What are Fibromyalgia Symptoms: You will be surprised!

So what are Fibromyalgia Symptoms? Is it all
about pain? Does fibromyalgia cause a specific type of pain? I am going to answer these questions
for you and in the process share a really vital, potentially life-saving fact with you,
that anyone experiencing fibromyalgia or pain must keep front of mind. The symptoms of fibromyalgia are often thought of as being solely pain. A bit like saying,
‘my arthritis is flaring up’ and wincing in reference to pain. However, not only is
Fibromyalgia not a rheumatic disorder, but it’s actually about much more than pain
alone. There is in fact a long list of fibromyalgia symptoms involving various bodily systems.
So Fibromyalgia is not a symptom. Fibromyalgia is a syndrome, an illness that has multiple
symptoms with pain being only one of them. So let’s start talking about the fibromyalgia
symptom of chronic pain. You may have heard about the existence of
fibromyalgia tender points. These can often be confused with trigger points.
Tender points are used as part of the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and are sensitive areas that
become painful when pressure is applied. Trigger points on the other hand, are when
pressure refers pain to another part of the body. And these can also occur in Fibromyalgia.
So whilst tender and trigger points can result in pain from applied pressure, pain in fibromyalgia
is usually widespread and varied. It can be like the pain you experience when you have
the flu, the aches, or it can be a deep muscle pain, it can be shooting pain, a burning pain
or a stabbing pain, and the pain can even throb. In fact some people can be so sensitive
that even the lightest touch on your skin can cause pain, a bit like when you have a
severe sunburn. So as you can see, there isn’t really such
a thing as ‘Fibromyalgia pain’. The symptom of pain in Fibromyalgia syndrome can be varied
and people have quite different experiences. But you may be surprised to learn that pain
is actually only one of many many symptoms of this syndrome. Now the core fibromyalgia
symptoms include fatigue, sleep dysfunction and cognitive disturbance.
Now many people experience fatigue in life, but fatigue in fibromyalgia is on a completely
different level. It’s often described as being profound, profound fatigue. People often
wake up fatigued and this fatigue interferes with most daily activities of living. Even
if people with fibromyalgia can get to sleep, they often don’t get deep sleep or they
wake up late in the night unable to return to sleep.
The cognitive disturbance is often called fibro fog or brain fog and its made up of
a range of problems including confusion, inability to concentrate and problems with memory. However,
it also includes other neurological manifestations such as sensitivities to stimulus like bright
lights, smells, noise and even touch. All these core symptoms of fibromyalgia can
vary in severity and they can change over time. So not only do symptoms vary amongst
people with fibromyalgia, but they also vary for the individual, as time goes by.
As you can see, Fibromyalgia is about more than pain. And when we look at all the other
symptoms of fibromyalgia that people tend to experience, the list is staggering as you
can see now. I am going to share with you an important,
potentially lifesaving caution in a moment, but let’s understand the issues that leads
up to that first, including the fact that there are symptoms or conditions connected
to Fibromyalgia that go even beyond this list over here. Understanding this is really key
for some people. Now please realise that people don’t usually
have all of these fibro symptoms. They may only have some of these symptoms for a period
of time whilst the core symptoms remain. In fact, many people have many of the symptoms
for years, often quite severely, and often go undiagnosed until the pain sets in. What
they don’t realise, is that they often could have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
ME/CFS, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia syndrome knows as POTS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities,
depending on what their specific symptoms were. More and more members of the medical
community are now starting to realise the connection between these syndromes.
There is also a large range of other concurrent conditions that are usually diagnosed separately.
These include things like gut dysbiosis, SIBO, hypothyroidism, auto-immune disease, endometriosis,
adrenal fatigue and irritable bowel syndrome. As we understand more about the nervous system
and the endocrine dysfunctions of fibromyalgia, we can make more connections about how all
these conditions are actually linked. With the list of fibromyalgia symptoms being
so long, it’s easy to see why many people feel judged as hypochondriacs and sadly are
often accused of making the symptoms up, something I hope you will help change at the end of
this video. But here is my word of caution, so please
listen carefully! Most people experiencing fibromyalgia keep going back to their doctor
with new symptoms, and have more tests, many many more tests and it results in no additional
diagnosis or treatments. And all of this can take a lot of effort for a person that’s
chronically ill. So, people experiencing fibromyalgia syndrome, they often eventually just give
up, chasing answers on new symptoms. They conclude “it’s just another fibro symptom”.
Now look, whilst this is understandable, the danger of this, is that the symptoms could
be due to something else, like food poisoning, some severe infection or some other serious
disease. So if symptoms are left unchecked, you may be foregoing effective or even life-saving
treatment for another serious condition. So please don’t let negative feelings due to
past experiences stop you getting help. Make sure that you always report a change in symptoms,
or any new symptoms, to your doctor! It is unfortunate that fibromyalgia falls
under the umbrella of ‘invisible illness’. Sadly, many people suffer the injustice of
having it suggested that their symptoms of fibromyalgia may not be real, and that really
adds to the difficulties that patients experience. Please let me assure you, the symptoms of
fibromyalgia are absolutely very real and they can be quite severe. You can help change
how the illness is perceived, by letting others know about the symptoms of fibromyalgia and
by simply sharing this webpage or video on social media or posting a link or embedding
the video on your blog or website. Because fibromyalgia can be so confusing, people are often left wondering what fibromyalgia is, how it is diagnosed, what are effective treatments
and many more questions. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified of important new videos that answer these and other questions. Please also give us a thumbs up below and
help us spread the word. Hope you leave a comment below, and I’ll
see you in the next video.

