Vlog #1: Cancer Sucks Especially At 32! Stupid Sarcomatoid Carcinoma! Stupid Surgery! Stupid People!

(INTRO MUSIC) Hey, welcome to my vlog. My name is Daniel Thomas, affectionately known as Pee Wee Toms. Thanks J-team for that, and everything we all did in 2010 it was awesome, but yeah… What’s wrong with me? I have a sarcomatoid carcinoma. That is an aggressive form of cancer … I don’t know how to deal with it, not very well anyway. I’ve done very silly things, and I hope that I can help people on the way, to not come into those pitfalls or fall into those kind of traps when they’re dealing with cancer. It’s a horrible, horrible situation to be in … I’ve had numerous surgeries, as I said it’s an aggressive type of cancer. It’s come back In the same place a few times and now I’ve got another as I sit here I’ve got another tumor in my side, which is being excised next week. Hopefully. As long as I’m well enough. I’ve not been very well. It’s probably my own fault for sitting out in the flippin’ cold in sunny England. … Yeah… Probably is my own fault if I’m honest… But yeah… What’s the point of my vlog? My vlog is here to help, and help me understand more than anything, what’s going on. I’ve got a blog as well which is www.peeweetoms.co.uk Which you can check out and that’s got loads of information to do with what I’m going through and what I have gone through, and things that people have done to me. People, I didn’t expect to do stuff towards me, have done stuff towards me. Employment and family, and how I’ve coped with certain things And how I’ve not coped with certain things because I think that’s a major issue of it all people don’t cope very well with it. … And the support network for guys. I know especially for males. It’s not massive. It’s not very good really, to be honest, and there’s not much support everyone thinks that they get on with everything and they can like literally just shut the door on it, and that’s not the way. It’s not that easy, and when you when you realize how many relationships break down because of it and how hard it is for like family and watching family break down Because of you being unwell and them doing everything they physically can to try and help you and make you better when sometimes it’s not even physically possible to make you better. It’s just hard for everyone and like I said, I want to make it a positive impact And I’m not adverse to having some fun with this because I want to have fun I want people to understand that it’s not always a negative experience, some of it has been brilliantly positive. I’ve met some amazing people and some of it is just amazingly just cool. Things that I thought I wouldn’t ever be able to separate myself from I’ve managed to separate myself from and then I’ve managed to become a, I would now say I’m a lot better a person I used to be horrible so you know it’s it’s one of those swings and roundabouts so I used to be a bit of a… … an idiot if I’m honest. People would argue I was a massive idiot, so I don’t mind. And I’ve got older. I’ve got wiser. I’ve had to learn from everything that I’ve done. Yeah, I want to make a positive impact. I want people to understand a male perspective. I want people to understand more about cancer because I think a lot of people spend a lot of time and a lot of energy focusing on oh let’s fundraise for cancer. Let’s make some money for cancer, and all these people doing fun runs and stuff because the family members died, but they never actually understood… the whole reality of everything to do with it. And they never probably fully understood this and “oh my my great aunt died of cancer” or this and that and this and that and and they’re doing a fun run for it or whatever, and they don’t really understand the real impact it has on people. And they don’t understand the real impact that it has on families. It’s emotional. It’s hard. It’s turbulent is the best way to put it. It’s up and it’s down, it ebbs and it…it’s just horrid if I’m honest. It’s just horrible to deal with. I’m getting out of breath because I’m stressed out about it um, but yeah I just would like to help people and if we can through the vlog, the blog and any other form that we can then that’s what we’re going to do. I spent a lot of effort on how to set this vlog up And how it’s gonna work. I’ve got some cool stuff in the pipeline for it. Some cool interviews that I’m gonna do as well. I just want people to see things from my perspective. And hopefully a younger person’s perspective on something that people don’t really see everyday. You see it on comic relief you see it on like, you know children in need and stuff, the kids and teenagers and everyone, or like young adults, have cancer and it’s horrid for any age. It’s horrible for anyone to deal with. It’s devastating I don’t know if I’m coming or going most days, and I don’t know how my brain reacts to certain things. Sometimes it’ll break down massively, and I’ll burst out crying or I’ll just be listening to music as i’m walking down the street and I’ll cry. What hell’s up with that? What is up with that? So…you know… I just like to help people so yeah subscribe to my channel if you want to watch it If you don’t want to know about it, then that’s your loss, not mine. I’m hoping I can be very entertaining across the board and I’m hoping that we can have some fun. So…Yeah, watch this space because I reckon it’s gonna be Braziliant Little clue there… and… Parisiant… and… Londiniumt… and any other words that you can think of places that I may end up just randomly vlogging from with random people and famous people possibly… because yeah, why not? It’s nice to find out everyone’s perspective on everything So yeah, let’s have some fun. Enjoy Don’t forget to subscribe Please. Thanks. I don’t know where the button is. Round here. Somewhere. Boom. (OUTRO MUSIC)

