8 thoughts on “VB Human Rights Commissioner writes that homosexuality is a “mental illness” “abomination”

  • He didn’t say nothing wrong, he’s 100% right, it’s disrespectful to my religion and against my religion to condone homosexuality, sodom and gommorah, god burned the whole town of gays and people who weren’t gay but condoned it, this is what I’ve been taught my whole life I’m not changing my views it’s against my religion and it’s sick, god is coming back, this is actually in the Bible, it says there will become a time where you see more gays then straight and that is a sign of the end

  • I'm glad he is on the board!! Finally someone who gets it!!!

    Hahah this what you get for thinking he is a stupid liberal like yourself cause he is black!! Gawd damn I love this man for fooling yall!! Hahahahahahahahah

  • He said nothing wrong. Freedom of speech! Tired of these SJWs getting people fired just because they don't like other opinions.

  • During the Vietnam war the mental illness of homosexuality allowed people to get out of the draft. The government pays for the American Psychiatric Association. 3 months before the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 was enacted the American Psychiatric Association voted that homosexuality was no longer a mental illness. This was done specifically so the government would not have to pay disability checks for that mental illness. The Americans with Disability Act specifically precludes homosexuality as a mental illness meaning that they get no coverage as having a disability as an actual mental disorder. It's the natural order of males and females as heterosexuals to procreate in order to ensure the species. It's unnatural and therefore a mental illness for same-sex persons to engage in sex. All religions are based around natural relationships of males and females. Even the Ten Commandments states that shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, simply because it was known that the natural order of relationships was between males and females. I refuse to be politically correct just because the government didn't want to go bankrupt by giving homosexuals with that mental illness disability checks.

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