VideoCast #30: Spiritual Roots of Sickness & Disease (Part I)

This is DeliveranceMinistry.FM Videocast #30. Hello again everybody. Welcome to another episode of Deliverance
Ministry Dot fm where we give you proven insights about the demonic realm and deliverance ministry
so you can wage spiritual warfare more effectively. This Dr Don Ibbitson and I’m here with my
cohost and colleague Dr Phyllis Tarbox. Hey, how are you today? Good. Good. We’re ready and excited to do another podcast
for you. And I’ll tell you, this is a first of all
that we’ve done. This is the first podcast that we’re going
to conduct today. It is so long that we’re going to have to
split it into two parts. We looked at doing it all in one and it was
going to be too long and we try to keep these in manageable half an hour or so, bite sized
chunks for you. And so we felt like rather than try to do
one, it wouldn’t be comprehensive enough. We split it into two parts, one and two. So with that, let me tell you what the topic
is about. This topic is on spiritual roots of sickness
and disease and part of the reason that we’ve had so much to cover is that we’ve got a lot
of information this year. We’ve got some teaching things we want to
share, we want to, and really in the second or part two of this, we’re going to give you
more of our success stories and our experiences with clients and whatnot. Getting, getting healed, if you like, from,
from sickness and disease. So, um, so we’ve got a lot to cover in this
first one who kind of want to lay the groundwork for you, explain what we mean by spiritual
roots of sickness and disease and that’s going to take some time. And as they say in part two, when we released
the next one, we will review some of this but really focus on and show you some very
specifics of how God’s moved to bring healing to people, um, after dealing with some of
the spiritual roots that are behind it. And so with that kind of meandering preamble,
I think we’ll just jump right in here and get started on, on what I, I, it’s tough to
do. I’m going to say this. So please bear with me here. As we know, there’s no videos, there’s no
powerpoints, there’s just, I just want to try to share some teaching with you because
I feel like we need to do that, be to, to explain what we mean by spiritual roots of
sickness and disease. So just fasten your seat belts and I’ll try
to hopefully make it as clear as I can here if you follow it. A lot of our teachings and what we listened
and what we teach on and our approach to deliverance is we use the concept of a body, soul and
spirit model. Where a person has a body is in a body physical
container. We have a soul or mind memory and emotions
are. And then we have a spirit man that we come
to Christ. We get born again, we get a new spirit, but
we don’t get a new soul, and the of deliverance ministry, which is a driving out of demons,
is we teach and help people understand that the demonic spirits can be residing in our
soulless realm, in our soul, and in our body. Demons can reside in our body and our soul,
and if they’re infant, they’re in our soul and they need to be driven out. That’s deliverance. If they’re in our body than they. We need deliverance too many times for those
demons to come out so that healing can manifest, and so that’s the concept we believe and teach
and and on, you know, just with no ifs, ands, or buts. That sickness and disease is from the demonic
realm. Jesus doesn’t want us sick. He wants his heel. The says, by his stripes you were healed and
he is getting. The good news for us today is that he is given
his church, his body of believers, and we’re above and beyond. We’re part of that just like just you are. He’s given us power and authority to bring
healing and deliverance to people. And so that’s kind of the premise, kind of
a high level flyby of, of, of just what we’re going to be talking about here. And now I want to move into, talk a little
bit about healing for a moment or two. We see in obviously in the Bible that Jesus
did heal those instances in scripture. He came across sick people or people with
injuries or disease were brought to him. He healed them. And I tell people this, you know, is it God’s
will will be healed and say, well, look at everybody that came to Jesus or it was brought
to him in faith. He healed them. Every one of them. And we see instances where he would lay hands
on them and they would lay hands on people too sick to heal them. And we really didn’t. But certainly in Mark Eight, 23, he laid hands
on the blind man. Luke 4:40, it talks about laying hands on
people and healing all who were brought to him. So we understand that, that Jesus heal people
through laying on of hands. But there’s a, there’s a, there are other
scriptures. But there’s one I want to highlight on in
scripture that talks about instances where Jesus brought about physical healing through
deliverance. He drove a spirit of a woman in that account
is in luke 13 where it says, a woman who was crippled by a spirit of infirmity of Abraham,
she was a daughter of Abraham, a believer, and so we’ve talked about these and go over
these and others, some other podcasts and encourage you to use to subscribe and listen
