Second case of African swine fever confirmed in S. Korea

Prime Minister Nina given visited
breeding farms and disinfection facilities in puch on a city that
borders yunshan County where the second case of African swine fever was
confirmed this morning to ensure thorough management of the situation now
there the Prime Minister vowed all-out efforts to contain the outbreak and
ensure stable pork supplies what’s for sure at this point is that the spread of
the African swine fever took place through humans animals and transport
based on that premise we’ll take swift and resolute measures
his visit to the affected area comes just hours after the nation confirmed a
second African swine fever case at a pig farm near the border with North Korea a
day after reporting its first ever outbreak of the virus after the first
case was discovered on Tuesday in Paju South Korea raised its animal disease
alert level to the highest available and ramped up disinfection measures
including a temporary nationwide movement ban of hogs and related
livestock nearly five thousand other pigs have also been slaughtered to try
and prevent the disease from spreading

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