The Symptoms and Treatments of Trigger Finger

My name is Chris Miskovsky, I’m an orthopedic surgeon at Texas Orthopedic Associates. I specialize in hand, wrist and elbow surgery. Trigger Finger is a tendon problem which is often found in conjunction with carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis of the wrist and hand. The theory behind trigger fingers is that
the tendons that are pulling your finders down will have a small nodule on them that will grow and become too large. And because they grow they cant fit in the
tunnel that allows them to stay up against the bone and so the tendon will go into the tunnel and then get stuck and then the patient will pop when the come back out, when they try to open their hand. Occasionally I’ll have patients come in and say I can’t open my finger and they will have to take their other hand and pull it out and
they will feel a popping sensation. We call that a trigger finger. Trigger fingers can often be treated with
non-operative treatment such as injections. We will often perform one and perhaps two injections of a cortisone medication into the palm, in this area which then allows the tendon to shrink down somewhat, which then allows it to go back and forth in the tunnel
without getting caught. Occasionally when that is unsuccessful in treating it we will go to operative treatment for trigger fingers. And the operative treatment is simply a small incision in the palm and we go down and we open up the tunnel through which the tendon runs and that allows the tendon to go back and forth without getting caught. The important message for people who have trigger finger, I have several patients who say I have been putting up with this for a
year or two years I just didn’t know anything could be done, the important message is there is always a next step. So, for instance if we do an injection and
the injection does not succeed in making the trigger finger go away then we can do a second injection or we can go to surgery. So, I don’t want people to think that they
have to live with this. And a lot of times I will tell patients, listen,
go home and tell your friends that if they have pain in their hands to come see somebody. They don’t have to see me, they don’t have to see somebody else, they just have to see somebody. There is often something we can do for that and they can live their life normally afterwards. And so the fear of coming to see a doctor
is often misplaced and in fact when you come there is often a simple answer to your problem and you can go on with your life normally. Hi, Chris Miskovsky, hand surgeon, Texas Orthopedic Associates. Thank You for watching this video and I hope found it informational. If you would like to watch further videos
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