Using SWAT Malaria Stencils

So you want to do malaria education in your
community. SWAT Malaria stencils are fun, fast, and easy
to use. First, review the SWAT Malaria stencil handbook
to see which stencils shapes you are interested in applying in your community. Got your favorite stencils? Good. Next, fill out a check out request form, and
submit it to SWAT. Please wait for approval before taking stencils
to be sure that they haven’t been reserved by someone else. Scope out the right spot for stencil application. If the wall is dirty or has old posters, make
sure to clean the surface so that paint will last. Look at that clean wall! Now choose the right spot, and make sure that
stencils are placed parallel to the ground. And right side up. Now you’re ready to spray. Make sure that you’ve got the right color. You can put away any stencils which you’ve
finished using. Make sure they’re rolled up correctly in their
proper protective paper, and securely fastened with a rubber band. All dry? Now you’re ready to apply the next part of
your stencil. Repeat proper storage to protect the stencils
so they are ready to be used by the person after you. If you’re overlapping stencils, make sure
that you give them 1 to 2 minutes to dry, so that the paint underneath won’t be damaged. You have done well! What a wow! Return properly stowed stencils to their proper
office for others to enjoy.

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