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  • Thank you, although it is a bit embarrassing to see that I have almost all of the different symptoms. Your video makes thing very clear and I will be sharing it, I am so tired of being "invisible".

  • Hallo my name is Lillian
    I have fibromyalgia,and Costohondritis I am a lot of peeing but I'm going for acupuncture but it will never leave hope to see more of your videos

  • He highlighted a concern of mine. One of my most prominent symptoms is severe pain right in the center of my chest. Two more of my many, many symptoms are indigestion, and pain in my lower back. While I'm not a hypochondriac to any extent (I avoid going to the doctor if at all possible) I am mid thirties, female, and have Tachycardia. As I get older, how do I differentiate between symptoms of Fibromyalgia, and an impending heart attack, as these are some of the most common symptoms in women experiencing a heart attack? Heart disease runs in my family, and my resting heart rate is 100bpm. At my current age, I'm not overly concerned. But as I get older it is starting to weigh on my mind.

  • My favorite is when someone tells me: 'You don't act like you're in pain.' 😒 There were days when the only thing that didn't hurt was the tip of my nose! I've been told the pain is all in my head. I was finally diagnosed in 1992. I take a prescribed multi-vitamin that has 2-3 times the dosages of an OTC vitamin, along with Slo-Mag and malic acid. I've gotten to the point where I can, for the most part, control the pain. I use various coping mechanisms (walking, exercise, meditation/visualization), eat healthy and drink lots of cold water. I take an OTC for pain, but also have a script for a pain killer in tablet form. This way I can cut them in half or quarters as I rarely need a full dose. My doc knows I'm not one for heavy duty pain killers, but he wanted me to have options when the pain rears it's ugly head.

  • Yes thank you for talking about fibromyalgia I don't think enough people realize how bad it is and like you say it causes all kinds of problems like me I took a Benadryl because I have really bad allergies but yet it's almost 12 at night and I'm up because I'm in pain and I can't sleep

  • I have basically all the symptoms and have had many if the for years. I don't have health insurance, Is there anything out there to help with the debilitating pain and other symptoms?

  • Glad I listened to this. I think it's what I have, as so many of the symptoms fit. Chronic pain, sensitive to touch, rheumatoid arthritis, waking up during night, shallow sleep. bouts of anxiety and panic attacks, no energy, muscle twitches, migraines with and without aura, low immunity with virtually constant sore throat., alcohol intolerance (don't drink alcohol at all, affects me badly, as do chemical fumes of any kind) plus many other symptoms which come and go. The biggest worry for me is the worsening fatigue, and loss of motivation to do anything.

  • I am one of the lucky ones. I have an amazing GP. She makes me have regular check ins and asks lots of questions every visit.

  • I like this guy but, it made me laugh…if i go in with new symptoms my doc always tells me its just fibro.. but yrs ago told me i was just depressed…That was a nightmare as i never knew wht depression was till after menopause…So its really sad if you have a doctor that has already labeled you …Tht Fibro Lady….just awful…

  • At the end of the day, it is an autoimmune disease. In the future, please do not lump Rheumatood arthritis (which carries many of the same Fibro pain/body suffering and also affects many other organs from lungs, heart, neuro stmptims,etc and in some cases causes death) and Osteoarthritis.
    To anyone listening to this presentation – try LDN, low dose naltrexone. It gave me my life back.

