TV Show Hosts Who Treat Their Staff Like Garbage

TV hosts might put a lot of sweat and tears
into their shows, but rumor has it they sometimes forget to appreciate the hard working people
behind the scenes. Of course, fame could easily go to anyone’s
head, but these horrific stories prove that some television hosts really cross the line. Dr. Phil Dr. Phillip McGraw has long been rumored to
be a fraud and a tyrant. His staff has gone on record to say that he
not only terrorizes them but the guests as well. A source told Perez Hilton, “You can feel
the fear on the set. There seems to be a reason he hires a nearly
all female staff…he seeks out the vulnerable type of person that’s reliant on their paycheck
from him so they don’t fight back.” But former segment director Leah Rothman recently
filed a lawsuit against Dr. Phil and CBS claiming “False imprisonment, whistleblower retaliation,
wrongful termination and intentional infliction of emotional distress.” According to The Daily Beast, Rothman was
called into work on her day off and escorted into a small room with 300 other employees
and security. They were then all locked inside while Dr.
Phil threatened the crew into giving up the rat who allegedly leaked information about
an exclusive interview with Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon. This wasn’t the first lawsuit Dr. Phil had
been confronted with, and it sounds like it won’t be the last. Tyra Banks We’ve all seen Tyra Banks act like a bit of
a diva, but it seems the talk show host is much worse off-camera. After The Tyra Banks Show wrapped for good,
past crew members on the show started speaking out. A source revealed to the New York Daily Mail,
“There had been a high turnover of employees for years…She and the higher-ups on the
production staff could be extremely brutal.” Reports surfaced while The Tyra Banks Show
was still airing that Banks held a holiday party for her employees at a dive bar in New
York City, without any food: fights broke out, people got sick on the dance floor, and
one woman was even sent to the hospital. A source revealed Banks showed up to the party
late, and “Told staffers, who relocated from LA to New York for her, ‘I want to thank you
guys for working so hard. I have a special guest, here’s Santa!'” The source then explained the staff rushed
over to a man dressed as Santa expecting to receive a holiday bonus. They were instead gifted burgers from McDonald’s. Chelsea Handler Best known for Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler
can now be found all over Netflix. But she didn’t inform her co-stars she’d be
leaving her late show — and comedian regular Heather McDonald is no longer keeping quiet
about it. During an interview on Theo Von & Matthew
Cole Weiss’ podcast, Allegedly, McDonald spoke about her time on the show saying, “I lived
in fear, 100 percent lived in fear. I enjoyed my time there, I was happy, but
something could happen and my heart would be beating and I’d be like ‘is this it?'” McDonald described how Handler treats the
relationships in her life saying, “She makes you feel so special until you’re not.” Lisa Sundstedt, a former writer for Chelsea
Lately, backed up McDonald’s statements in an exclusive with Radar Online. Sundstedt called Handler her best friend when
she first started working for the show. But when Sundstedt left, things changed. She said, “I left the show to go do another
job and [Chelsea] got very busy and she got famous…Her show…blew up and she just didn’t
respond to any of my emails anymore.” Wendy Williams The Wendy Williams Show, is known for odd
rules behind the scenes, as reported by the New York Daily News. For example, no one on her staff can be taller
than Williams. Prettier, yes. Taller than William’s 6 feet, no. This rule also pertains to guests on the show. An insider explained, “One woman who was on
once was never invited back, because the woman was actually taller than Wendy…Wendy needs
to be the tallest lady on set at all times.” The insider also revealed Williams’ crew is
nearly entirely made up of men as the host can get, quote, “weird” around other ladies. Williams also seems to have a bit of a jealousy
streak — the moment she finds out an expert has done an appearance elsewhere, these guests
are never invited back. One of these experts told the New York Daily
News about her experience, saying, “I had been a regular guest on Wendy for over a year,
but when I started doing other shows they stopped inviting me back. It is not like Wendy pays me or has some sort
of exclusive contract with me. And she isn’t GMA or Today. Now she is left with all the not-tall experts
that the big shows don’t want.” Paula Deen Many were shocked when Paula Deen was accused
of using racial slurs on set of her show, Paula’s Home Cooking. But it soon became public the TV host had
a long history with racism. Aside from playing host on TV, Deen also owned
a restaurant in Savannah and the reports coming from some of her staff members are beyond
shocking. A former general manager of the restaurant
filed an official lawsuit in 2012 with claims that African American employees were only
allowed to use the back entrance to the restaurant, and were required to use the bathroom in the
back as well, separate from white employees and customers. Additionally, African American employees weren’t
allowed to go to the front of the restaurant for any reason, and were paid less than white
employees. Since Deen has admitted to using the racial
slur, many of her employees have come forward with their own experiences with the host,
and they are all far from pleasant. Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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100 thoughts on “TV Show Hosts Who Treat Their Staff Like Garbage

