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  • Thank you for showcasing Genesis Codina! I am so proud of my daughter for making the decision to share her cancer story. It has taken her seven years to do so publicly. Cancer has definitely changed her and the direction of her life in many ways. Cancer has stolen many dreams that she had prior to her diagnosis but it has also taught her to be strong and to value life by living it to the fullest. Since the age of seven years old, she has been a singer and an actress but after the vocal cord paralysis, everything came to a stop. It has taken radiation, treatments, speech therapy, much patience and daily prayer for Genesis to be where she is now. She recently graduated University of California, Santa Barbara and had the honor of singing the National Anthem and Alma Mater during her commencement. This is something that has given Genesis the necessary hope and encouragement to perhaps pursue music and acting once again. Check out Genesis on YouTube (genesisofficialmusic). Here I leave this video post her second surgery at the age of 17, still with vocal cord paralysis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO5kdDMBLfc Thank you to everyone for your beautiful comments to these amazing girls.

  • Fellow cancer survivor here.
    Stay strong my fellow peeps, whatever type you have please don't let it do you in.
    Stay strong.👍❤😊

  • August 2016 when I was 13,I found out I had stage 4 cancer hogkiens lymphoma took me a year to recover and after that I got back on track to pursue my dream of becoming a pro footballer,it will be hard because of the set backs, but to all cancer survivors just so you know, we will pull this off.

  • I survived leukemia when i was just a baby. I can't remember anything besidea the later check ups and the doctors and i feel like a fraud sometimes cause I obviously went through chemo and everything but i don't have "the experience" which of course is good too i guess. I don't know. It's kind of weird for me.

  • I cannot even imagine. Poor girl. I’m a singer myself, and I have no idea what I would do if I couldn’t sing anymore.

  • I had the same cancer as athlete girl. I had osteosarcoma of the left proximal tibia at the age of 12, it then metastasized to my left lung when I was 15 (I’m now in my 40’s). I did limb salvage surgery which at the time was experimental and my scar now is outrageous.

    I’m wonder if anyone else feels like they are not survivors of cancer but actually survivors of the medical field and feel like they actually ruin lives and are not there to cure or help anyone? I have learned that all the things I went through as a kid I didn’t need to go through if I changed my diet. The medical field will never promote that since your can’t patten alkaline natural foods. I’m not looking for any hateful comments, I just want to know if anyone out there feels similar. Thanks

  • i would love to find the second girl in the video! we have a similar story. i played volleyball and then was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. we definitely went through similar things.

  • I got no cancer but a mass at my neck lipoma but it affect me emotionally I became ananti social person because vof it afraid if some one will judge it getting smaller but its still there I told my self life too short so I got to live it to my best potential….you guy pray for me so itcan go away so I can embrace my self more since surgery aint an option for me…. family aint got cash nice see people been thru worst and still standing it motivate me ….

  • never ever ever take advantage of life, live each day to the fullest make yesterday jealous of today make today jealous of tomorrow. Smile, do what you love, do what makes you happy, text that someone first, get up, dance in your room to your favorite song, tell them you love them, give them a hug, off your phone and look at the world, laugh, love yourself, etc… you never know when your time is over.

  • Video i’ve been waiting for… for a long time. I was 15 when I was diagnosed with non Hodgkin’s lymphoma end of freshman year. I am 7 years cancer free and this hit home harder than any video i’ve ever seen. Round of applause for these girls being vulnerable and raw….

  • I’m 15 and I’ve survived stage three Wilms Tumor (a kind of kidney cancer) and had to get a kidney removed and was treated with chemo and radiation. This certainly hit home

  • It’s crazy how they didn’t freak out when they found out the had cancer. When I was told my Dad had cancer I cried like a baby! After 8 years of fighting, he lost when I just turned 14 and he just turned 68. He stopped smoking so his newly adopted twin girls could live a happy life with a happy and healthy Dad; life slaps ya in the face. Y’all are lucky to have survived, don’t take it for granted. ❤️ Also, can you guys do Tell A Stranger with two people who lost someone very close to cancer? I hope I can relate 🙂

  • I am so thankful for my health. This video gave me a clear view of what I am thankful for. These girls are amazing and so strong to get through all of this 🙏🏼

  • I relate to the second girl. Once I got better I was filled with extreme anxiety. I’m not ill but I’m scared still

  • childhood cancer is not rare. 1 in 255 kids under 18 will get cancer.
    for more information, i suggest you follow @veecrow on instagram who shares lots of information as her young daughter battles leukaemia.

