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>>NARRATOR: As the criminal investigation was getting underway, the scientific investigation into the Legionnaires’ outbreak was also getting organized.>>We started meeting with the state regularly. And when we first started meeting with them, they were very collegial, and it was pretty much, “We will open the keys to anything if it can help understand this.”>>NARRATOR: Shawn McElmurry had pulled together a team of 23 scientists and experts from around the state.>>We were all focused on making sure that we didn’t have another outbreak, another season outbreak. And so there was a lot of pressure to get this done by the time summer started.>>NARRATOR: But as the months went by, the team says the state wouldn’t authorize them to start the search for the source of the outbreak. Dr. Zervos was the infectious-disease expert, and he was worried about the delay.>>It was critical to start right away, because by June, we expected to see more cases of Legionnaires’ disease, and there would be more deaths, which is what we expressed in a meeting that included top leadership at MDHHS.>>NARRATOR: The scientists say they met with Nick Lyon to urge him to step up surveillance for Legionnaires’ cases.>>I remember my colleague telling him that if he didn’t do that, you know, people could die. Unfortunately, Nick Lyon’s response was that, “Well, they have to die of something.”>>I, I was, you know, I was flabbergasted, and I didn’t say anything right then. Although it was a situation where you’re just, I mean, you’re just in shock as a result of him saying that, of the director of the health department.>>NARRATOR: Nick Lyon declined to be interviewed. In a letter, his attorney said, “Director Lyon did not make that crass remark.” He said the team’s work was one of Lyon’s top priorities and blamed any delays on the scientists.

24 thoughts on ““They’ll Have to Die of Something” | Flint’s Deadly Water | FRONTLINE

  • Just looking at that dolt, you can tell, that Yes, he DID say that. Oh yes, he did. He needs to go back to being a pimp.

  • Can't say that I'm surprised anymore, we let them get away with torture which merely encouraged Republicans to push things as far as concentration camps now. New Orleans, Puerto Rico, Republicans happily watch Americans die, disaster relief is a political issue for them and the Defense budget is a new piggy bank now that they've pushed our debt beyond our annual GDP.

  • I believe the scientists! And I believe that human life , in this administration, has no value. Only money. We are at critical times here in the United States.

  • No he didn't!
    Just a visual of the water in the Flint river, would had one questioning the Governor's approval to switch the City's source in the first place.

  • Ya know, it occurred to me: Nick Lyon will have to get thirsty sometime. He'll have to drink something. I wonder if we've got any of that Flint water handy?

  • you know we're going to sit here and watch this and we're going to sit and watch all the crooks get away with what they got away with so what's the point in doing the documentary if no one is sitting in jail it makes me mad when you tell everyone what happened and who did it and yes they all sit and walk free well people War pain for filthy water that could kill them? really

  • Wow. And so will he. But we all know that he will not be going anywhere good. Evil will be taken care of. Over and over again. I have faith he will be punished.

  • it's entirely clear that state officials in Michigan acted with callous and reckless disregard for the health, safety and lives of the residents of Flint. As usual, Frontline reporting is superb. What is entirely inexplicable is why a New democratic administration, and attorney general, in Michigan would halt the criminal investigation? One already on its way to trial, stopped, dead in its tracks. Yet again denying any modicum of justice for citizens of Flint. In the full documentary the democratic attorney general provides not one shred of rationale for her decision. The citizens of Michigan and the citizens of Flint have been duped in electing this woman. She should be recalled. She is as useless as the previous Republican officials. And that's saying something. Of the entire mob of unfit public officials paraded through this documentary, each one was more diabolical than the previous. Only special prosecutor Flood appeared to be working for the people, and for justice. Of course he was removed. If one didn't know this was a documentary, you'd think it was fiction. How does this occur in America at this time? Michigan citizens take back your government. None of these fools, either republican or democrat, are serving your interests.

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