  • Why was anyone surprised about Paula Deen? She is an old southern white woman.
    Did anyone in America actually think she didn’t use the “N” word? Seriously?
    Really? No? Get the 🤬 out of town! Hello? What up and smell the the grits!

  • I don't even know over half these broads..who the hell are they!!? I'd smack em all if they were nasty to me

  • Apart from that 'Dr' Phil person, I haven't heard of any of these people before. The only reason I've heard of Dr Phil is because Judge Sheindlin tells people sometimes: "this is NOT Dr Phil!!! "

  • These people don’t get to the top being a good person. They’re cut throat and unscrupulous and above all, deceptive. They con their viewers by acting so fun funny and perky and sympathetic but their true self rears itself once the cameras stop rolling!

  • I have been to Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah. That information about black employees not being allowed up front is not true.

  • Phil had every right to be upset and want to find out who leaked info about an upcoming show….they sign disclosure agreements. I'd have brought all my damn employees in, too! And whoever did the leaking, the show has every right to bring charges upon you….if all that happened was losing your job, you should feel very lucky.

  • Okay, as a Chicagoan born and raised, I knew IMMEDIATELY when you showed a clip of The Green Mill on Wilson and Broadway IN CHICAGO that that was NOT New York. I like your videos but this was an epic fail. PLEASE do your research. This is TOO big of a platform to make mistakes such as these. Carry on…

  • I def. believe that Chelsea could be a tough boss and demanded perfection, but I don't know if I believe Heather 100% – she seems like a bit of fame-chaser/shit disturber. Plus, it's well-known that Chelsea took the staff on vacations, flew them in private jets for stuff, hosted and invited them to parties/holiday events, and I believe she had them open for some of her comedy gigs (which is a big platform for them to be given). Plus, Heather took advantage of it all. And I hardly think that an ex-friend/ex-employee that Chelsea lost touch with because she got busy with her career is really proof of much? She might have expected a lot of them in the workplace, but in my opinion, she balanced the hard work with a lot of good treatment

  • None of them surprise me in how they are. On camera they have a huge mask on and are totally fake. When they are off camera they show their real self. How they treat there employees is how they treat everyone who comes in contact with them that are not rich and famous. The normal everyday people who buy there books and get tickets to there shows. They are all stuck up rude, nasty, arrogant, and not worth anything.


  • Lmao Wendy had giants on her show and said she liked it because she finally felt small. Also of course all these tv host are going to be asses. They are stressed to the max and are running a big company. If they were cool with their employees then they would start to slack and get lazy. Employees
    Who are friends with their bosses tend to get sloppy with their work.

  • I can't believe the black employees would even work for Deen under those conditions! She should be ashamed of herself and should've been turned over to work ethics.

    Wendy Williams is actually a female? For real? like…for real ,for real?

  • I believed all but Paula deen. This jump on the band wagon racism shit, is just that. For real, I don’t know a self respecting black person who would put up with that type of crap! It has nothing to do with keeping s job. Ppl who know what they’re doing in food service, will always have a job. Guess you should have mentioned Wendy Williams like of the words, “white bitch.” And what would you expect from a hoe, who tried to say that Tupac, had gay sex in jail.

  • 🔍🔍🔍🔍🔍🔍🔍🔍🔍
    I can't stand Dr Phil…
    Never like anybody that's
    Tells stop bulling..yet a big one himself!!!.
    He has a vocabulary of words to look and sound important … don't a million of other people in this world.

  • Names shall not be shared but I know one POS host on this vid who has routinely drank coffee that an abused staffer chronically adds a bit of piss to.

    Be nice to others folks.