  • i have fibro, took me years to find a doctor and a lot of steroids (that i didn't need) but i'm a lot better than i was but the hardest hurdle to get over IS i'm a man and we as men are not supposed to get it fibro. i am on lyrica to help with the pain, i also have a pain pump in my back to help with my other problems. it's not a woman's only problem don't let them tell you that, men get it just as bad i'm living proof !!!!!!

  • Thank you so much for clarifying this debilitating disease. Most Doctors tell you "it is all in your head". I Have lived with all the symptoms for 20 plus years, and have gone through hundreds of test etc, only to have Doctors treating you as a hypochondriac! I learned that sulfates, or mostly sulfer dioxide, is a big trigger. This is used as a preservative in food, shampoos, body soap and even some medicine. Cutting this out was the first step to controlling pain. Then I cut out gluten. This cause much of the gastro-intestinal problems to cease. Lastly I cut out sugar, and that was the final thing that got me on the way to a much more healthy life. I still have symptoms from time to time, but I am mostly free of pain and am able to live a more fruitful life. I hope that my comments will help some people.

  • Wow almost cried when you spoke about being made to feel like hypercondriacs. I went to the doctor because pain in my arm I could hardly move it…she told me I need a shrink. I left crying. CFS is a daily struggle, IBS has a life of its own and FM is just an added bonus. Age 41. Diagnosed age 14. Daily daily daily….

  • Its awful.. fatigue and chronic left hand sided pain.. I can't have anyone at all slightly touch or light lean on any part of my legs, the pain is like someone is crushing my bone.. Fibro Fog!!!! What can I say😞

  • Was diagnosed more than eight years ago. Was given Cymbalta and promptly broke out in hives. Dr threw up his hands and have been sufferring eversince. It has robbed me of my life and pleasure of playing with my much awaited grandchildren. Sufferred many years with IBS, TMJ, Clenching, Anxiety, Depression, Arthritis, Iritis and external tibial torsion. Sensations of torn ligaments and stabbing chest pain.The final insult was a knee replacement at 63 installed 4.5 degrees off and can no longer bend my knee, and all the other ankle and hip issues it gives birth to. I am disgusted with medical care and have now found a path to a possible solution to my pain. CBD oil, I hope it helps me to live and not just exist!

  • My cognitive disturbance, sleep disturbance, pain and fatigue is claiming my life. It’s only getting worse. I barely leave the bad, although I know exercise is a great way to help, I just don’t have the energy.

    I have been diagnosed with so many so many comorbid symptoms. Actually I have more than half of these conditions and symptoms. I appreciate the message at the end about chasing symptoms. I just don’t have the energy, or mental capacity to continue going to the doctor 1-2 times a week. It’s frustrating, but it usually leads to a flare. Now when I get blood drawn or an IV I get phlebitis and Thrombophlebitis.

    The best thing I have done for myself is to get a really good therapist who helps me with the way I experience pain- that meaning I don’t fall into the pain. I experience it, but it doesn’t keep me in the darkness of pain. The other thing that I do is follow every avenue that could potentially help. Being proactive has helped me to stay in the solution rather than stay in the sadness or frustration. I can always hope that tomorrow I’ll have a good day if I continue putting one foot in front of the other. If I ever give up on trying to live I will die.

  • Thank u for being so thorough… wondered if u have research or infornation on fibromyalgia vs muscular dystrophy..?? From my understanding, there are several symptoms that seem to overlap… thank u for your help!!

  • I have fibromyalgia and osteo arthritis. There is not one second in the day when I am not in screaming pain. There is not a thing I can do about it. Thank you for addressing this issue.

  • The symptoms of fibromyalgia mirror vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Through lots of research trying to heal myself I've found many people that claim they healed themselves with nutrition including one of my nurses. If you had several deficiencies all of the symptoms are similar to fibromyalgia. Western doctors don't learn about nutrition. They don't have to take nutrition classes. All they know is diagnosis for pushing pharmaceuticals or surgery. They know nothing about the body actually healing itself. They believe that everything is incurable because they do not know how to cure it. Even when others have been curing these 'incurable' diseases for thousands of years.