  • Your not alone dont feel lonly. Call upon Jesus he loves you. You dont have to go through all this involve the Lord tell him all you troubles, suffering, pain, sadness and cast all you cares and burden to the lord. God understand us better than people and family. Give your life to Jesus.

  • Live your lifes for Jesus and serve hin with all your heart. Thanks my prayer for you be healed in Jesus name. Please watch on youtube Prophet Tb Joshua and visit Synagoge church of all nation in Nigeria for Prayers, healing, salvation, Deliverlance. Watch and see what God is doing. He is a God who heals us.

  • not me, but one of my classmates, and good friend got diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia at age 14. for the whole class its horrible, hes still in treatment, and he has to repeat 2 school years and.. its horrible.

  • cancer survivor of ovarian cancer at age 10 here. its a warming feeling to hear the experiences of others who had cancer at a young age, i never talk of it, most people i feel do not – more of a silent secret we all carry that had its piece in molding our character. i too never tell people, even when they see my scars, i think its because i never wanted it to be my identity, being known as the girl who had cancer. its difficult to tell a new person that bc cancer is such a HEAVY negative word, its hard to just let the words "I had cancer" roll out of your mouth nonchalantly, but its a warm feeling to hear the stories of others. I enjoy these. 9 years cancer free 🖤

  • I was diagnosed with undifferentiated sarcoma in my chest when I was 14. I was fortunate to be in the Atlanta area, so I was treated at CHOA and met lots of other teens who had gone through treatment or were going through treatment for lots of kinds of childhood cancers. And then in 2007 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer as a result of my radiation therapy for my initial cancer. After surgery and therapy, I’ve been cancer free ever since. I’m now a wife and mom of three.
    The one thing that resounds with me deeply is the deep rooted “fear” that cancer is always possible. But also, I’m so grateful for the experience and the relationships that I gained through my experience. I’m so grateful for life and the ability to live it fully. 💛So proud of these girls for speaking candidly.

  • don’t have cancer but I have a terminal health problem, all my life since I’ve been diagnosed I’ve always been the youngest in the hospital waiting rooms.
    You can’t really tell theirs “something” wrong with me but the moment who never finds out my health condition they act like I’m some kinda disgusting disease Which they must keep away from.
    Which constantly feel like the loneliest person in the world

  • cancer is a scary thing; obvious everyone knows about it and is aware of it but your view of it completely changes when you or someone you love goes through it. july 24, 2018 my nana was admitted into the hospital. she had been having seizures for 2 hours straight without anyone knowing. she was put into a medically induced coma and she wasn’t breathing on her own. she was given a 60% chance of coming out of the coma and we found out she had stage 4 kidney cancer. I really thought I had lost her, which was really hard for me considering she’s like my best friend. thankfully she pulled through and went through chemo but it didn’t work for her, she eventually tried a pill which could’ve killed her faster or saved her life, thankfully she’s now cancer free thanks to that miracle pill.

    sorry I felt the need to tell my experience with cancer. I’m so thankful to have her in my life. 💖

  • Watching this made me wish I had someone my age to talk to. I’ve been cancer free for almost 8 years now but I still have those days when I’m taken back to when I had it.

  • I never really knew how much I needed this video. Last year at 17, I was diagnosed with stage 3 non-hodgkins lymphoma and It really did kind of take over my life. I had 6 rounds of heavy chemotherapy that lasted each a week long, and to say I spent a lot of time in the hospital was an understatement cause even when I was "home" I still had the medications and the constant check ups from my parents not to mention still having to go back in for labs. But I completely understand the stress from having to go to school and trying to put everything behind you and still have the constant physical memory of the hairloss and the scars to the point where I was off the grid on social media for a while and even skipped my school pictures. Even now as I am more comfortable with myself I still will edit out my scars from pictures, and I know I always had my friends and family but it was always different talking to them because they can only understand so much, so hearing that others went through similar experiences is something I didn't know I really needed to hear.

  • A thyroid cancer survivor here too 💪😄. Was initially diagnosed back in my uni days, i juggle between classes and treatment. I remember finishing my mid term examination and went straight for my hemithyroidectomy surgery appointment with my surgeons. I went in for another surgery 2 weeks later and terribly bleed in the OT. My parathyroid just completely fail me and I need to take lifetime calcium supplements in addition to the levothyroxine. Also i wrote my master’s thesis during my RAI 131 session.