to all the podcasts that we have. But sometimes healing comes that way if you
needed deliverance from a spirit of infirmity there and your body than you need. And that’s got to happen to me. Healing comes. All right. So that’s the element of kind of healing in
the physical body. Now I want to talk a little bit about this
and transitioned into this concept that the notion that these spirits that are in our
body or, or, um, that many times, those spirits that are in our body, we’re invited in by
other spirits. In other words, there can be, um, spirits
that are in our soulless realm that also, that, that are invited in by spirits and I,
and I want to clarify this by, by, by courage you needed to do to look at a resource that
we use and we rely on heavily that we got exposed to year ago, years ago. It’s a book called a more excellent way, and
it’s by a gentleman by the name of Henry Wright and he is a base, a pastor. He has a ministry in Georgia. He’s a pastor, he’s not a doctor, he’s not
a psychologist and he’s done a lot of work over the years on healing and spiritual roots
of sickness and disease. And that’s the title for this podcast. And, and just say it as clearly as, as I can
here, once again, without the benefit of visual aids. What the contention is that we believe is
that spirits can invite another spirits. In other words, people can have infirmities
or sicknesses in their bodies and diagnosis sicknesses, diseases. But many times there were other spirits like
fear or anger or depression that invited those in. Right? And so that’s what we want to talk about is
sometimes the and, and, and a lot of the things that we call sicknesses and diseases, and
we’ll talk about this in a moment in the room of like syndromes or disorders. They’re really a lot of the things that are
in our, they’re in our soulless realm too. There’s, there’s, there are physical manifestations
rather, but there are spirits there that opened the door to these diagnoses of syndromes and
disorders. And we’re going to touch on some of those
in a minute. So I wanted to at least get that out there
that I’m just as to give, give honor where honor is due. We really have balloon blessed a lot and we’ve
incorporated a lot of a pastor Henry Wright’s materials into our approach to deliverance. And, and the reason we do that is because
when we ministered deliverance for people, we pray through a list of strongholds and
there’s three columns of them. And you know, we started, we’ve got hottie
spirits, we’ve got deaf and dumb, and then we go fear and there’s heaviness, jealousy
and anger. And then in the third column is where the
infirmities are and we spend time ministry and healing and praying for healing and deliverance
in that. But, but what’s so interesting is that, you
know, the, the one, the spirits that opened doors, like the pride, the fear, we, we call
those out first before we get to infinity. And so that’s the point that like kind of
get you to visualize that it’s people we get these diagnoses, we get these labels put on
us, but there can be other spirits, other things in our life, things that have happened
to us that have opened the door for this sick upon us. And we’ll, we’ll, we’ll give you some specific
examples of that in a little bit here. I won’t try to, if it’s a little murky right
now, I understand. Try to clear it up. But the bottom line is this, that spirits
can open the door to other spirits including affirmative. So I think that’s the thing you want to, that
we want to understand now right out of the shoot here, just fill is talk about a couple
of. And there are others, but we just picked the
two things of the scripture where the Bible into gives us very explicitly, I’m a two scriptures
that show how, um, certain things in the soulless realm can open the door to physical problems
us once to give us those problems. 14 30 says a heart at peace gives life to
the body, but envy rots the bones. So when I have people that come in that have
got structural problems or have been diagnosed with bone problems, or you know, Osteo arthritis
or osteoporosis, whatever it is, inflammation in the joints, you know, typically you’ll
see something like bitterness or nb that is in there that’s associated with that. So when we pray for their healing, have we
call out any spirit of bitterness that would have brought in that. And then we play healing over those areas
as well. When we pray, we’re just hoping that even
as you hear this one scripture, that the light will go on because sometimes we want to focus
on medically and please, please don’t think we’re not doctors. We love medical people. God loves doctors and nurses. I mean, Luke was a physician, you know, book
of acts, but many things in the middle and the emotional realm are just, they’re not
physical things there. They’re spiritual things and so, but even
something like osteoporosis, which we people, when you look at I, well that’s a physical
problem. It’s not a mental promise and emotional physical
as it is, but the. If you understand the linkage between body,
soul and spirit, that there there’s a connection between them that in this scripture would
