I was unemployed when i found you and your vids got me coding, i'm now working on my own iPhone app that actually has legitimate potential for the poker world.

  • Informative video thank you! '

    Youtubers' lets grow together? ❤️ Simple we can do this. I sub to your channel, you sub back.
    Just that simple. Okay, we can do this.

  • Wow, that's COOL 😎 but I AM FASTER! 🤣
    Hey new Youtubers!! Let's GROW together 😃
    1 Subscribe = 2 Subscribe + 3 Comments 😱😱

  • you're my favorite youtuber right now!!! haven't been excited about anyone in awhile so i'm really happy i found your channel!

  • One thing I love about this and all of your content, is that you don't go on about how much you 'love' all of your subscribers. I feel whenever I'm watching someone who says they love their subscribers, it comes across a little unauthentic, as they do not love their subscribers, they love what that subscriber number does for them and their life. You are so connected to your intent, and your gratitude shows through in a really real way.
    Keep it up Nathaniel 💚

  • I have to say again that this channel is literally motivating me to finding and creating my own destiny. Your content is so raw, genuine, and you seem to really enjoy every breath you take whether it's a good or bad moment, it's still a moment. You capture what I believe life should truly be about, not by the specific lifestyle you live or exact choices. But we all share the principles that you discuss and that's what you stress is the important part. I've never seen anyone as humble as you or as open to saying that this following genuinely isn't something to pursue. I've felt that pursuing a following to put myself out there was the solution to do what I love but really it's do what you love and put yourself out there that will cause the happiness to come. Thanks for helping switch my perspective!

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