Sleep Paralysis Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

this is why you sometimes wake up in the
middle of the night and can’t move imagine this you go to bed after a
regular day just like you do every night then sometime after midnight your eyes
open you know you’re awake because you can feel here and see everything the
same way you did before you fell asleep but slowly you realize something’s off
your mind is awake but you can’t move it feels like there’s something crushing
your chest that’s when panic sets in and you realize you’re awake in a nightmare
this sounds like something straight out of a Stephen King novel but it’s
actually a phenomenon that happens to a lot of people in fact being awake in a
nightmare is the most common way people describe this condition along with
waking up dead sleep paralysis as it’s commonly known has puzzled every culture
around the world for hundreds of years people from all around the world have
described this condition and could only provide spiritual and esoteric
explanations today with the help of science we have a deeper understanding
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miss our new videos so what is it exactly thanks to modern research we now
know that sleep paralysis originates from issues with REM sleep during REM
sleep the body gets frozen by the brain in order to stop you from physically
acting your dreams while you’re asleep this
kind of paralysis that happens during REM sleep is natural and normal called
rim atonia it becomes unnatural when a person is awake while their body is
experiencing that REM atonia it sounds pretty horrifying doesn’t it if you’ve
ever experienced sleep paralysis you’re probably well aware of how scary it can
be and how it can have a huge impact on the way you live your everyday life in
fact most people who suffer from sleep paralysis often experience lack of sleep
because the thought of experiencing it makes them want to avoid sleeping
altogether it may also affect their mental health as well as their physical
health as they try to navigate through their daily lives with a sleep schedule
that is often severely affected or non-existent at all now here is some
more information about sleep paralysis that you should know number one what
causes sleep paralysis basically anything that messes up the REM stage of
your sleeping things like jet lag lack of sleep irregular sleep patterns or
migraines can cause it on top of that psychological factors can also trigger
sleep paralysis this includes anxiety disorders overwhelming stress trauma or
alcohol and substance abuse there are many different things which
can bring about an episode of sleep paralysis
for example sleep deprivation can lead to sleep paralysis while certain
medications can trigger sleep paralysis as well studies also state that sleep
paralysis can be genetic and that it is more likely to happen to people who are
between the ages of 10 and 25 years old studies also state that people who
suffer from depression or anxiety are much more likely to experience sleep
paralysis in fact 31.9 percent of people who suffer from mental disorders also
experience sleep paralysis keep watching for some even more interesting
information about sleep paralysis number two what are the symptoms of sleep
paralysis there are many different symptoms associated with sleep paralysis
when a person is suffering a sleep paralysis episode they experience
symptoms which can range from the inability to breathe to a feeling of
dread or even horror when a person wakes up during an episode he or she is
usually unable to move his or her body the person is also usually unable to
speak these symptoms can last for as long as two minutes another symptom a
person who is suffering from an episode may experience is a choking feeling or a
heavy feeling on their chest patients who experience this describe being awake
and just knowing that what they are experiencing is not a dream it can last
from a few seconds to minutes people who wake up to sleep
paralysis can perceive their environment and everything in it without any sort of
brain fog immediately they realize they can’t move sleep
paralysis doesn’t have any side effects on the brain and it is not harmful but
it causes an extreme amount of fear and shred once the person realizes they
can’t move the experience of being trapped inside your own body makes
people think that they are dying or that there’s some type of supernatural force
at work some people describe a crawling an
electrifying sensation running up and down their body the experience of sleep
paralysis can be so shocking to a person that they start hallucinating and
experiencing things that they can’t control or properly react to according
to the sleep paralysis project the most common hallucinations reported by people
include doors opening animals growling approaching footsteps scratching and
malevolent whispering all of these symptoms can have quite a big
psychological effect on a person making a person who suffers from sleep
paralysis afraid to go to sleep and even frightened of sleeping alone
what can I do if I suffer from sleep paralysis seven point six percent of the
general population has experienced some kind of issue with sleep paralysis if
you suffer from sleep paralysis you should speak to your doctor immediately
although there is no form of treatment for sleep paralysis there are many
different types of preventative measures as well as forms of treatment for
certain underlying causes which are causing the sleep paralysis if you begin
to experience the symptoms associated with sleep paralysis make sure that your
sleep schedule is balanced and that you’re getting enough sleep every night
you should also try to avoid alcohol drugs and nicotine at night you should
try to avoid these things at least three hours before going to bed another thing
you should do if you begin to experience sleep paralysis is avoid drinking
caffeine after 2 o’clock in the afternoon most don’t know it but
drinking coffee after a certain time of day can have a huge effect on certain
people affecting how they sleep the quality of their sleep and when they
fall asleep they should also avoid using electronics before going to sleep and
keep them out of your bedroom Electronics before bed can disrupt your
circadian rhythm which can also have a huge effect on your sleep cycle your
circadian rhythm is a 24-hour cycle generally referred to as a body clock it
is a cycle in our bodies that tell us when to sleep wake up and eat this
internal clock regulates many of your body’s physiological processes and can
be affected by many different things when our circadian rhythm is disrupted
our sleep patterns and cycles can become severely affected a disrupted circadian
rhythm can also affect a person’s eating patterns this is why it is important to
keep your body clock in check as it can have a huge impact on our health and our
everyday lives if your sleep paralysis continues and is starting to have an
effect on your life work in relationships with friends or family
members consult with your doctor or sleep specialist to find out what may be
causing your sleep paralysis a sleep specialist can help identify any
underlying causes and can also help you take preventative measures to ensure it
doesn’t happen again what are some other things people might
experience while experiencing sleep paralysis let us know by commenting
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63 thoughts on “Sleep Paralysis Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

