Varicose Vein Treatment | Spider Vein Treatment Baltimore, Maryland

(soft music) – Hi, my name is Lisa
Alford, I am a physician at the Baltimore, Maryland Vein Clinic. Prior to joining Vein Clinics of America, I worked as a vascular
surgeon at Aesthetic Laser and Vein Center in Glenn Dale, Maryland. Having a background in vascular
surgery, and giving special attention to vein care,
which is mostly overlooked, the transition to slowly
focusing on vein care was a natural, effortless process. This fundamental aspect
of treating varicose veins as a disease spectrum drew me to Vein Clinics of America, in 2018. Physicians here treat the
disease as a whole condition, this approach allows me
to have a greater focus on my patients with Venous
disease, and address their needs in the most comprehensive manner possible. I also get to spend
more time with patients, developing meaningful
relationships with them. I am grateful that
currently, my profession is an exciting area of
practice and medicine, and that I have the opportunity
to work for a reputable and respected healthcare provider. Vein Clinics of America knows
how to treat a complex problem by applying advanced
medicine to correct it, as well as taking necessary,
preventative measures to ensure a specific issue
is completely addressed. This prevents a minor issue
from potentially becoming more complicated in the future. This approach of care
leads to better treatment, with effective and long-lasting results. This was the key driver in my decision in joining Vein Clinics of America. As physicians, providing our
patients with their desired results is something we
strive to do each day. We aim for the best possible
results through our protocol by following-up with patients
every step of their journey towards recovery, paying special
attention to each and every one of our patients is
something that is instilled in every physician. We are not in the business
of simply treating an obvious problem, as an underlying
problem may surface later. Our protocol helps us
identify any additional issues that may arise along the way in a patient’s recovery process. We thoroughly monitor
their treatment progress to immediately alleviate any discomfort, or address questions and
concerns in real time. Having ongoing conversations
every step of the way with our patients is very important to us. And, it is the hallmark of our care. We truly care how our patients are feeling the whole way through, and make
ourselves accessible to them during the entire process. Providing this level of
accessibility is something unique to our way of care. Overall, at VCA, our physicians
work with you as a team. Every member of our staff is
very involved in our patients’ care, and committed to providing a positive overall experience. All of the teams work together to provide comprehensive, complete care. I want you to know that when seeking care at Vein Clinics of America,
you will be receiving patient-centric, personalized,
comprehensive care, specifically for veins. (soft music)

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