    Cancer is terrible, all the medications are terrible, but I’m grateful to live. Life is beautiful 💖

  • Love seeing people around my age sharing their story! So many points resonated. It's a weird time where you aren't quite pediatric but you are definitely the youngest of the adults. Congrats from another young survivor!

  • I just found out that I have 2 tumors in my ovaries a few weeks ago, and now doctors still figuring out what it is.. watching this made me feel less alone as I’m encountering this all by myself while studying abroad
    Thank you💖

  • Honestly, even though I never had cancer (and I hope to god that I never will), the thought of cancer hella scares me.

    The fact that cancer can impact someones mental and physical health in such a quick amount of time, and how it can basically happen to anyone even the healthiest people scares me.


  • Would you be willing to spread the word about an awesome foundation called the Dear Jack Foundation that is trying to raise $300k by 11/11/2019 that provides quality of life programs for adolescent and young adult cancer patients and survivors? This age group just like girls in this video is the most undeserved age group when it comes to support during and after cancer treatment and the Dear Jack Foundation is trying to alleviate the trauma that they go through and lets them know that they are not alone. The Dear Jack foundation is currently in the middle of their raise their voice campaign, please help get them to $300k by making a donation:

    For more information about the Dear Jack Foundation please go here https://www.dearjackfoundation.org/ to read about the wonderful things that the are doing for the adolescent and young adult cancer community.