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  • I've had sleep paralysis for the past 8 years and even had an episode last night…the only thing that helped me was pot..this might differ from person to person..whenever i smoke…i sleep well…i quit pot like a month ago and last night was my first episode after an year without sleep paralysis…

  • Once when I was sleeping, I suddenly felt there's something crawling on my leg. I woke up, I tried to move my leg but I was not able then I tried to move my head to see what's there on my leg but again I failed to do so. After sometime, I unknowingly slept again, in morning everything was normal.
    I didn't experience it again

  • Psychology always say we stress, its not…whoever happen on them, try open ur light at night or try sleep where there is light or morning…it'll never happen

  • I just experienced this two nights ago as if i couldn't catch my breath, kept telling myself "wake-up! wake-up" I did like many years later (as it seems). Scary thing to go thru I've experienced this before but different settings. I suffer from aniexty, and other mental health disorders. So yeah this sucks!!!!

  • I was attacked last night i looked down my hallway and seen my kitchen chair coming at me. I ran to rhe room then it all was scary as hell

  • We called it in the philippines "bangungot" which sometimes caused death ..I've been experiencing it every time I'm tired or stressed out and I'm afraid sometimes thinking I might going to die so everytime I was attacked by it I've just wait and let my eyes wide awake until morning 🙁

  • This guy lying. I love sleep! But sleep paralysis just recently happened around 17. It is not scary but it is frustrating.

  • Last i saw white dress lady and eyes also white colour . I saw first grab my foot and then hold my dick . Its totally scard. When i opened my eyes then i asked to my wife you hold dick . She said i didn't
    After then i am dam sure something happing with very stranger things .

  • just to let the guy that is doing the voice over for this clip that it's not rim sleep it's rem like the band ya anyway about my paralysis i have it worked out for myself it's been happening that long, anyway i use to think that i woke up and could not move my body and i taught i could see litrilly but i was mistaken but it was a battle convincing myself that i could not see that part was just an allusion ,that probably gone way over everyone's head ,night folks up the Dub's

  • I've experienced this a couple times stay calm you can still close your eyes close them and force your mind to go back to sleep it's not that hard since your body is already mostly asleep people seem to think this is the cool thing these days it's not but once it happens so much you just learn to live with it

  • It happened with me a hundred times😑 now I'm enjoying this as a lucid dream,this is my awaken dream,I'll decide what to do…
    Fuck ghosts…lol

  • Bull shift it happen bcz of improper sleep and if a person has fear about super natural power and not able to sleep alone at night

  • I've had this as a child I could see my mom but could not move or talk I tried to call mom but nothing came out i felt completely numb lasting about a minute or two I will never forget that experience ever! Also on another experience as a child I woke up late at night and seen a shadow at the window at the bottom of my bed I woke my sister up in her bed opposite mine and asked her if she could see it she said yea Im screaming at this point under my covers for mom and dad. My mom came up we explained what we just seen and mom said it was a dream looooooooool me and my sister seen the shadow figure at the window wide awake ffs

  • Yeah… I too had this sleep paralysis thing.. It was terrifying.. I saw a figure of an old monk blabbering something to me which I can't make out.. I tried to move my hands and legs but the feeling of pressure on my chest, like something pinning me to the bed didn't let me to. I tried to call out my mom but I can't.. It was really a horrifying experience.. I didn't realize what that was then.. Till I heard that seeing a monk in your dreams may be a sign of sleep paralysis.. Oh my..!!!

  • The next time this happens and you feel fear in the room and you can’t speak or move to even pray in your mind say Jesus help me and it will go away

  • Its not that scary, even when I hallucinate.. I just go back to sleep, also if you rock back and forth ( you can move a little during sleep paralysis) you will eventually shake yourself out of sleep paralysis.. thats what I do

  • I am suffering with it from 15 years age,my father has been suffering with it, I got it genetically,am feeling voice, touch, and I saw some shadow like children,old people, men voice mostly. Still am suffering with it.

  • I can't stand sleep paralysis. people think it's calming but I was so scared I was going to die because I couldn't breathe

  • Full of bullshit bro i expressed sleep paralysis right now like i experience it once a week i sware. what ur talkin about is not right

  • I also experience that I can't move I heard sound of someone approaching me to the bed and trying to come on top of me I saw many women,men shadow people I am scared of these sometimes it's feels something is moving you without your consent! I want to scream and see but can't :/

  • Show me the study's that say it's proven to be caused by waking up in rem sleep.

