Self-Diagnose Depression (TEST)

Hello, I’m Charlie and welcome to authentic mental health the channel that offers advice and friendly support within our like-minded community With daily uploads on mental health self-help and self-improvement So make sure you’re subscribed then you turn the bell Notification button on so you never miss a daily helpful uploads that can help you today’s helpful videos coming up right after This ostracized from across society just to suffer from a little anxiety. Please help me Do you think you are suffering from depression do you think you’re currently depressed? well If you do you are going to find out in this video if you are the symptoms of depression include the following feelings of sadness tearfulness emptiness or hopelessness angry outbursts irritability or Frustration loss of interest or pleasure in activities that you once enjoyed sleep disturbances including Insomnia or sleeping too much? tiredness and a lack of energy Reduced appetite and weight loss or increased cravings for food or weight gain restlessness anxiety or agitation slowed Thinking speaking or body? movements feelings of guilt or worthlessness trouble thinking concentrating or making decisions and unexplained physical problems such as headaches or backaches So let’s now find out if you are suffering from depression or you are currently depressed. I’m now going to ask you seven Questions and you’re gonna answer those seven questions as honestly as you possibly can and you are going to answer them with either. Yes or no and at the end of the seven questions We’ll find out what your scores actually mean number one. Do you feel hopeless or? Worthless number two. Do you have little or no pleasure in doing things number three? Do you constantly feel tired or have very little energy number four? Do you struggle to sleep or are you sleeping way too much number five? Do you feel empty or numb number six? Do you feel or think like you are a failure? And the last question is do you randomly feel angry or irritated for no apparent reason at all? So let’s now find out what your scores mean for you if you answered yes to two or less of these seven Questions. It’s unlikely that you are suffering from depression It is still possible that you are suffering from depression, but it is unlikely if you answered Yes to three or more of these questions Then it is likely that you are currently Depressed and you are currently suffering from depression If you think you are currently depressed and want to get help for your depression There is a link in the description box down below where you can speak to someone Immediately and begin to get the help you need and deserve for your depression. The link is in the description box down below I now want to from you guys and girls in the comment section down below What did you score on this depression test? Have you ever been diagnosed with depression before? Let me know in the comment section down below if you’ve enjoyed this video and found it useful Please give this video a like if you new here make sure you subscribe to Authentic mental health for more mental health tests like this again in the future Take care guys and girls and I’ll see you all tomorrow for another video

43 thoughts on “Self-Diagnose Depression (TEST)

  • If you think you're depressed or suffering from depression please seek professional help! You can speak to a mental health professional here who can help you –

  • Hello Charlie! How are you today? Could you do a video on confidence because I’ve lost my confidence due to my mental health!
    I can relate to this video so much because this how I feel!!
    Thought I would let you know that I get my results on the 22nd August(I’m so anxious about them)😬
    Also I’m on a really good mood, I just want to say thank Youu! You have honestly helped me in so many different ways, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so welcomed or loved the way I feel in this community! You support me on videos but also on Instagram! Thank you so much Charlie for everything!
    Love you!!❤️❤️

  • Does the link cost money? I got yes on all of them. I am supposed to be getting help, but plans haven't went through.

  • I have all of this
    Ya knows
    My family knows
    Classmates knows
    Teachers knows
    Well….i taked as a secret for too many years
    But now i feel like everyone know this and i am a bit ashamed of myself…
    I am weak …but i have to get through this
    I'll take all the time i need
    Even if it means
    Months or even years.

  • My step mom makes me anxous and depressed😥 my dad cant really do much. But she has bibolar which means shes angry and pissed every night almost

  • I start homeschooling tomorrow wish me luck I’m nervous this is the first time I’m getting homeschooled I’m anxious to see how it works I hate changes 😩

  • Hey Charlie how are you I’m sitting in my room with my brother and my digs watching your video.. my dad just told us that he is getting another BMW frim a seller in Arizona he is going to be picking it up next week and I’m going with him my brother might be going to

  • My score is 4,,i was diagnosed with depression had medicine for 5 months but my parents stopped me from taking medicines,, every night I struggle for sleep and many more..