100 thoughts on “Vlog #1: Cancer Sucks Especially At 32! Stupid Sarcomatoid Carcinoma! Stupid Surgery! Stupid People!

  • His first YouTube video upload on his cancer blog(witch is this one) was posted a day before my birthday. Rest easy tom you will never be forgotten.

  • Rest well Dan. I caught onto your channel late in your life but you were a strong and amazing person. You seemed like a fantastic human being and I wish I could have met you

  • R.I.P brother. Didn't know you. Did only just discover this channel. I can sense a good soul, good "vibes". I hope you're free now. All the best on your journey, all my love and travel well.

  • i cant even put into words how impacted I have been by this random guy and his tragic story… I am honored to have gotten the chance to see it… it was a brilliant idea to document everything.. I am so grateful to be here amongst the living.. thoughts and prayers go out to his family.. R.I.P PeeWeeToms

  • 9 months later "Spongebob Squarepants narrator
    R.I.P buddy you helped alot of people in the last 9 months of your life

  • This is the first. I started with the last one and watched them in reverse. Its so heartbreaking. I feel like i know him. Rest easy wherever you are Dan. Id be lucky if i had half your strength.

  • Miss you Dan. You sure did a helluva job educating and sharing. Love that NASA jacket. And you got a personal cosmonaut message!! I like to think you’ve been up on the ISS.

  • Poor Daniel. What a horrible ordeal he went through, but what a courageous and brave young man he was. I am so very sorry that he passed. He was far too young. Dan was a great inspiration to all and I truly hope he now is in a far happier place. Gone but never forgotten. RIP.

  • I find myself back here today binge watching from your 1st vlog to your last. Although i have seen them before. You touched so many people, and inspired many more. Missing your vlogs. Rest now Dan. No more pain ❤️

  • 3:18 I find that so hard to believe, you horrible no way!? Rest easy to a friend whom I never met across the pond.
    If I had a brother, I wish for him to be exactly like you Dan. #DontGiveInDontGiveUp <3

  • This video was posted on what would have been my brothers 43rd birthday, he, too, passed away to cancer. Rest in paradise.

  • You’ve been a amazing vlogger, inspiration and over all a kind person here’s was the beginning of the end for you but it was also a beginning to, for a lot of people to push harder no matter what happens rip man

  • Sometimes the end of life can just be extra sucky. It’s the death of ego that we struggle with. The body doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

  • God damn… I want him alive… holy shit i dont know what to say its just fucking unfair why people like him must die when criminals arę out there why this life must be such an asshole i dont get it.

  • I miss this guy so much. Fast forward a year on from here 😳😭 How ill he was in his last video. God it’s heartbreaking. You are missed Dan.
    You are loved.

  • I miss you Dan, I will never forget you my friend. You were so brave, & so strong, a true inspiration. A true warrior. I hope you are resting peacefully my dear friend. I will miss you forever. ❤️

  • No idea how your channel got promoted into my feed…..but however it happened…. i am so glad it happened. You showed so much strength… After seeing each episode, your dedication to help others understand from this misfortune astounds me. We have all lost a true warrior.

  • I really like this gentleman and I hope his family is doing well. I lost my mom to cancer and it truly does suck and I might be having the same scare as my mom once experienced, so I am praying for the best. All the love to his family.

  • I am both watching this video and his last update. My heart aches with pain and sadness. Its good to see his parents are coping with this loss. Much love!

  • Its been 8 months from your departure mate i hope you are at peace now in heaven thank you for showing us the hard journey of cancer it sucks i know but you teach us a lot of things good and bad cheers brother

  • So sorry mate. It's so difficult thinking this things can happen to young people. Makes us pissed off.
    This is the our human limitations, just getting pissed off cause a guy like you had to go through it.
    Certain people say it's the journey has been given to our soul to progress towards the enlightenment.
    I believe so but
    It's still hard to accept. 😔💜
    Rest in peace and hope you can feel the love I'm sending to your soul. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • This man went through a terrible ordeal, just too sad. His amazing wife said Dans passing was extremely peaceful. RIP fella.