    Plus anything is going to cause your brain to light up.
    So a lit up image of the brain does not prove much.

    Plus have people ever experienced levitation in sleep paralysis ?

    Plus i don't know what it's caused by and neither does science until i see study's that say otherwise my mind is made up.

  • The voice usualy warns me before the nigthmares comes so i can figth my self out of it in time. But somethimes i can't move in time and that is when the nigthmares starts…. For houers… And that video whas bullshitt man… have you even been trhou it??

  • to me sleep paralysis,is like infinite loop,i think i break it bt again i realize im in the same loop,watching the last scene i saw before sleep ,i also feel something inside my body,if i can make enough vibration or touch anything,it should break.

  • This is not scientific, it’s demonic. I have had it and as soon as I forced myself to pronounce the name of Jesus, it immediately left me. Fear is not from God but from darkness

  • ⚠️PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS TO THE END⚠️. I just woke up from the worst sleep paralysis experience I’ve had yet so I’m going to explain what it’s like (for me at least). What freaks me out the most is before I went to sleep tonight I took of my ring that I never take off. This is weird because it has a cross on it. So anyway I have had sleep paralysis for quite a while now but at first all it was, was I wouldn’t be able to move but I could hear and sort of open my eyes and every once in a while I could twitch my fingers but tonight was VERY different. I was laying on my back and I started to feel this odd pressure but it wasn’t just on my chest like some people. It was kind of scattered on my whole body but then I felt my hands curling together like you would see in a horror film (I knew what was happening because I’ve had sleep paralysis before, just not quite like this) so I tried to open my eyes and this is where it got weird. I could hear a weird sound almost as if someone was breathing in air. Then I felt as if something was like sucking the soul out of my body(I understand that some people reading this aren’t religious so I’ll try to keep the subject away from god) but at this point I started to say some prayer that I don’t say regularly in my head. Hoping that somehow god would save me. I don’t go to church often but that’s definitely changing. I seriously thought I was about to be possessed. I couldn’t really see anything resembling a human it was more like a black presence like it was in the air above me. I’ve heard so many stories about people who describe it just like that and honestly I didn’t believe them until 15 mins ago. I tried to shake myself awake but it didn’t work. I could just feel myself falling into it like getting more stuck by the second. (For the people that haven’t had it it’s NOT like a dream, we didn’t dream it. I’m not going to doubt the fact that it’s a hallucination but it’s very very real and something you actually feel) If I have any advice to prevent it from happening all I can say is try not to sleep on your back but also not face down because one time I got it face down (this one wasn’t with the “demon”) but I couldn’t breathe very well because my head was in the pillow. I also advise you don’t sleep in cars (this could be just me but I get it a lot on long car trips) Anyways I hope this helps some of you or maybe makes you feel less alone. This was my experience so feel free to share yours, or shed some light on why this is happening because I don’t know about you but I’d love some answers or even advice!!

  • I get this sometimes but this the first time as a grown a$$ man that I saw shadow people and🧟‍♂️ things I can't see screaming at me.

    Not to mention I kept thinking that I had woke up to realize I was still sleeping🛌. And something knew it because I could clearly hear it laughing at me. Like it knew I was stuck in a dream loop.

    I was getting so angry 😡. I suddenly woke up and notice I was standing by my bed and I was clearly 100% awake and could move all my limbs🚶‍♂️. The strange thing was I could still see this partial shadow figure that was moving away from me🧟‍♂️. I reach out and grab it in anger and to my shock, I could feel it skinny and fleshy shoulder.

    What scared me the most and this going to sound crazier than it already does, but when I grab it I instantly could tell it was terrified of me😮. Like it was spooked that I was able to touch it. I let it go because I was like WTF too😲.

    I'm 100% convinced this is not my mind playing tricks on me. Dear Lord God help us all who suffer from this. I probably won't sleep right for weeks now. Thumbs up 👍 if you read this, please.

  • Hmmm..the Jennifer writing this comment was sleep and a demon was sucking face and then licked face and vanished….Felt presence before going to bed…Depopulate

  • Been suffering from sleep paralysis for many years now due to tinnitus(ringing in ears).Has been getting worse over time and now get pulsating tinnitus in right ear.Living with this 24/7 is difficult at the best of times.Ive been having sleep paralysis since my tinnitus started and it has gradually becoming more and more often,sometimes 3 or 4 nights a week.It feels like someone is shaking or tapping my legs and I literally can’t move,,it feels like I’m dying and I fight so hard to snap out of it.Its gotten to the point with me where I want to just let it go and see what happens,see how long it lasts.It always feels like the longer I choose not to fight it the harder it will be to get out of it.Its the most horrible feeling I have ever felt.They say it can’t kill you but my father died in his sleep for unknown reason.He was 36yrs old,never spoke of having sleep paralysis so I guess you can see my dilemma.Its Evil.

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