  • I’m thinking many cases of fibromyalgia is actually misdiagnosed Lyme disease.
    I had a bullseye rash years ago, a time of chronic stress set off symptoms and I was diagnosed with fibro, my Lyme test has always come back negative. You do not need to have a Lyme rash to have been infected by a tick.
    It completely changed my life and personality 🙁

  • Thank you for this very informative video! I’m glad you put a lot of the pieces together!!
    To those going to doctor… Be sure not to put on makeup and do your hair! Lol!

  • i have moved a lot and haven't had a steady doctor. for me I have so many symptoms that come up in clusters. does that happen to anyone else? the restless leg syndrome for better for a while but atm that and tinnitus and mouth pain and my bruxism are driving me crazy. I've been getting more exhausted and I'm on my own and don't have luxury of being unwell of that makes sense.

  • I had divine intervention over 6 months I swear, using THC cannabis oil, and naturalherbs and flowerseed, today I run 10ks, managed ninety -five percent With a micro-dose on and off
    and art! try and express your self's, let it out, it may just help the healing.

  • I'm very active ,yet I'm in pain almost everyday.Ive always been an insomniac an deal with depression. In much need of relief…It's crazy cuz I am somewhat young but this has been going on my whole life ,but no one really can see how much you hurt cuz it's so difficult to detect..

  • Thanks for this video I cried a little. It's nice to feel validated. I've had a lot of bad treatment from doctors even after I was diagnosed with other issues that were visable and or they could see with actual testing like edema, degenerative disc disease, and neuropathy; they stopped saying it was in my head but still said it's because I'm fat.

  • Fibro sux so much… being denied any assistance when i try to get help is the worst. I've been refused to be seen at hospitals and doctors because they accuse me of being a drug chaser so don't wanna give me meds and in the same breath tell me since i don't want drugs they won't even listen to me… so over lodging formal complaints against these so called medical professionals because they won't treat me like a person

  • How do I tell my neurologist that I have fibromyalgia? My doctors said I am fine but I am in pain, feel extremely lethargic, can't sleep. They do all sorts of tests and found nothing

  • I am 59, have 3 grown kids, 9 grandkids, and fortunately a very supposed husband. We lived out in the country and had tons of animals and a big house. Our house was always where all our kids friends gathered. Some even lived with us because of problems in their home. I loved cooking big homemade meals. Holidays were always at our house. I was a RN who worked full time plus. I am now bedridden again in a nursing home. I take online courses, study history, video chat with my family and read the Bible, the lives of the Saint, things like that and I pray. I get 1 or 2 of these things done on a good day. Some days a few short prayers between naps is all. I have dealt with this for over 20 years. I gave into despair for many of those years. You have to adjust your expectations of yourself to what your body is going to let you do at that time. I also read everything I can find on new research into fibro/cfs. I found this saying, it is now my motto."Sometimes you have to let go of the picture of what you thought life would be like and learn to find joy in the story you are living" Marlene. It is SO HARD to do but each one of us are still as valuable as a person as we were before we got sick. I pray for you all my fellow sufferers.

  • Yes 15 years of being told to buck up and get on with it as everyone gets tired while I worked outside the home and raised our three sons with my husband (who never believed me either). Then finally a Doctor believed me and I really didn’t care if she could help me, it was just a relief to know someone FINALLY BELIEVED ME!

  • Much more education regarding this condition needs to be done in the medical community as well. I feel like a damn hypochondriac going to my doctor with all of this all the time. He's a great doctor, very patient and caring, but he just doesn't have the answers. Try having a full on Fibro flare when you're also dealing with menopause. It's so debilitating!

  • Out of shape, unhealthy mom's, made-up, cop-out disease. Its always just a description of a sedentary and un-disciplined life. Yeah, nobody wants to do things that suck but you have to, or you end up like this making excuses for everything. This is why there are so many symptoms and so much confusion around it, none of these people can get their story straight.

  • Guess what, if you go to the doctor and complain a lot, you will get diagnosed with SOMEthing and likely given some shiny new pills to take.

  • I am away to see my doctor today to see if I have fibromyalgia If I have it did not know about until a few weeks ago I am sore all over to

  • Thank you for this because I experienced doctors not believing me for 2 years. Then finally I was diagnosed. The medical community needs to be more sensitive to the needs of their patients

  • Excellent video. Thank you for this clarity on what has so often been called the hypochondriac patient, the patient with CPTSD having physical manifestations of emotional pain, the hysteric, the attention seeker, and a few I probably haven't heard. To be sure there is an emotional component to fibromyalgia that many do not know about or understand. It is 'The Fragile Stress Response.' I think after living with this horrible, painful syndrome for a length of time, the nervous system becomes very fragile and those persons suffering this symptom can easily become overwhelmed by even mild stressors like someone showing up unexpectedly to visit or not remembering where you put something ( because the short-term memory deficit has you thinking perhaps you have Alzheimer's), or your pain level is over the top but doctors cannot see how acutely painful a fibro-flare is so just tell you that stronger pain relievers are not suitable for chronic pain conditions. Continuous unrelieved pain increases cortisol levels which cause other bodily systems to dysfunction and the nightmare continues. Thank you for the validation.

