Towson Chiropractor Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Blake Kalkstein
from Doctors Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic, your Towson area chiropractor. Today’s video we’re going to go over carpal
tunnel syndrome and ways we treated any. And we’ve got Marvin going to join us in here. So I’m going to tilt the camera down so we
can look at Marvin’s wrist. Marvin’s going to be, let’s see the other
wrist Marvin, here it goes, awesome okay. So when we’re dealing with carpal tunnel,
carpal tunnel syndrome is typically seen with the first three fingers, your thumb and your
first two fingers they tend to go a little numb. Let’s see if we can make this, there we go,
numb or tingly on those first three finger. So you’ll get the pattern will be across this
way. Your carpal tunnels actually this part of
your wrist right here where your head needs to rest is the carpal bones. The carpal bones are basically your wrist
bones, and there’s a little tunnel right here where your median nerve travels through and
it can become compressed or irritated due to degeneration overuse injuries. And so compression in your carpal tunnel gives
you carpal tunnel syndrome, which tends to be nothing or tingling or pain in the these
three fingers, when your first two fingers. What people don’t realize is that the median
nerve can become pinched in seven different locations along your neck down into your arm
that can cause symptoms where do you get numb, tingling and pain in these three fingers. So whenever anyone comes in to see us for
carpal tunnel pain I’ll check the carpal tunnel spot, also check two spots in the forearm
where the median nerve tends to get entrapped. So we’re having pain here. One of the tests that we do for carpal tunnel
is Tinel signs. So we’ll just cross that area. That reproduces pain that’s a positive Tinel
sign where you get some of that, you can get tingling or pain coming down your. What do a bracelet test where we squeeze the
wrist, Marvin make a fist for me, will squeeze again if there’s positive tests in there that
can tell us that we’ve got some degeneration or some arthritis going on in the wrist. And so will examine the rest, we’ll do Tinel,
we’ll do bracelets sign, will come in here and feel how the carpal bones are moving. And so this is how we adjust the wrist. I’m going to come in and feel which carpal
bones are moving and which aren’t moving. See if we can get it right here. And so I’ll come in, Marvin’s a little jammed
in his wrist. And I’ll come in and apply a little gentle
pressure. And actually do a little bit of Active Release
where I kind of stretch the ligaments across the back at an angle, excuse me back of that
wrist why we’re doing this, and then when I find the source but I’ll get him a, just
a general pop right here. And you’re not going to hear a big loud crack
like when you do it that far back but will get a movement here. Right there. So there’s a general wrist treatment. Now what I’ll do is I’ll come in and do some
Active Release on the backside of this tunnel here. So make a list for me Marvin, roll it up,
ya, I’ll come in here and open it up, go ahead and open it up for me, and open your
hand all the way up. And so right now I’m releasing the ligaments
over the top of that carpal tunnel. Back down again, go ahead and roll open. Good. And what I’m trying to do is just get the
ligaments and the, over the carpal tunnel any adhesions in there to relax and release
and open up so there’s more room for that median nerve to slide through. Good. Nothing but I’m going to check is up in your
forearm here. Median nerve can get entrapped within these
muscles in your forearm, the muscles that do this with your fingers, so anyways. We’re going to do that same thing, close your
hand here for me, and now he’s going to open up, and I check this part right here. Good, back down, and open up. Good, back down. So a lot of people think carpal tunnel, maybe
go to a little Physical Therapy it won’t work, it works about fifty percent of the time,
then you gotta go in surgery and they cut at the open that stuff up. 3 works like 30% of the time so if you’re
dealing with carpal tunnel, you haven’t been to a chiropractor that does Active Release
Technique, you gotta go because its super effective with breaking up those adhesions
and allowing the muscles and the ligaments to slide through and the nerve to slide through. You know if they’ve checked here and they
haven’t look here and they haven’t looked here and they haven’t looked at you know your
neck and those other six spots where your nerve can get entrapped, don’t go to surgery
right away unless there’s no other option, you can’t sleep, everything else is failing. So check here, we checked, here we check here,
find somebody who does Active Release, do Active Release on there, and then we could
do some prescribed exercises, something like a physical therapist would do to strengthen
the muscles in your arm. And so if you have any questions about carpal
tunnel, come into this video and will see everybody on Friday. We’re going to have a special video, Doctor
Jeff’s going to do the sinus release on me. Looking forward to it, I love that release. So you’ll get to meet Doctor Jeff, or Doctor
Jeff if you haven’t met him before, and you’ll get to see the sinus treatment we do for sinus
headaches. Thanks for watching we’ll see everybody Friday. Bye.