say that spirits of envy and bitterness, if they’re involved in entered into that person
that can open the door for that spirit of sickness and disease, that spirit behind osteoporosis
for that, for that bitterness, for that Brittleness of the bolts to start to. Absolutely, and that’s what we want you to
to hear. Start to hear out of this thing that there’s
things in our soulless realm. You know our mind where a memory and emotions
reside that can open the door to some of these sicknesses and diseases. What’s another one? Proverbs seven, 23. It says till an Arrow pierces his liver, like
a bird darting into a snare, little knowing it will cost him his life. If you look at that scripture in context,
as talked about an adulterer, a man who was involved in adultery, he’s with another woman. I’m other than his wife and the research that’s
been done in the resource of the things that we’ve seen and certainly out of pastor Henry’s
resources that many times that people who are dealing with the areas, liver, liver,
cancer, lot of these liver problems, if you like liver cancer, very specifically have
been involved in fornication, fornication, adultery, or or, or, or pornography. They’ve been involved in perversions many
times. Now you could look and say, well, there’s
other things. Can they be generational things? Potentially, but, but many times when there
are another open doors, this is one of the things that people have been involved in. That scripture says it right there. It says, you know, an Arrow pierces his liver,
like a bird darting into a snare so that it’s pretty clear and you know, scripture, his
life and its word and it’s got revelation for us. And that’s one of them in there and there’s
some others too, but we wanted to give you those too is just kind of a highlight in La
and basically what pastor Henry has done and what we’ve done here is assembled kind of
a library or libraries, the right word, but kind of a database of of sicknesses and diseases
and spiritual roots that we see behind those. He’s got his. He’s got those laid out in great detail in
this book that we talked about a more excellent way. Courage you. Do you have any interest in that to pick a
copy of that book up? We have it here. Of course we have an online database because
when people come in and they start telling us about their physical issues, then you,
you know, using osteoporosis as an example in some of these others, we can sit and say,
well what are the spiritual roots that are behind those? The, you know, they provide like markers for
us. They provide clues, you know, they’re just. This is just a history of many times what
we see people’s history and you know it’s very common and they manifest in these and
physical types of diseases, so that’s the. That’s the viewpoint that you should have
is as we go on here and there’s so many that we can’t even begin to cover them all now. We’re not even going to try. We’re just going to try to do kind of a high
level the fly by some very specific sicknesses and diseases, but before you even do that,
I want to talk a moment about some of that term. You’ll hear a lot in the medical world about
syndromes in disorders, right? The world. It’s the medical jargon and the medical dictionary
is full of syndromes and disorders. In fact, there’s new ones being created and
invented every day and the the CA. One of the common themes of syndromes or disorders
is the medical people tell you is that the ideology is unknown. I love using that word. I love using the word ideology and I like
it. I will, but I want to explain because it’s
a medical term and basically what it means is that the cause is unknown, so if you’re
diagnosed with a syndrome or disorder, the medical brains and the medical world does
not understand what’s causing them and and I want to submit to you to consider that many
times, yeah, many, many times. The reason they can’t figure out the causes
because the problem is spiritual. It’s not medical. It’s not hormonal, it’s not. Now I’m not saying the hormones can’t be out
of balance, but it’s like if you get the spirit’s gone and then the then the than the hormones
and you know sometimes these things are just symptoms. They can come back into balance, but they
can be spiritual spirits behind those. And that’s the thing that I want to kind of
have an implant here is that the notion that when you hear the word syndrome or a disorder,
think spiritual. Anytime there is a spiritual cause behind
this and that’s been our experience and we want to share some of these with you in the
room of syndromes and disorders, but also not just synonyms in disorder. Some of the physical things that people are
diagnosed with. Canon fact, um, you know, because if you look
at them, sometimes they are syndromes or disorders, but sometimes you’re there just diseases and
afflictions to. And now we use an example of, of breast cancer,
you know, so what’s one of the things we’ve, we’ve seen with people who have, uh, who have,
who have breast cancer is, and they’ve got some problems of bitterness
or complex with their mother and their sisters or their mother in law. So whatever that comes in and the family unit
