The Katoa Twins & Their Rheumatic Fever Story

My name is Justin, and this is my twin brother Tristan Tristan: Last year, I almost died (siren) I had open heart surgery Justin: They said he had rheumatic fever, it happened so fast Earlier that Sunday, we were at church Tristan: And I started feeling really sick I felt sick the night before, but I thought I could sleep it off Justin: I thought you were just being soft, because of rugby that morning (laughs) Ow! Tristan: I thought I played really good, even though I had rheumatic fever! Justin: If we got it checked earlier, he wouldn’t have this Tristan: And it started with a sore throat Voice over: Sore throats can lead to rheumatic fever and heart damage If your child has a sore throat call Healthline on 0800 611 116 for advice

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