3 thoughts on “U.S. Cancer Statistics – The Official Federal Cancer Statistics

  • Excellent!! This is INVALUABLE information! 👍 I’ll do my best in my videos to promote and reference these resources and tools you’ve made so readily available to the public! THANK YOU!! ♥️❗️

  • I've found out that many of the beaches in Florida, Mississippi, Texas, and Alabama are closed because of the presence of flesh-eating bacteria. Flesh-eating bacteria is in poop. I've found out that Americans think that it's funny to poop in the water that they and other people are swimming in. They also swim with their pets and put raw sewage in the water. Now a tsunami, a tidal wave, storm surge or any big wave can wash all of that down to Jamaica where I am. What are doing about ensuring that those beaches are cleaned up? That's a matter of urgent global concern. Flesh-eating disease, I'm sure you are aware, is much worse than AIDS. So we need this to dealt with urgently and immediate effect. This is the first time that I've heard public beaches being closed down for the same reason, and a very life-threatening reason at that. You also need to teach the Americans what a restroom is and how you use it.

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