Weekly Horoscope | Ye Hafta Kaisa RaheGa 2019 | Cancer Weekly Astrology Forecast Prediction in Urdu

Bismillah Rahman Rahim Islam Alaikum attends the audience with weekly pridiction from 1st December 2019 to 7th December 2019 We will talk Before we talk about the weekly pridiction of the small star cancer of the system tower, we think it is important that some of our viewers say It is our endeavor that we should open the video and explain in detail what we can find. It is true that there is no one other than Allah who can please the entire universe. Even if we are talking about everything in the priesthood, something will still go, but we value our audience very much. Some people have told us not to talk too long. Just tell us the point, we will not talk in detail. We will only tell you. We will make you short. We will leave the rest to you. But as the video production we say. They will tell it all in the same way when we talk about Cancer Weekly Prehidoxin, the one thing that emerges in their star is their attitude towards goodness. There is a lot that is good towards religion, it’s their spirituality
There is a connection with Extraction. It is going in and it is the same power. Not all of them are releasing DGMOs. There is also the element of awakening. Some thugs take notice of something. So despite all things, they will keep their contact with Allah and as they say If only I see it, then these things went well. All the social today are people who belong to the Social Welfare Association. From Vadra, count to 18. There are many chances of success for justice. For the job-seekers, have a department in Salarpur for people or for those who do any kind of treatment, for those who have any such matters, especially those who are successful all the time. How many people have gone for them? How many people are there for the Leader Who is good for them, so no doctors hostels funeral funerals for them. How will be In this I would tell the mother that time is very good in this regard of the net. It is better to refer to the place where I am not today, or to gather on Friday. Give directions If you try it yourself, leave it to Allah and make it tension prison. You will succeed. This is number two. Anyway, the other king points to other parts. The materialism of n’s materiality goes into it. We or someone else just said that you are silver about things that do not speak but you know that in our society we remember things. Even for those who do not talk, etc., they may be present with their consent, nephews that will be pleased with you and you are not married. Even for those who do not talk, etc., they may be present with their consent, nephews that will be pleased with you and you are not married. Emotions will stop you do your own things Do your affairs Insha Allah Almighty forgive the love affairs If all is successful then talking about rice flour in the region will be sugar or today rice or sugar sweet rice. White meter counterfeit or something sweet white is what makes it a liter from a distance or a liter of rice is something that now if she was able to give it to someone, Almighty Allah, it would be easier for you If you are the case then it is better that you are not the only one. If you want them to have IIUs before, then their ziba can grow as fast as you can. If Ilu Yu has enough energy, then his ziba can grow faster than he can. Recite as much as he can. Do you have a little bit about your leader who is successful then talk to video clips IG leave happy being the most famous for the eldest sister is from religion Late religion Travel to the League If anyone goes to the same place you are on the go, this time you are traveling to Aid for a month of business travel with Aid is a transporter or if you are afraid of what you have, Today she becomes very successful in the region on success When traveling in this regard, it means that the papers of Ada Kulji iGate etc are sent to the article or three astrologers for the purpose of sending information. The charge for this EZI to be quite good is a little better But whatever way I become a passage, take what we have, we talk to you, then you are not fancied. If there is nothing to do, then only intention is to pay your respects to God. That is the beginning So if you successfully travel to this area before it becomes the most successful in this region, then this means that there are papers of Ada Kulji iGate, etc. which are in Article three. The message is that the message does not go away. After all, there is no power in Allah except that the entire universe may please us, but many people who love them will be with us. Do not take them into your mind and do not even have the things you need to talk about your role in the roles we give you. If you do not have these things for the sake of your actions, then they will pay attention to your family. If you are inclined towards the enemy towards the children, how will it be okay if they can make it back then? Prayer may also come All of the videos read the make-up of Most of the time, which means they affect more people in 80 to 90 percent of the way it affects people and not ten percent of people. For this reason we urge you to call us at this number if you would like a personal taste. We will definitely provide you with guidance. People who are new to our channel request you to subscribe to our channel. And click the bell button to keep you getting all our videos and people who are already on our channels and think they are getting the most out of this channel. So they are happy that it is not up to them to share this with their siblings. Share the video on your social media so that anyone can find this video. May Allah give you health and fitness.

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