like that, would, that kind of stress. It can, it can set off things in the body
that actually will result in. We’ve seen a lot of breast cancer with that. Yeah. That’s. And that’s just one example. And you know, there’s a, you know, does that
mean that there’s a spirit behind every cancer one though? There’s lots of reasons people are smoking
caused cancer, some environmental environment curse, there are, but, but the fact is a lot
of the things are spiritual and this is one element of it that this just something that
they’ve seen, that there’s because the breast is supposed to be in nurturing part of a body
and if a person’s not nurtured, if there’s conflict and bitterness with her mother’s
sisters, that that seems to be an open door many times for, for breast cancer, apart from
anything generational here, we’re not, we’re just honing in on this thing. And so that’s, that’s one example. And there are so many others, um, endometriosis, self rejection and self hatred to the body
is fighting against itself and it’s producing all this tissue. So it does have to do with that internal struggle
of self hatred that many times you’ve seen, this is the spiritual
roots that are behind that. And once again it comes back to the notion
that spirits can invite you and other spirits and, and, and, and it also shows that you
know, that there’s a linkage between the body and the soul. So there’s torment in the soul, you know,
this is bitterness and, and uh, or self rejection of hatred, whatever’s there that, that, that,
that the body will just Kinda, you know, will feel the effects of that as well. And in fact, there’s probably a good time
to mention this whole notion, this whole topic of autoimmune diseases. And it once again, the, the notion of autoimmune
diseases is the, is the basically where the body is destroying itself and it’s another
one where the medical brains don’t know why. Why do these diseases happened? Why is the body destroying and turning on
itself? And, and I want to submit to you from a spiritual
standpoint here, looking at the word of God, that it seemed very reasonable to me that,
that you have spirits in the soul that are trying to destroy the soul and the body. Many times we’ll just follow in behind that
what’s happening. These devils have a plan to kill, steal and
destroy their bringing district. They want to destroy the soul. They want to kill, steal and destroy. And so these spirits, whether they’re, whether
they’re in this case, you know, self rejection, self hatred, that, that, you know, the body
will follow in behind that and it will fall. And so, you know, trying to treat endometriosis
as an example may not be the most fruitful thing in the world unless or until you minister
and get free of spirits, of self rejection and self hatred, for example. See, that’s the point is if you’ve got these
torment in your soul, it’s like, let’s get rid of this first. Let’s get the peace of God. I mean, Jesus is, our sources are strength. He’s our healer. He’s our deliver. If we got these spirits there, let’s get them
gone so that the body, the healing can come alongside of it. So that’s one what? No, you’re mentioning you mentioning these
syndromes and disorders and fibromyalgia certainly is the big buzz word around these days. FIBROMYALGIA, chronic fatigue. And with fibromyalgia it’s. You know, it’s a fear based. You said a house divided cannot stand. So if you’ve got a spirit of fear or anxiety
that’s coming in, it’s going to have play havoc on your immune system because you know
you’re endocrinological system is going to respond to that. You’re, you’re going to start dumping like
a lot of you know, chemicals that you would need in reserve and your adrenals will become
fatigued and you’ll notice fibromyalgia will, you know, it’ll come up. But now the, the route to it is they’re actually
saying, I’m not just fear, but drivenness and perfectionism usually cause a woman. It’s usually in women was. Yeah, most of the time. And I think because we’re made differently,
our bodies are made differently. We’re not made like a man. Obviously you can look at us and see that. And so not to say that we’re weaker vessel,
but we’re, but we were not made to be left alone without a spiritual headship. And that is where I think the fibromyalgia
can get its root in there. Would that fear, you see a lot of women are
the spiritual head of the family and you, they’ve been put in places of having to be
maybe the provider or maybe there’s a single woman or you know, there is no husband in
the home and there’s that lack of spiritual covering and that is not the way God created
us. I mean we were created to be living in the
garden of Eden and you know, we’re very far from that. So you throw in the wave of independence that
swept across this nation with the women and the way they’ve taken dominance. And I’m a woman, hear me roar. I mean that was my generation, me and Helen
Reddy right back in the day. But that. But fibromyalgia could be an, an actual symptom
of that, of that fear because it’s an awkward place for a woman to be whether we think we’re
strong and we can roar and we weren’t made to be the head of. Weren’t made to be the head of the household,
