Tips on How to Transport Your Horse and Prevent Shipping Fever

You and your horse may have to travel and
this has a huge impact on your horses body. Not only is a ride in the trailer very stressful,
it’s tiring as well. In fact, one hour of transport uses the same
amount of energy as one hour of walking. So, upon arrival your horse may be tired and
dehydrated. Far from ideal, because dehydration can lead
to obstructive colic. While fatigue not only impacts performance
but also makes your horse more susceptible to infections, like shipping fever. It’s a bacterial infection of the lungs. Horses often catch it during transport because
they can’t put their head down to cough up the bacteria, but you can prevent fatigue
and dehydration in three simple steps. First, keep your horse hydrated by offering
plenty of water with electrolytes. Mind, water can have a different taste depending
on your location or the container you use. Adding a flavor, like apple juice might do
the trick. Ideally, start adding flavor a couple of days
before the trip. Second, combat fatigue by feeding your horse
moist hay or haylage. this promotes a healthy intestinal function, improves water intake
and boost its energy levels. And does your horse refuse to eat? A tasty mash might stimulate its appetite. And third, to avoid shipping fever, fasten
your horse with a long rope and give hay and water from ground level. This encourages your horse to lower its head
and cough up bacteria. So, adapt your style of traveling and follow
these three simple steps for a healthy and happy horse. Need advice? Contact your nutritional partner: Cavalor.

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