  • Hey! I answered yes to all 7 questions, but I've never really been diagnosed. My therapist hinted that I could possibly suffer from Depression, but I don't think she knows how bad it is. It's quite hard for me to talk about all the symptoms I have..

  • I feel the guilt from what caused my depression, I start to have less pleasure in doing activities, oversleeping, rarely any headaches and for me they only happen when I’m extremely depressed

    But the best thing about depression is…

    Watching videos like those because it explains my problems and comforts me now I feel much better 😀

  • I'm feeling way better than I used to , thank god..
    in almost 2 months ago I had all these symptoms answered (yes)
    and I had suicidal thoughts and harmed myself since January, everything was just SOOO severe .
    now I can answer no to some of these questions thankfully, I am feeling a lot better compared to what I went through and I am still going further and I refuse to go back , I won't let myself go through hell again , it was just TOO PAINFUL , I swear I was really hurt Charlie…
    I can't say I'm fully done but it's progress !
    and it was all by myself , no mom or therapist or friends or family could help me , I mean they did try but it really must come from Ur heart …
    u were a part of it too❤❤
    MUCH LOVE ❤❤❤❤❤

  • My only diagnosis is Eating Disorder(anorexia,bulimia in recovery)but I got YES to ALL your questions,My question:is this depression just a part of my ED or it's possible that I suffer from both(ED and depression)at the same time but than why the psychiatrist diagnosticed only the ED and not the depression too?Pls help:(my,,therapy''works only for the ED but the depression is getting worse and worse…

  • I just feel empty, our family is completely falling apart. I'm struggling to sleep at night because I'm constantly thinking. Thinking about everything I did.
    I randomly get angry or really annoyed, so I'm starting to scream when I am alone. The thing is, I also often laugh, maybe I'm lonely.
    When I get home, the only thing that comes to my head is: "okay, you're back, get ready to get screamed at, not to talk or to ask for stuff."
    I did sports for a long time and did music for a long time. I left both things behind 'coz it wasn't fun anymore.
    I feel so weak, like I just want to run and leave everything behind, but I also don't believe that I suffer from depression. I am 14 years old (m) and many people in my age are telling their friends that they have depression, while they're laughing and having a good time. They just get a little sad and exaggerate. I personally think it's just a phase. Tomorrow I will wake up, full of energy and say that it was nothing…
    (Sry for any mistakes, I'm from Germany)

  • From this video I conclude I suffer depression. Before even the questions start, the symtopms this guy mentioned happened to me

  • I got 5 yes and still quite hesitant or in denial that I am suffering from depression. I'd usually think that I am just an introverted person. But quite thinking now, if I should seek professional help. I am not getting any better.

  • I've never been diagnosed with depression because on tests I would say it's not that bad even tho it might be and wish i picked a different answer but to be honest I think I might be depressed. I have no energy to do anything, no motivation and I'm always tired. My whole body is in pain and super weak and getting weaker fast. I feel empty and numb most the time. I over eat and binge eat all the time and can't stop. I have low self esteem and I'm self conscious. I've watched like 10 different videos on symptoms of depression or tests and I'm like 98% sure I'm depressed .-. My whole body is in pain everywhere my muscles are diterating. I have chronic pain. I am slowly killing myself faster by laying in bed all day every day but I'm going nothing about it and not seeking help because I have no energy or motivation to do anything and it's just to much hassle… I'm not okay 😖

  • I’m confused now – I am diagnosed with depression but I also think it’s possible that I’m a psychopath – which I will bring up once I find a therapist, i mean it’s obviously not the same thing at all, but I’m a mess 😂

  • I answerd 7 x yes 😐 I am scared to tell this to my parents. I knwo they will say "its just puberty" 😑 .
    Sorry if my english was not good (i live in Belgium so i speak dutch)

  • Well, I've been diagnosed by a psychiatrist and it's crazy cuz she said I've got depression and I'm also a psychopath… how curious

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