paying the bills, doing all of that, you know? So there’s a lot of stress that would naturally
come on the body because of that, and it has resulted in things like fibromyalgia. Now close to that and related to that is another
disorder called chronic fatigue and that that is also a perfection disorder, but that comes
in a little bit more uniquely with not fear being alone, but a fear of not meeting the
parental expectation and it comes in almost always with a controlling parent or in they’re
in that guilt and fear failure. So these, these are both fear based, kind
of linked. They are kind of linked. One of them, you know, the chronic fatigue
is more. The adrenals will, excuse me, the FIBROMYALGIA
is more adrenal. The chronic fatigue is no. FIBROMYALGIA is, is more the muscle, connective
tissue, that sort of thing. But the chronic fatigue was more of the adrenals
and the dumping, but it all is with the fear. It’s all that fear. You know the, when you, when you, when you
are shocked or you were afraid of something and you’re under constant stress, your body
grow up in that environment. You grow up in it, then you then your body
comes out of balance because you’re not. You don’t know how to move in peace until
and you know, one of the scriptures that I liked the best is in is in first kings five
where it says Solomon, and he’s talking about how his father was a man of war and he could
not build the temple of God. Well, when I read that, he said he couldn’t
build it until the enemies were under his feet. Well, when you look at that scripture, really
in the spirit realm, we’re not building temples anymore. We’re restoring temples. Those are our temples were trying to end. You cannot restore a temple when you have
war on every side. You’ve got to get those spirits that we’re
talking about, fear and everything else under your feet and have peace and in that place
of peace, then you’ll have that divine order where your house is not divided and things
will come back into alignment, so a lot of these fear based sicknesses are really a lack
of peace and the lack of the right, right, proper balance of the position of where you
need to be in and while we’re on the topic of fear, I’ll
just add that a lot of the things that people deal with in the gastrointestinal intestinal
realm are fear based with Colitis, irritable bowel, bowel system, Gerd, gastro. A separate geo, I think reflects disorder
either. Once again, see the disorder word there. That means you know, it’s just, it’s, it’s
diagnosis a disorder, and so they know things that can trigger these things, but many times
they just don’t know what’s behind it and a lot of these are syndromes and your ibs
syndrome. These are fear based things and so somebody’s
trying to treat that and get medications for that. It’s like, well, if they’re a Christian, come
in and say, well, look at what’s, let’s get the fear out of your life. What’s. What’s been the open doors for fear? Go through deliverance first and then you
see the physical healing can follow. Well yeah, and I love doctors, but you know,
I worked with a doctor over in, in the clearwater area and she’ll send me her patients because
she’ll say they’ll come in, they’ll describe to me what they’re going through and then
I’ll label them. You have irritable bowel. Well that’s just the description. That’s exactly what they’ve told me. I’m not telling them what they don’t already
know. They know they have irritable bowel. Bob Coming in, my bowels are irritated. You know you have your well, okay, so now
we have a name for it, but what is the root of it? Nobody really knows so faithfully. She’ll send people to us to be delivered from
spirits of fear so that the medicine that she gives to alleviate the symptoms will help
while they get the actual treatment for the root cause, which is a better approach because
when you got fear, you know what, I’m anxious and sometimes people don’t feel anxious so
they’re not going to get anxiety medications, but a lot of times that will be the medical
cure where if you’re anxious you need an anxiety medication. But some people, the fear is so deep, it’s
internal, it’s buried so deep that it doesn’t necessarily manifest in them having panic
attacks. Right, right. It’s just just something that’s just so learn
to live with it, learn to live with it and cope with it. And that fear is there and it’s what’s opened
the door for that, um, that uh, these intestinal problems in might be the things that you’ve
talked about. So yeah, fear is a huge one. I would say it’s probably one of the largest,
biggest open door are spirits that brings in other spirits. We talked a little about self rejection, self
hatred, a lot of things like that, or another one. What’s another one? Is Arthritis to make one bitterness, bitterness
against others, because when we have bitterness towards ourself, it involves degeneration,
bitterness against others, involved, swelling and inflammation, and also sell. Patriot can influence an immune reaction as
well, so arthritis definitely we always call out that arthritis and we talked about that
before, that a heart at peace gives light to the body, but envy rots the bones well
