Show Champion EP.241 NCT Dream – Trigger the fever [엔시티 드림 – 트리거 더 피버]

NCT Dream – Trigger The Fever At the end of the high sky With a ball that looks like the earth Go, Trigger the fever All the dreams that filled me up (I remember) They spread out to the green world Dream on, Trigger the fever With the hot tremblings in my heart With the youthful passion And the burning energy Today, run! Hey little brother, believe Don’t look back and run together Sing together as you listen (When we dream it) Tell the person next to you as you listen (We can be the one) Like drumroll (Yeah, yeah~) When we dream it We can be the one, Go! uhhh~ We can be the one (We can be the one, yeah~) We can be the one, yeah! We can be the one Thank you for watching!! And support our NCT Dream!! Fighting~

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