What happens inside your body when you get the fever?

Global warming is the trending word in the
science community. But there is a different kind of warming that
affects an individual even more. It makes us an unproductive member of society. Doctors hail it as a symptom and not as a
disease. It is nonother than- Fever The fever is a common phenomenon. But
Have you ever wondered- what leads our body to this warming effect ? Fever is Latin word which means heat it is
also known as pyrexia which comes from Greek word ” pyre” meaning fire or fever. Fever is basically defined as having a body
temperature above the normal range. Most people think body’s normal temperature
is 98.6 F, but it is also normal if the temperature varies by 1- 2 F during the day. A person with fever may have daily fluctuations in temperate about 5-9 F above normal with
the highest level occurring in the late afternoon. Although most often associated with infection,
fever is also seen in non – infectious state like disorders of blood & artery, side effect
of medication, Cancer etc. Mechanism- Fever is basically a defensive reaction in
case of infection. Whenever White blood cells encounter any harmful
microorganism in the body they release a protein called pyrogen. These chemicals are then carried by the blood
to a part of the brain known as the hypothalamus, which regulates body temperature along with
many other tasks like, controlling hunger, thirst, and sleep etc. Pyrogens inhibit heat-sensing neurons & excite
cold -sensing ones This makes the hypothalamus think the body
is cooler than it actually is. In response to this illusion, hypothalamus
sets a temperature which is higher than normal. The blood vessels of skin constriction to
increase blood supply to the vital organs. This reduces heat loss through skin & cause the
person to feel cold. If it is insufficient to make temperature
match the new set point then shivering begins to use muscle movement for production of heat. Once the War between white blood cells and
infectious foreign cells is over, the body comes back to its normal temperature by sweating. That’s how we become active and ready to conquer
the world again.

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