22 thoughts on “Towson Chiropractor Carpal Tunnel Treatment

  • My left hand index finger is sometimes numb and when i straighten my left arm i get a pulling feeling/ a little pain from the top of my forearm to the elbow area. I've told my doctor who said i have CT and only prescribed me a wrist brace to wear. I was wondering if there was more i could do as its been a few months and i haven't fully recovered yet. Thank you very much for your time.

  • Really gréât vidéo. I Broke my wrist and After the operation i continue to have some pain. I think you have the solution

  • I've been studying exercises to lessen carpal tunnel syndrome pain and discovered a great resource at Dariks Pain Destroyer (google it if you are interested)

  • Ive gone to a chiropractor that does ART and graston and my thumb, pointer, and middle finger still have numbness and pain in the base of my palm. When i put any type of pressure on my palm such as a push up, bench press….it shoots pain through my palm starting at the base and into my pointer finer. Its keeping me up at night and there isn't any position that i can sleep in without it going numb somehow. Ive had my neck x-rayed and there is no sign of a pinched nerve or any type of degeneration or disc injury and i have also had my wrist x-rayed and there is no fracture/break. Getting desperate here….its keeping me from getting good rest and my training. Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Hi, I've been having some pain on the pinky side of my right arm. It hurts right where the hand and wrist meet. Is this carpal tunnel? I lift 3 times a week and I believe I hurt it doing straight bar bicep curls/chins ups. Are there any exercises I can do to strengthen and heal it?

  • when i play drums my hand goes to sleep, also have soreness on top of my hand above the carpal area and where the nerve comes thru the wrist,

  • Hi,

    Could you please confirm if there is any other treatment without chariopracito as I am in India and I do not see any chariopracito here. I feel numbness in my hand once in a week. May be I can do something on my own or with help of my family member.


  • My Boyfriend had the surgery 7 weeks ago , he is still having the pain, the therapist is having him do neck exercises when is doing absolutely nothing for his pain, he has been doing this over a week. Heat gives a small relief of pain

  • You said the tingling and numbness happens in your thumb, pointer and middle finger, but I have the tingling from my elbow to my ring and pinky finger. Could this be CTS or something else?

  • I have a bone that popped out of place rite below my wrist about 2” from my pointing finger knuckle . It happened when I was punching the punching bag 😒 it hurts like crazy at times . My have to get it checked out

  • hi Doctor, my wrist is not bending inside…once i had fallen down and my weight on my wrist while falling … little pain if i force to band it inside. how to solve it.

  • Simple touch to exercise and it's really great to be blessed to do and well Feeling… worth it…
    Thank you…

  • I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel and my Dr wants to do surgery. Your video gave me reassured me that surgery isn’t the solution. Currently going to physical therapy, which has helped me gain more strength in my hand.

  • Just had Thanksgiving and my daughter in law had surgery on corporal tunnel syndrome on Wed. day before and I just found out she died a few hours ago leaving an autistic young son and husband.  She had no heart problems, no reason to die, but she did.  I pleaded with my son to please have her seek a Chiropractor for help first.  They poof poofed me.  She was only mid 40's.  NO ONE should go under a knife, without seeking all other means.  My heart is broken, we had such hopes for the future!

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