  • Think about the time in which this general manager is claiming these things occurred.
    Now ask yourself, given that time period, who is going to remain at ANY job if they are told and forced to only use a race specific bathroom?
    This did not supposedly occur in the 60's. This was a modern day time frame we are talking about here.
    How many white and black people reading this would accept showing up at work tomorrow just to be told whitey pees here and blackie pees there?
    Sorry I worded it in such a ridiculous manner, but that is what this general managers claims are… ridiculous.

    Look, sometimes things are simply lies.
    And NO ONE I know would tolerate nor remain silent about such a thing, as this entire restaurant managed to be.
    Never said anything until someone else gave them an easy money making idea.

    And obviously all of this is merely opinion. I just genuinely do not believe this manager's claims in any way what so ever.
    I lived in the bible belt.
    Been ALL over Grundy County. Famous only because of one country song.
    Also referred to as a "Sundown Town". Pure evil.
    A county which to this day has a sign on their border which reads literally "N, don't let the sun set on your ass in this town".

    I seen real racism the likes of which I hope is never seen again on this planet.
    She is not racist in the common thought of sense. NOT AT ALL.
    She has never hung a child's dog from a tree just to force a family to move.
    She has never shown up at a funeral for a child trying to prevent the child from being buried because of skin pigment.
    And not once has she spit on the grandmother of a dead child.
    What I have witnessed during my time working in that human excrement of a county would cause suicides. Trust me, I know the taste of a gun barrel as a direct result of that disgusting place.

    And mommy dearest was a queen of racist scum. I was 13. I had to go to school and tell my best friend I was not allowed to talk to her anymore because my mom said her "skin was gross".
    The look on her face haunts me every day.
    I KNOW racism.

    "Racism" is almost dying out the country over.
    What we have for the most part, are ignorant people illogically hating other people.
    A collection of egotistical psychopaths hell bent on hating no matter the lack of logic or reason for it.
    Discard-able trash if you break it down.
    They hate skin pigment. How stupid and useless of a reason is that?

    I hate people who harm children. I could care less if their skin has pigment or not.
    But at least there is a logical reason for the hate.

    End of dissertation. Did not intend the length be so long. Apologies.

  • None of these people will ever be able to justify being pieces of shit. Really in the grand sceme of things, Hollywood is full of weak minded 3 year olds who could never survive in the real world. Your job is a professional pretender. Thats actually not an important job at all. Thats why fame can be fleeting. That shit is superficial and in the end, rarely has meaning.

  • Anybody whos shocked by any celebrities bad behaviour are idiots because most people in entertainment are vain self absorbed arrogant and think they are the most important thing in the world. Obviously you get celebrities who are kind and humble and help loads of people but the majority are not nice people behind the scenes and the more famous tjey become the worse the behaviour also seems the younger the fame the bigger the ego and arrogance. Easily understandable when they never get told no for anything from to drugs and hookers to ridiculous pets eg Tyson with his tigers and Justin Bieber abandoning his monkey in Germany.

  • PHIL IS A BIG PILL….phony baloney…..sooooooo.tired of him..and a very bad fa e lift with tiny eyes

  • Serious question… Does anyone like Wendy Williams ❓.. I don't get the show at all, she seems sooo bitchy‼️

  • Wow!! And people mock christians for believing in God. God is going to take care of people like this. These people think they are hot stuff now but just wait until God judges them and they finally discover that they aren't so great after all 😊😊

  • The dive bar Tyra took her workers to is in Chicago, uptown area. The Green Mil has been there at Lawrence and Broadway since before she was born.

  • Poor Phil, we should feel sorry for him his nickname in highschool was Quickdraw McGraw…by the girls he attempted to date.

  • Has anyone realized that literally 3-4 months before this video aired that the EXACT SAME TITLE (CHANGE ‘GARBAGE’ for the word ‘TRASH’) was used???

    Not a diss on the videos as majority (not all though) of the hosts are different, but I’m honestly a little bit confused… like it’s the SAME channel🤔🤔🤔

  • Sued&turn salary&hours&wages of blks &white&make her &company pay all differences&hell blk folk leave BE BLK GIVE HER 2-3WEEKS NOTICE&POLITELY 🚶 OUT

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