  • I Am An 18 1/2 YEAR (AS OF TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY, JULY 17TH) TEENAGE CANCER SURVIVOR/WARRIOR/CONQUEROR!!!!! I Was Diagnosed With AML (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia) At The Age Of 15 Years Old On December 12th, 2000. I Was 1 Month Away From My Very Own Sweet 16 Birthday (January 13th, 2001) When I Got Diagnosed And I Was Given 3 WEEKS TO LIVE & A 5-15% CHANCE OF SURVIVAL!!!!! We Were Told That I Would Not Live Long Enough To See My Sweet 16 Birthday And That I Would Never See My Friends Or Family Again, That I Would Never Return To High School, That I Would Never Graduate From High School, That I Would Never Go To College Or Graduate From College, That I Would Never Move Out On My Own Or Have A Home Of My Own, Meet The Man Of My Dreams, Have My Dream Wedding Or Have A Family Of My Own And I Also Grew Up As A Singer, Dancer And Performer And Grew Up As A Total Broadway Baby And Grew Up Doing Musical Theater And We Were Told That I Would Never Return To The Stage And That I Would Never Ever Get To Sing, Dance Or Perform Ever Again). I Ended Up Doing 2 Incredibly Intense & Aggressive Rounds Of In-Patient Chemotherapy Treatment And Spent A Total Of 80 Days In The Hospital. The First Round Was 35 Days (Which Included Christmas, New Years & My Sweet 16 Birthday)!!!!! Fortunately, 4 Days After Turning Sweet 16 On January 17th, 2001 We Were Told That I Was IN FULL REMISSION And That I Was COMPLETELY & TOTALLY CANCER-FREE!!!!! It Was Honestly And Truly The Best & Greatest Birthday Gift I Could've Ever Been Given And That I Could've Ever Imagined, Wished For, Hoped For And Dreamed Of And Continues To Be Today!!!!! Anybody Who Asks Me What I Want For My Birthday I Just Tell Them That I Got The Only Gift And Present That I Wanted And That Anything Else Is Just An Added Bonus!!!!! I Also Tell Them That The Only Other Gift That They Can Give Me Is The Gift Of TIME!!!!! I Was Released From The Hospital And Was Sent Home To Recover And Recuperate For 3 WEEKS And Then On My Parents 17th Wedding Anniversary On February 5th, 2001 I Was Re-Admitted Into The Hospital To Begin My 2nd Round Of In-Patient Chemotherapy Treatment Which Ended Up Being Another 45 Days In The Hospital And I Was Released For The Final Time On March 21st, 2001!!!!! Things Took All Kinds Of Twists And Turns From There But I HAVE REMAINED CANCER-FREE & IN FULL REMISSION For 18 1/2 YEARS TOMORROW!!!!! I Was A Sophomore In High School When I Was Diagnosed And Though I Ended Up Being In 3 High Schools In 4 Years, Moving Across The Country 6 Months Into My Senior Year Of High School From Maryland/Washington, D.C. (Where I Was Born And Raised From Birth To The Age Of 18 Years Old) I Managed To Graduate On Time On May 12th, 2003, I Ended Up Going To College And Graduated From College On May 12th, 2010 With An Associates Degree In General Studies!!!!! I Met My Now Husband In March Of 2012 Here In Colorado Where We Currently Reside And We Were A Couple By July Of 2012 And We Got Engaged On September 30th, 2012!!!!! We Were Married On September 28th, 2013 And Will Celebrate Our 6 Year Wedding Anniversary On September 28th Of This Year!!!!! We Moved Into Our Very Own 3 Bedroom, 2 1/2 Bathroom Home On June 10th, 2016!!!!! We Also Got A Puppy Dog In February Of 2014 After Returning From Our Honeymoon In Walt Disney World In Orlando, FL And She Is A Precious, Cute, Adorable, Sweet, Snuggly, Cuddly, Warm, Soft, Perfect, Special, Unique Tri-Color Shetland Sheepdog Named PRINCESS!!!!! She Will Be 6 Years Old In November!!!!! My Husband Also Happens To Be An Incredible, Unbelievable, Amazing, Fantastic, Fabulous, Awesome, Great, Terrific, Superb, Spectacular, Phenomenal, Excellent, Extraordinary Swing Dancer And He Pushed Me To Start Dancing Again And I Started Tap Dancing At The Age Of 3 Years Old And We Have Now Been Tap Dancing And Performing Twice A Year With The Dance Institute For 6 Years Now!!!!! We Also Perform Swing And Tap Dance Routines Together At Charity Events Here Whenever We Are Given The Chance Or Opportunity!!!!! Unfortunately, My Husband & I Will Not Be Able To Have A Family Of Our Very Own Due To My Having To Undergo Almost A Full Hysterectomy In July Of 2018 Due To Having Massive Fibroid Tumors All Over And Also Having Severe Endometriosis Both Of Which Were Long Term Side Effects Of The Cancer And Intense & Aggressive Chemotherapy Treatment That I Had To Undergo As A Teenager!!!!! I Have Had Other Complications Such As Osteoporosis (No Longer An Issue), Scoliosis (Due To Being In A Hospital Bed For So Long) (Still An Issue That Causes Me To Have Severe Lower Back Pain), Minor Heart Issues (Currently Not Causing Issues), Being Severely Anemic (When I Go In For Full Blood Work Ups Every 6 Months It Can Take Me Up To A Full Week To Start To Feel Like Myself Again), Trisome 8 (Not Currently An Issue), Hypoglycemia (Still Very Much An Issue), Extreme Nausea At Night And Often During The Day As Well, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) And Severe Anxiety (Both Of Which Are Still Very Much An Issue Currently)!!!!! I Am So Incredibly Thankful, Grateful, Appreciative, Lucky, Honored, Privileged And Proud To Still Be Alive And Breathing And I Know What A True Gift Life Is And I Cherish And Treasure Each And Every Single Moment, Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month & Year I Am Given!!!!! I Am Also An Aunt Of 4 Great Kids (My Oldest Niece Will Be 18 Years Old On July 30th And Is Getting Ready To Go To College Starting In The Fall), My Next Youngest Niece Will Be Sweet 16 On October 23rd, My 3rd Youngest Niece Will Be 4 Years Old On December 20th, And My Only Nephew Will Be 10 Years Old On August 23rd!!!!! I Am A Motivational/Inspirational Speaker As Well As An Honored Patient Through St. Baldrick's Foundation And Speak On Their Behalf At All Of Their Big Fundraising Events Here In The State Of Colorado During The Months Of March & April Every Single Year!!!!! They Have Been With Me Literally Since Day 1 And Continue To Be With Me Today!!!!! I Spoke At 17 Different Events All Throughout The State Of Colorado This Year, I Did 14 Events Last Year And I Am Hoping To Do Even More Next Year!!!!! I Am Their Go-To Survivor Speaker Here In Colorado And I Absolutely Positively Love It!!!!! Thank You For Helping To Give All Of Us A Voice!!!!! Thank You For Giving Us This Platform And For Giving Us The Chance To Speak & Share Our Stories!!!!! I Know That If We All Come Together And Work As One United Team That We Can Put A Stop And An End To Childhood/Teen/Young Adult Cancer As Well As All Cancers In General!!!!! This Is My Commitment!!!!! I Know That If I Can Use My Voice To Be A Voice For Others Who Are Not Able To Be A Voice For Themselves Than My Fight & Battle Has Been Well Worth It!!!!! If I Can Help To Give Them A Voice As Well And Make Sure That Their Stories Also Get Told And If I Can Make A Difference, A Positive Impact And If I Can Inspire, Touch, Move, Motivate 1 Child/Teen/Young Adult, 1 Adult, 1 Family Member, 1 Friend To Take Action And To Do Their Part, If I Can Be That Light At The End Of A Very Dark Tunnel And Bring A Smile To 1 Face Or Be Able To Brighten 1 Person's Day Or Uplift Or Cheer Up 1 Person Or Give Them Hope That It Is Possible To Beat Cancer And Come Out The Other Side And If I Can Show Them That There Is Life After Cancer Than I Know That I Will Have Done My Job And Fulfilled My Purpose!!!!! I Know That My Fight, Battle And Journey Has Been More Than Well Worth It If I Know I Have Given Back To The People Who Helped Save My Life, And Who Continue To Keep Me Alive, Fighting, Battling, Surviving And Winning Every Single Moment, Second, Minute, Day, Week, Month & Year And Who Continue To Give So Much To Me And Who Make Such A Tremendous Difference And Contribution In My Life And In The Lives Of So Many Others Like Myself Than It Has All Been Worth It!!!!!

