Tinder Fever @40 – to Swipe or not to Swipe (Indian Tadka)

Oh.. bro.. come in.. Can I borrow a small bowl of sugar? Why not? Please do come in. I will return it in the evening. It is not required. Please come in. Please lend me. Small bowl.. What’s happening? What are you busy with? What has happened to him? Nothing.. He is busy with Tinder. Submitted a tender early in the morning? Wow!! NO, not tender. Tinder. Tinder? What is that? Come here. I will let you know.. If you like the girl, swipe right.
If not, swipe left. Watch this. Pretty? Right. Hmmm… right. Not good? Left.. That’s it. Simple. This left right left right parade…
what does it do? What does it do? tell me Match then Go on a date, chat. Meet… Really? Does a girl really come to meet you? No, I’m passing my time here.
Come on, brother. Oh, it is not so. I was just..
I was just asking. Okay, let’s assume.. let’s assume the girl came to meet. Really arrived. Then?
Then what will happen? Then what ? it is all up to your talent.
How far you can go. This sounds cool. Sounds cool?
Download it then. No.. What if someone finds it out? That won’t happen. You know, there’s a girl in my office. All day long, she keeps swiping right left right left. Now I understand what she is busy with. No.. If she finds me out on this,
it will not reflect well on me. What can be better than this? She will also find out that
you too are looking for a date. You’re right, absolutely right.
I did not think of this. You know when she wears small skirts.. looks so beautiful. If she and I can get.. that on this.. What ? What is it?
what happens on this? Match.. Match.. MATCH.
If we match, it will be cool. If a male acquaintance finds me? Which male would be looking
for men on Tinder? Gay!! Right. Brother.. You don’t have anything with boys,
do you? Un un un? What un un un? You make fun of me because
you lend me some sugar? Do I look like that? Don’t mind.
I was just asking for security reason. security reason ? Huh. Okay, listen, what if there is… Let it go, brother. You cannot do it. Brother, it requires guts. You can’t do it. I did it.. I did it.. I downloaded it. It shows you girls, and me aunties. What did you put your age in your profile? 40. Now you are in uncle’s age
so obviously it will show you aunties. By the way,
were you thinking of dating girls in early 20’s? No, I… I… I. You are lying.. you are lying..
you’re laughing a naughty liar. No.. I was just asking. Just…
He gets those and I get these. You are 40, so these are for you.
Think of what a 60 year old would get? Nothing. He will get a message from Tinder “your age is to look for Spirituality
and You’re looking for girl” “Go away, old man, shush.” Listen. Change your age setting.
You’ll get 20-22 year olds. Really? These are all children. For you. Brother, take a decision first,
you want girls or aunties? age range 40 is good for me. Ufff… oh ho… What happened now? I accidentally disliked her.
She was good. Listen, let’s say I found a match.
What will I say? Tell me, how do I look? Handsome? Smart? Younger than you? I did not get a single match till date. And you expect to get it on the first day? Great.. Really? You did not get a single one? It’s not like that.
There were a few but not worth me. May be I accidentally right swapped them. You mean they were not beautiful. Yes.. something like that.. Beauty of the body means nothing. Look for a beautiful heart. Brother, today is your turn to take a lecture. I found a match. I found a match. Come..come..come..
I found a match. I found a match. She says hi.. What do I do now? Tell me, tell me. Send a reply. Say ‘Hi’. Wait.. Let’s look for more.
Hopefully we will get a better one. This is F**** disappointing, man. What happened? Brother, what happened? What happened? Sister-in-law. She is looking for a match on Tinder. Oh.. hi, if you want to find
his wife on Tinder, then Like Comment Share Subscribe this video. what? Sugar. not enough. Just return it by evening.

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