under a stronghold of jealousy and envy is a spirit of bitterness, usually related, and
so bitterness will cause that arthritis route and once again the self, anything that’s so
focused to cause an autoimmune reaction because focuses on self and soul. Destroying the self is what the auto immune
disorders are. So we’re just giving you some kind of high
level examples here. There’s just so many of these. We couldn’t even begin to go through them
all, but we want to give you a flavor of these so hopefully Pique your interest. So to explore it further. Rheumatoid arthritis or what we found and
what we’ve seen in witnesses that, uh, the spiritual root behind art, rheumatoid arthritis
is self hatred. Arthritis can be bitterness towards others,
but the rheumatoid arthritis seems to be more of a focus on self hatred, so getting delivered
from that learning to accept and love oneself self and get rid of guilt and fear and move
forward ahead spiritually can help gain is insecure. The victory over that. And once again, if people, people are medications,
I understand all that, praise God for medications, but many of these things to get complete healing. Wouldn’t that be worth exploring? Arrowhead, arrowhead asthma, another one. Medical people do not know what’s behind asthma,
they and, and the understanding, it has nothing to do with what you breathe. In fact, it’s classified now as is classified
as an anxiety disorder. There’s the disorder word again. Fear will trigger it. It’s a fear, anxiety problems. So you know, people want to deal with and
especially for adults, asthma is a problem. It’s like let’s look at the spirit of fear. Alrighty. This, what we’ve done here in this first part
is in his God. Given you kind of an overview of um, spiritual
roots of sickness and disease, we want to conclude this session now and rabbit and then
get you set up for part two of this where we’re going to give you some examples, real
life examples of people that have come in with real life problems and physical things
that, where we’ve been able to help them and we think you’ll find that interesting. So, uh, we were going to do that and then
part two of this, but before we sign off, want to encourage you to go to a itunes and
look for our station. It’s deliverance ministry dot FM. Leave a review for us there. If you would go to our website and You can find the tab there on deliberate on
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here for something new. We’re going to be having. We’re going to be having kind of a. We haven’t got a name for it yet, but I’m
going to call it a ministry partners program where you will be able to become a monthly
partner. Hopefully they contributed to our ministry
to help us grow the ministry of deliverance worldwide and help get it out there and make
it available for more people because God’s really called us to do that and we really
need your help to do that. So we’ll have more on that to come. In the meantime, want to thank you for listening
to this podcast and the others. I hope you will listen to the others that
are on itunes a. stay tuned very shortly. We will have out part two of this series on
spiritual roots of sickness and disease. God bless you and thank you for this.

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  • What about Rheumatoid Arthritis with deformation of the body? Could it be spiritual as the body destroys itself. The White Blood Cells instead of protecting the body from sicknesses, turns on the body.

  • I firmly believe demons can cause illness. But I gave my life over to God, completely. I got delivered from 4 demons. But I still have ME = Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.(some call it Chronic fatigue syndrome). I teach, here on YouTube, to always be forgiving, loving even the unlovable, DO SPIRITUAL WARFARE, INCLUDING DELIVERANCE). But, to love God above all. Cigarette smoke caused my asthma. Are you saying I hate smokers? I know I don't. Help me understand. Mine is cough variant asthma. What kind of problem causes that? I have never been closer to GOD: FATHER, AND JESUS AND HOLY SPIRIT, than ever. If demons are making me worse, it is externally. I'm being cursed by a Voodoo practitioner, and probably witches because I financially help out a T.I. (look it up, so sad). I'm helping people get into heaven, so surely Satan is gunning for me. I was "healed" last year for about 6 weeks until that Voodoo person got involved again. Long story. I'm in the hospital right now from my A-fib and fast HR returning after 7 years. I had an ablation 7 years ago. Now, I recently gave more money to this T.I. and stopped "returning the curses, because my subscribers thought that was wrong. Several quoted scriptures "to bless those who curse you," and others. So I stopped doing that in my nighttime prayers. I was doing so much better, tho, not completely well. So give me your diagnosis. So many of us doing God's work are so sick. We need these answers. Thank you so very much. If you wouldn't mind, could you email me at [email protected] God bless you both!


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