  • im also a childhood cancer survivor. the most difficult part of my cancer was also re entering into society. I had Ewing's sarcoma in my right femur and it also made me struggle to walk. I relate so much to the girl with short hair. both are so strong.

  • I’m a 4 year cancer survivor of leaukemia💪🏻 I would never get rid of my diagnosis because it made me stronger and grateful.

  • I am currently 17. I was diagnosed with lymphoma at 16 in 2017. I finished chemo treatment in 2018. A couple days after I celebrated my one year off treatment I found out I relapsed. I have so far done chemo. I am prepared for a bone marrow transplant. Then will need additional chemo and radiation. It so comforting to read about other teens also fighting/ have fought. If anyone every wants to talk I’m very much down:))

  • I clicked on this video because I am a teen cancer survivor as well. Never in a million years did I expect to hear a story about thyroid cancer. It is so rare to hear about in young children, this one hit very close to home. I was 14 when I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancers, and my story is very similar to this girls. I would love to know her name so I could reach out to her. Thank you for making a video about tough topics like this. It is so nice to hear other peoples success stories

  • A few months ago I was diagnosed with Lung cancer had a lot of lung surgery’s one of the surgery’s were remove of the Lower lung I have a surgery next week but I hope everyone with cancer fight it

  • losing the ability to do something you love so young </3 is truly one of the most heart breaking experiences of my life

  • you should do a 'teens tell each other about being blackmailed' because i have a story that really hits hard with me and would love to share it ♥️

  • I do not have cancer, however I understand both of these girls. I am diagnosed with Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder. It is an invisible chronic illness. I am, also, a Varsity Athlete (soccer). I was diagnosed by my physical therapist after suffering a hip injury, which was damage to the connective tissue in my hip bone. My disorder affects the cologen in my body, causing my joints to become extremely loose and too flexible. This can cause major tension on my muscles and tendons. After my hip injury, I did home therapy for 2 months and have now just recovered. Although I am prone more to injuries and pain, I have to keep fighting. Some days, my feet, hips, knees, will hurt so intensely, yet I keep a smile on my face. I don’t know anyone else with my disorder and find some times to be lonely. A lot of people don’t understand the pain I have because it is an invisible chronic illness. People will ask me to do crazy bendy stuff with my body (because my joints are super loose) yet it just hurts me more in the long run. I have now just accepted the fact I need to live everyday to the fullest because my body will just keep deteriorating with age. Now is the time to be up and active, before I am in a wheelchair.

  • Day after Valentine’s Day I went to the hospital and long story short transferred that night to a bigger hospital with only knowing I had some kind of cancer and received a blood tranfusion since my hemoglobin was 4. All together received 8 blood transfusions and 1 platelet transfusions. I spent the scariest ten days fighting for my life as I was diagnosed with stage three possibly stage four Hodgkin lymphoma. Next week I will have my last chemotherapy treatment. I owe my life to my nurses and oncologist. 💜

  • I survived a stage 4 cancer when I was 18/19. I heard a quote one time that I definitely think about often …."You don't have to be dying to start living". I definitely look at life differently now. I travel a lot, eat all different foods, and really never say no to a new idea/adventure. Life is short.

  • soursop kills cancer as well as red seeded grapes with key lime juice destroy cancers and dandelion root and mango prevents it from coming w

  • I was diagnosed with lymphoma when I was 21. A lot of people said: "… you are strong, you can do this." That's so hard in that situation.

  • I went through my fourth Brain Surgery 8 days ago. I’m 17 and it’s inspiring to know that there are other teens that know and have gone through the same dilemas.