  • I have psa and was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Had so much fatigue and muscle and joint pains I was eventually disabled.
    Then I changed diet completely. Went total grain, lactose and sugar free. Also very low-carb diet. No legumes or red vegetables/fruits. Use only egg, meat and fish with some white cheeses (hard are lactose free mostly) and some salads can also work. Go as clean as possible.
    Fatigue is gone, muscle pains and soreness of the skin is gone, my arthritis is not as active as before and no more night sweats and bad sleep.
    The food industry has been poising us for a very long time, and it has nothing to do with allergies or intolerances of certain foods, it's just overdosing on stuff we really should be tolerating.
    Also, vit. d deficiency can also cause a lot of pains and troubles. I take vit.d supplements, iodine (kelp), magnesium and omega 3 all year long.

    For those of you that has severe trouble with this, is it not worth a try? And if you do, remember NO cheating! It can set you back severely, and don't forget the "hidden" carbs , like in potatoes…

  • "Oh, you're too young for that..!"

    All diagnosis should be accompanied by:
    1. Age of CONSENT to the condition.
    2. Proof of LEGAL RIGHT to have it.

  • I have an ex boss who is a hypochondriac, she diagnosed herself on the internet, I'm in severe pain and have been diagnosed by 3 different neurologists. Because she can work 10 hrs shifts, and is a social butterfly, my present boss (her husband) thinks I'm crazy and just a whiner. What is wrong with people?

  • My fellow sufferers. It starts from the brain. So no matter what pain killers you have they will not work. You need to cure the brain and balance the chemicals. After LOTS of research and self testing the best things to do is.
    1.take vitamins especially vitamin D daily
    2.take primrose oil daily for balancing the hormones
    3. Eat little meals organic, no gluten , no sugar, nothing processed. All natural fruit veg and fish. Have little meat. Do not even have gluten free pasta. Anything processed is a no!
    4. No coffee no smoking
    5. exercise EVERYDAY -yoga and dancing, cycling walking swimming
    Change your lifestyle!! It wont go away but will make it bare able.

  • You are so very very right . I use to work for the county where I live . Till one day I hurt my back at work then I started hurting everywhere on my body .I use to always feel like I got hit by a train or truck . Every morning i felt so tired and so much pain not just my back .
    But one day I was going to try to make hamburgers for myself and kids . Well I got the meat and started rounding it off but my gosh it felt like I was hammering my own hand😢 as I grabbed a plate to put it on it just slipped off my hand onto the floor . I felt stuck there . I’m saying this because all this time I kept feeling pain I always thought it was due to my back pain radiating to everywhere.
    I told myself that day I’m going to see my primary doctor. Because I couldn’t take it anymore. Well I did make a appointment I got someone to take me and the doctor did there job checking me over and blood work. Never did I expect a call from them but yes I received the call . Now the doctor first told me I had lupus (no idea what that was at that time) and to go back following day to do more test sent me to rheumatologist who then diagnosed me with fibromyalgia & Rheumatoid arthritis he told me why did I wait so long to go see them I must of been with pain . I told them about my other doctors (Workman’s Comp doctor) said what I’m feeling is due to my back pain . He just looked at me and shook his head .


  • fibro……. is more complex condition linked to
    1 deficiency of essential amino acid ((l carnitine + asparagine )))
    2 deficiency of minerals especial (copper and zinc)
    3 alert of some hormones homocysteine↓↓ Betaine→methyl donor→loss of energy
    4 deficiency of GROUP vitamin A+D +B6+B9+B12
    5 high electromagnetic exposure especial from (car+motor)cycle+microwave+cell phone etc
    6 chemical poisoning ((glyphosate herbicide))→leaky gut→loss of mineral+vitamin+allergic rx
    7 gmo food absolutely dangerous
    8 stress ↑↑cortisol ↓↓ dopamine level
    9 deficiency of Molybdenum →↑↑↑ level of uric acid →crystals of monosodium urate with tnder pain in joints and tendons and muscle spasm
    10 lack of oxygen !!!!
    soooo easy i promise that …….. but you don't think so!!!!!