  • There is a cure for cancer but the Government does not want us to have it because they make money off of keeping us sick. 👥👥 ALSO 👉🏽(I swear as I was trying to type out "government" my autocorrect typed out honeybees) <– that could be a clue, my phone is trying to tell me🤔🐝

  • We are alrdy here. We never forgot peoples. We are with you, you are in our heart. Rest in peace.. See you soon brother.

  • ♡♡♡ this is so heartbreaking 😓 xx
    Wish i came across this earlier

    My heart breaks for you baby

  • God I'm so sorry that he had to go thru all of it God bless r.i.p you was brave soul thanks for braveness you shown you did so well best u could possibly do and many others I know friend I know still dealing with some form of cancer illness. Sometimes it feels so hard to know what to say to her.. This video makes me sad but makes me value so much more little things makes me see things in different light. Your not forgotten your channel has made a effect on me. Your never forgotten may you be in better place in the light, gates of heavon shining down no pain to deal with any more. I'm so sorry for your families loss I lost family member to lung cancer my grandad and my bros to different illness genetic born with it they was. I not too sure how really I dealt with the losses slot to sometimes get head around ever all them years when they had to pass. To the family & friends big love and hugs to u xx

  • Dan and Marialucia, you are the reason why us mother's keep living, unconditional love and all the strength you have had is in our living soul. Love you so much. Rosetta

  • I just came across his channel and now I find myself watching his first vlog and wanting to watch all of them because the video I came across he was terribly ill at the last stages..I find myself wanting to know what kind of person he was..

  • Guys look up the final words of the billionaire steve jobs. He said you can have all the money in the world and pay other people to do anything for you but you cant pay another human to suffer your cancer for you. Money means nothing without health

  • My daughter was diagnosed at age 10. Spinal cord cancer, Ependymoma. It’s the roughest scariest rollercoastr I’ve ever ridden in my life, so I can’t imagine how she feels. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer while I was pregnant with her so I had no time to think about anything but getting well for her, and her older siblings. I was fortunate to catch it early enough. My daughter just turned 18; so still on this ride. Our new normal took us this long (8 years) to adjust to.

    RIP Daniel, Peewee Toms. You’ve forever made an impact on people all over the world. You’ve impacted our life, and we have just found your messages today!

  • What an amazing brave soul you were Dan and an amazing legacy leaving your blog and videos to the world and your family to look back and remember you. Watching your videos has churned up some painful memories watching my mum battle and lose her fight also with cancer a year and a half ago as a lot of your videos are so relatable of how we as a family tried to cope but I’m so glad I’ve came across your story and your family must be so proud that your legacy lives on x you were an amazing brave man documenting your journey through the good and the bad days rest in peace x

  • Last night, by chance, I started whatching your videos. Binged on it, following step-by-step your ordeal. Because of that, I finally decided do buy a nice new boat. A dream, something I've been longing for years. I even "WhatsApped" the dealer in the middle of the night!!! Last year I lost my father to cancer. Definitely, a crash-course, a reality check on life's finitude. At 55, I was hit hard. Don't want to get old or die with tons of money in the bank. How useless is that. Thank you for giving me a new perspective, inspiring my decision. Greetings from Brazil. R.I.P.

  • 9 mos is all he had. He spoke to so many in that time RIP Daniel Thomas “Pee Wee Toms”. You made a difference you Really did!!! You are cancer free my friend run and play now. Be free!!!

  • And yet everyone here in America stands and cheers as Trump eliminates more and more EPA regulations so that these
    “Cannibals in suits” can dump more and more carcinogens into the air and water. Inject it into farm animals we eat and spray on
    The fruits and vegetables. All in the name of “Freedom “ from big government ( I.e make more $$$ for oligarchs). Despite the fact these reptiles make more money than entire countries it’s still not enough. Hope you all catch this horrible disease that you helped spread to so many.
    Wake up people!! Vote these inhumane cockroaches out and then throw them in jail.

  • Remember, after he was diagnosed, he got 8 months; the last few were not fun. Live life to the fullest, and only do things you want to do.

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