VW Windshield Washer fluid not working diagnose and Fix

Hello everyone it’s ‘Lurgs’ here welcome to my channel. It’s really important on a day like this that your windscreen
washer jets are working correctly, I’ll take you through the steps on how to
figure out why they stopped working and how to fix it. So you’re pulling the
windscreen washer jet lever here and nothing is happening, the windscreen
wipers are coming on but you’ve got no windscreen washer jet nozzle squirting
on the windscreen, now the first thing you need to do is check that there is
actually water in the windscreen washer reservoir, so make sure that is fully
topped up and then try squirting the windscreen washers Jets again, now if
you’re pulling that lever and the windscreen washer jet pump is actually
whirring, you can hear it trying to do something and there’s no water coming
out then it’s most likely the nozzles are blocked up, so just check these out
first. And there is a link above now about how to replace your Volkswagen
windscreen washer jet nozzles. If the nozzles are all clear and you
cannot hear the pump working then it’s most likely going to be a fuse, the first
thing to do is find the location of the fuse box, now there will normally be 2
fuse boxes on a Volkswagen but the one that you will probably be looking for
will be in the engine bay, now if you’ve got a fuse layout box diagram you should
be able to locate the exact fuse that you want which is for the windscreen
washer pump. Now there is a link above now about how to check fuses without
having to pull them out using a multimeter.
Now the reason fuses blow is normally in the winter time when the screen wash
fluid actually freezes in the pipes and as you go to squirt it, it puts a massive
strain on the motor and then that blows the fuse, as you can see this fuse has
actually blown so what I’ll do here is I will just literally replace this with a
brand new fuse. Let’s just put that in so this is the one that we’ve replaced here
and then we’ll try it again, so these are actually working which is great news but
if the fuse isn’t blown on your Volkswagen washer pump then it is most
likely to be the actual washer pump, now to locate that, that will be on your
windscreen washer bottle, locate where the windscreen washer bottle is under
your bonnet, trace that all the way down and then the washer pump will be on that
bottle somewher,e now that will usually be under one of your wheel arches so
just make sure all the connections are good on the windscreen washer bottle, now I’ll just show you a selection of various Volkswagens this is a Volkswagen T5 and the screen wash location is here, and on a Volkswagen Passat it’s over
here, while i’m showing you these there’s a link above now about how to tell which
side your fuel filler cap is on without having to leave the driver’s seat. So
this is the Volkswagen T5 here and this is where the windscreen washer pump is,
so this is by the passenger side wheel arch, takes a bit of getting to, now what
you’re doing here is you’re just doing a visual check on the washer pump, now the main thing to check is the electrical connection the plug at the top there,
make sure that is good and not corroded, now you can also check all the pipe work
make sure that all the pipes are in the correct places and not leaking,
now this windscreen washer pump does actually remove quite easily on most
Volkswagens, it just pops out, but just be aware you will get lots of water
spraying out so make sure you do that outside. Good luck. After all that hard
work it’s time for a lovely cup of tea. If you would like to subscribe to my
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9 thoughts on “VW Windshield Washer fluid not working diagnose and Fix

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  • Hello there, I recently started having that same problem where the jets won't squirt anything out. i have checked and i can hear the motor working sometimes, but still nothing somes out from both the back and from jets. I have a 2016 Tiguan and Im having a hard time finding what fuse belongs to the jets on the car i have. could you help me out please?

  • Thanks from Brooklyn, New York. Now I am going to have a cup of tea, then look for the problem, now that I know what to do. Cheers! David

  • Thanks mate! Took a car to the garage before with this issue and they said I had to replace the whole thing… kicking my self because I could have checked the fues

  • Thanks Lurgs, what if the wipers won't come on either. The wipers work for rain, but not with the washer fluid feature. When I pull the little handle forward, nothing happens.

  • I’m having a problem where my pump isn’t kicking on. I can’t find a fuse that’s blown. I replaced the pump. Still nothing. No corrosion on any wires or connectors. Any ideas lol

  • Hey man, so i checked the fuse and it seems to be fine. However, the washer jet sometimes works someties it doesnt on the back and on the front is totally not working anymore. so you thinkg it owuld be the pump

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