  • I didn’t get my fibromyalgia diagnosis until last summer when I was 33. I had been experiencing symptoms my entire life. Brain fog plus very low energy and tenderness in my legs during childhood. Severe skin and muscle tenderness in my arms, back and torso added on during adolescence. My symptoms progressed severely last year and also the chronic fatigue and depression set in. My mother is upset that she didn’t notice when I was young, but I never complained about it. I just figured I was different and left it at that since I was always the oddball anyway.

  • Hi sir, I had similar issue and I too had plantar fasciitis in addition from which I was suffering from years. Is plantar fasciitis problem also happen due to fybromylagia or it was not recovering due to fybromylagia. Plz explain and give some suggestions to over come, both hand palms and bottom of foot having pain from years. Plz help me

  • I am sure I have fibromyalgia, but I haven’t been diagnosed. The first doctor thought I was a hypochondriac when I complained of, dizziness, fainting, migraines, fatigue, cognitive difficulties, IBS, TMJ, costochondritis, and pain. She did tests on my heart to make sure the fainting wasn’t heart related but didn’t want to look further into my other symptoms. My new doctor listens to me and believes my symptoms, but also doesn’t want to look into anything since I’m only 22 and fairly active. I seem to have flare ups where my symptoms get worse for a week or two and then I have days where I feel almost completely normal and healthy. The most frustrating thing for me is that my sister has most of the same symptoms as me, but she has managed to find doctors that look into her problems and she’s already been diagnosed and is being treated. I can’t see her doctors because I live in a different city. My family is very supportive of her as she’s dealing with her new diagnosis, which is great, but my symptoms get ignored by my family and my doctors which is incredibly discouraging. They treat it like since I don’t have a diagnosis, I don’t have a condition. I just hope I can find a doctor that is educated in fibromyalgia. Good luck to everyone out there struggling with this horrible condition.

  • Fibromyalgia has completely taken my life away from me . I have lost my identity my marriage my friends my business even family . It’s a lonely existence and chronically debilitating. I’ve had it all my life and now SLE Lupus. It’s by the grace of god I’m still alive but boy is it a struggle . . It’s a lonely lonely life

  • Wow, I have had strange symptoms for 35 years. I was just diagnosed 2 years ago with Fibro. Probably because I'm male and we don't tend to get this. Everytime I see someone who gets it I am absolutely amazed because most don't. It's easy to dismiss something you don't understand. I didn't really think it was real even when I was first diagnosed. Thought it was a catch all. I was dead wrong. I watched that symptom list go by and only saw a few that I didn't have. Thank you for that video.

  • Thank You So Much for this video!! I’ve been suffering with these symptoms for over 10 years. I would have severe neck and shoulder pain. I had tingling in my hands and feet. Had X-rays done. My former PCP said it was whiplash. So, he told me to take over the counter medications. So, it helped temporarily. But, there were times my entire body would hurt with sore ankles and the back of my knees were tensor to the touch. And about two years ago, I started feeling unbalanced and clumsy. I asked my cardiologist about it and she said it was probably vertigo. So, she suggested that I take Dramamine. It helped a little. Then I started forgetting things and having really bad heat exhaustion when I’d be outside for long periods of time. And I would breakout with a heat rash on my face. A family member convinced me to have lab test done for lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. Well, I mentioned it to my new PCP and she ordered lab work and my test came back with a positive ANA panel. So, she referred me to a rheumatologist. Had test done there and he said that I was negative for lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. And he said it was no since in my returning to his off unless I have a seizure or have protein in my urine. He basically made me feel like it was all in my head. I mentioned it to my Doctor and she had me come in. She explained the test results to me. Since he didn’t bother telling me. After she explained what the test results meant. She also let me know that just because I didn’t have Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis, didn’t mean it wasn’t something else. She decided to treat me for Fibromyalgia. And the medication she prescribed is Cymbalta.
    I’ve been taking it for three days now and I’m finally able to sleep through the night. And My bed feels good again!! Thank God!!