  • I don’t have or have had cancer, but some members in my family and one of my good friends has/had cancer. These stories touched me even though I didn’t/don’t have cancer. I’m so happy that these girls are healthy now!

  • Could you maybe do this with people that have attempted suicide or have dealt with mental illness (or have family with mental illnesses) I thought that might be a very good an enlightening episode for many viewers 💕

  • I'm currently pregnant and I went to my OB just for a routine checkup and they told me they found "abnormalities" on my cervix which they cant do anything right now because of the fact I'm pregnant but they are going to monitor it… Cancer is very common in my family, my sister just reached 2 years cancer free. So it worries me that one day my child might have to live without me..

  • Thats the truth. The hardest part about cancer is after its all done. Theres nothing left. Im stuck there afyer 4 years cancer free.

  • At 15 I was diagnosed with a really rare brain tumor. It can never be fully removed and I will have to have surgery every 10-15 years. It’s so scary, I never know what life is going to look like in the future, but I’m hopeful and FORVER grateful to be alive to tell my story.

  • aww this is so heartwarming but sad at the same time <3 my mom was diagnosed last year with stage 3 breast cancer on her birthday but now shes cancer free 🙂 thank you for sharing your stories with us

  • To everyone reading this please turn to Jesus He loves you and wants to save you, He is the God of miracles, The bible tells us in Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, I seen God do amazing things in my life and in the lifes of people I know, He delivered them from illness leading to death, Its as simple as asking Him to show you He is God and if you really want to know, God will answer you, I know this because it happened to me

  • This was such a great video! Really resonated with that "little voice inside your head", having to give up something your love dearly, and losing your sense of identity after cancer.

  • Thank you for this great video. My daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of thyroid cancer at 17 years old. She lost the use of a vocal cord and had loved singing. Her formed a foundation to focus on support/inspiration for teenagers called Bite Me Cancer. We put together and send out Teen Support Bags to teens battling cancer through hospitals across the country. (We also fund thyroid cancer research.) Teens with cancer definitely need specialized support! We will share this video. www.bitemecancer.org

  • Last summer i was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 25, it has been 11 months since my surgery, and a month since i'm in remission. I don't have a thryoid anymore, i have to take meds for the rest my entire life to substitute the thyroid's functions. The most painful thing about thyroid cancer is that not only it's cancer which sucks big time, but even after we're in remission, we are still stuck with a chronic disease because we don't have a thyroid so no more thyroid hormones (which are responsible for having a stable heart rate, brain function, digestion, stable mental health, thermoregulation… basically every vital function). We have to take meds every day or else we die, and it takes so long to adjust the dosage… Anyhow, Rock on to every Thyroid cancer survivor !

  • I think there's just so much to be learned from each person. Thank you to these strong, young girls for showing us that ❤️

  • I would love to share my story on here if I got the chance , being diagnosed at 13 really hit home & being in the hospital for about a year was one of the hardest parts. I love this video with all my heart !

  • I just lost my sister, my last family member, to cancer…It left a HUGE void, and a feeling of…I no longer have my tribe…

  • To everyone reading this please turn to Jesus He loves you and wants to save you from the pain you are going through, Only Jesus can truly heal you, He is the God of miracles The bible tells us in Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, I seen God do amazing things in my life and in the lifes of people i know, God saved someone I love from illness leading to death, There is nothing impossible to God, Its as simple as asking Him to show you He is there and if you really want to know Jesus will answer you, i know this because it happened to me when I called out to God

  • I resonate so much with everything the second girl said. It's exactly why I started my YouTube, to start a more casual conversation. With my friends I try to keep the conversation light, & I use humor as a coping mechanism & that shocks people at first but it's the only way I can get through my day. Whenever people around me react with pitty it kind of brings me back to being diagnosed, so PLEASE! Don't ever do that. Cancer affects each one of us differently, and not completely negatively.

    For me, I'm in med school & just had my last chemo. I pushed through treatment and started medical school because I thought it would keep me occupied and my mind off of it, but that's impossible. Now it's trying to figure out how to live, without the constant fear of dying. How do I take everything I learned in my cancer journey, and reflect that in my day-to-day life? How do I fight the urge to jump on a plane & travel the world, when every day feels like my last? I don't know yet.

  • I myself recently got diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. I just had my thyroid surgery that removed completely my thyroid. In so grateful to hear all you ladies and gentlemens story. I'm hopefully about my treatment and can't wait to get my life back on track and be a stronger person after my cancer experience:)

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