  • My fibromyalgia began with flu-like symptoms (fever, chills, aching) that worsened to paralyzing fatigue where I could barely roll myself over in bed or sit up, numbness in my legs, shooting pain, and some cognitive difficulties. Over the past 15 years, I've improved but I still have days every month in which I'm bedridden and other days the constant aching pain I can control with a lot of Tylenol (no longer can take ibuprofen, affecting kidney function). I wish there was more research, but the medical community tends to still regard it as not very serious and some seem to still think it is psychosomatic. To have the disorder is one thing. And on top of it, to be subjected to character assassination and pooh-poohing of your symptoms. I wish sceptics in the medical field could live in my body for a month. It would silence their dismissive attitude.

  • This is the best explanation of fibromyalgia I have found and all the suffer with it should have their family and friends watch it for more understanding

  • I suffered for over 20 years but I thought it was lupus at first, I didn't have the traditional symptoms of lupus, so I just chocked it up to bad pms, it wasn't until just recently that I was diagnosed with fibro when a friend of mine said that the symptoms I was describing to her sounded like fibro which she has, I thought me? fibro ? Nah but it just made sense, so that's how I found out that's what I have….I wish there was a cure, but until there is one I manage mine with my vegan diet

  • My doctors, will not send me for any tests at all, why because they cost money. He will give me a fit note and my medications. That's it. I am at my wits end. As I am appealing a ESA decision. And u less I can get texts, like MRI, I WILL STARVE. Literally.

  • There's a reason why fibromyalgia is a blanket term, it's because it's still unknown what causes it.
    There is a huge pdf online listing ALL of the symptoms of fibromyalgia that patients have complained about for a decade.
    The document is huge because not everyone receives the same set of symptoms so the rememedies are not the same per person.
    I suffer the inability to swallow well all the time, fatigue, weakness, serious memory problems, sickness complete with mild fevers and sore throats.
    I wake up every morning at 7 am, I cannot go back to sleep to sleep in, I have no appetite, I have irritable bowel syndrome, I've developed gout, I've developed arthritis in my knees, I cannot carry anything heavy ( huge problem for men) can't open jars or bottles, I can't concentrate half the time, I also get flush alot, and finally I have developed psoriasis! The list is long.

  • fibro friends discord server.

    fibro sufferer since 2000, high range.

    my flares, the air on my skin hurts. hot showers, whilst initially painful are the best and quickest way fro some relief for a while.

  • It's slowly killing me, why isn't there a cure, when will there be a cure. Why are doctors so in denial of this condition 🤔😖

  • Must go from cause to effect disease does not (fortunately) spring out of nowhere, go back to your first symptoms then ask yourself if you can recall which one of God's health laws was I violating then correct it first thing that has to go is any and all pharmaceutical drugs and vitamins of any sort these things will continue to clog the human machinery and yes prayer asking God to do for you what you cannot do for yourself there is great hope for every one of you.

  • This doctor is telling the truth about what fibromyalgia is and about all the symptoms…I am 60 now and I have this 12 years…I have gotton worse and worse…..The pain is horrible and I hurt….I can not stand up for long neither can I sit in a chair for long. The only comfort I can get is lying in my bed…..I can not travel anywhere because the pain in my spine is really bad…The last time I travelled was about 6 years ago…I live in Ireland and I was travelling to England by train and ship…anyway…while on the train….My back hurt so much…I was trying every which way an how to ease the pain…I put my legs on top of the seat in front and tried to lay my lower back on to the 2 seats where I was sitting…( I was at the back of the train….) Well I could care less who saw me…..but the point is…I can no longer travel…Its the same on a flight….Unless you are well off and can afford 1st class….you are stuck in a seat with absolutely no room to manoeuvre…and your legs go through the most horrid experience..and by the time you get off the plane your feet are so swollen….you are walking like a duck for the next 2 days till they calm down…..My memory is seriously bad…I live close to my brother…..( he is so funny and teases me all the time…) anyway we will be talking away to each other..then I will say to him " what was I saying??"….but the thing is his memory is just as bad…..I dont recognise people that I know….how many times have I had to explain to neighbours that I am not being rude when I have not said hello or greeted them..It just that I find my brain is not the same any more….I can not relate stuff like I used too….And some thing that really pisses me off is…I keep dropping stuff from my right hand….every where I go……but trying to bend down to pick up what I have dropped is a mean fete in its self…haha….As my brother says to me…." people can not see our pain….so they think we are ok……I got to tell you the worse one yet…this annoys me so much…"".Are you ready?….buckle your self in..ok…""…..My doctor is a very sincere good man…and has watched me over the years as I deteriorate and fall apart in front of him….There are many student doctors that work at the surgery throughout the years…Anyway way they all seem to want to take the pain tablets away from me…..they tell me its very high and. I will become addicted.to them." All I know is that life without them would not be worth living…TRUTH""….My pain medication is within the limit of what ever pain medication I am on…..My thoughts are….DO YOU KNOW MY PAIN??????…..so as I was saying…these student doctors do my brains in….they seem to get all excited and hyped up on how they are going to take my morphine based tablets away from me…..anyway I made an appointment to see my own doctor….well I just told him everything.."".I can not get into the bath…or out of the bath…without help from my partner. I can not get up or down the stairs with out his help…..I can not mop the floor to clean up….I get so tired I could sleep for Ireland!.""….I started to cry……I told him about the IBS…..I told him everything…and I could not stop the tears…….So he said to me….Its ok Mary ..its ok….I wont take them away from you for now…but we will have to at some point……he said,…….WHY?….It was himself that put me on them….because of the pain I am in….Anyway…..thats me….But throughout all off this…..My Love for THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY keeps me happy….because I know that pain is everywhere all over the world…and I am just one in millions of people….I am blessed because I can still walk and look after myself as much as I can….So what I am saying is…..what I feel while living with Fibromyalgia…..I am just telling the truth……………………bye bye……from Mary in Ireland……xxx

  • I watched this and all I did was cry. My doctor makes me feel like I’m just whining and makes me feel like I’m making things up. I won’t even go to a doctor anymore, I’m tired of them all telling me I have one thing or another. If I feel I’m in trouble, I’ll just go to the ER and hope for the best. I just wished I would get properly diagnosed and so that I can learn to do what I need to do so I can cope with this. I’m tired of the pain and feeling like some day my body parts are going to snap off.

  • I have chronic hives in addition to every other fibromyalgia symptom. My uncle also has fobromtalgia and he too suffers with chronic hives. I get steroid shots periodically for this. Its horrible this syndrome, and my doctor says there is no cure. Eeeep!

  • Anyone else told that their constant fatigue and pain is from fucking anxiety? Fuck my doctors.. I need answers

  • Thanks you for explaining fibromyalgia. My doctor think am crazy or am making up the story. It's annoying when your own doctor don't any sympathy for their patients.

    I have been diagnosed ankylosing spondylitis 8 years ago unfortunately I never had these new symptoms.

  • I just got diagnosed with fibromyalgia waiting for confirmation after the x rays and tests, watching videos to get the know the condition or illness, so far I can see dr is on right track with me especially when I watched Lady Gaga talks about her fibromyalgia I can feel I have parallel symptoms with her as it is more than pain and related to PTSD..

  • ive been back and fourth dr gotten worse now very fatigue dont sleep good all things u say my dr just keeps sayin take mucsle relaxers dont work been on for 3 yrs u are so rite wish u were my dr horrble suffer im 63 had since 30 it started i was cna was miserable to work such horrible pain now gettin bad headaches from not sleepin good depressing dr looks like u said think ur just makin othwr symptoms up i have use walker now when walking

  • Fibromyalgia aka Lyme Disease. If you’re getting this diagnosis from your doctor, please ask to be tested for Lyme from iGenex labs. The standard western blot and Elisa test aren’t accurate and so many people are getting false negatives, including myself. I finally got my proper diagnosis for Lyme and 2 other coinfections and stopped listening to docs telling me it was fibromyalgia. You can get better!

  • Was newly diagnosed just this past Monday. I have been suffering EXTREME symptoms over the past year as time passes a new one appears. I have up to about 50 of the symtpoms now. I believe if it had been caught sooner the number wouldnt be so high. Had to be taken off work and am bed ridden most of the time. When I think back I think it started mildly years ago but because I had one or 2 common complaints it was brushed under the rug. It took my symptoms exploding and even then was told oh its just stress. I knew it wasn't and felt helpless. The worst is when people say oh I have all those in a sarcastic tone regarding the general presentation. I just look at them and say no you have NO IDEA what the exhaustion, pain, and fog feel like. Have you not known where you were on a road you've travelled daily for 2yrs? Have you not known or understood instructions to heating a lasagna in the oven or not known what a pen was called? You know but the word is hidden inside a maze you lost the map to so NO I dont think so. Im a writer and the fog robs me for weeks at a time. I Am SO grateful for this video. I haven't even told many people because of the stigma that comes with the word Fibromyalgia. Look forward to more.

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