#SaveOurDoctors – End Medical Student and Resident Physician Suicide

Did you know 400 med students and residents
commit suicide in the US every single year? This is a huge problem and not a lot of people
know about it, it’s just swept under the rag. And when these med students and residents,
when they kill themselves, we point the finger at them, we say “you’re weak”. It’s not their fault, this system – it’s the system
that’s broken and we don’t do anything. It’s about time we changed that. Let’s demand change, let’s actually bring
some things into action. I can’t do it alone, I need your help. We need people just like me and just like
you who aren’t afraid to speak up about this. Submit a video where you talk about a plan,
an initiative, a proposal, anything you want on how we can raise awareness and address
this growing issue. The top three videos are gonna win cash prizes. Check the website for details. I’m excited we’re finally doing something
about this, I’m looking forward to seeing your video.

39 thoughts on “#SaveOurDoctors – End Medical Student and Resident Physician Suicide

  • Totally agreed. I’ve been through so much depression because I would feel like I’m not good enough. I’m thankful you’re supporting this cause, because not many like to talk about this problem because being in the healthcare industry you’re supposed to be “strong enough” in order to take care of someone else. #SaveOurDoctors

  • Hey Kevin! Long time fan of your channel! I’m a junior in undergrad right now and have always sought to draw more attention to this issue. I am starting a blog called TheCardinalMed that seeks to empower future healthcare professionals by providing insight into managing the difficulties of pre-med life, mostly geared towards high schools seniors interested in medicine or younger undergraduates. I would love to collaborate some day to help spread the #SaveOurDoctors message! Let me know what you think/if you’d like to know more!

  • People need to know that doctors are humans too. Every human have feelings, people seem to forget that. If you’re someone who is going through a hard time right now, don’t be afraid to tell someone you trust. You’re not weak just because you show your emotions, don’t take in what other people may say.

  • Hi Kevin! I’m thinking about submitting a video! I’m a college freshman, pre-med. I’m excited to learn more about these issues that I may have to face myself one day! Thanks for caring!!

  • I’m a med student myself and I’ve been at that point where I just did not see the point in life anymore. I learned every single day for hours, did not go out, did not meet any friends, didn’t go to the gym. My life just felt pointless.
    It got better but I still feel very alone, especially on weekends where everybody seems to be going out and having fun and I don’t have anyone to go out with..
    Doctors are human beings with emotions too.. #saveourdoctors

  • Bullies understand only one thing: pain, the pain of being dragged into a lawsuit, loss of money or reputation or position/title. Everything else you do is window dressing. My advice: bring the pain.

  • Hi Kevin, love your videos! One small comment though – many mental health professionals and advocates try to stay away from the term "commit" because it portrays suicide as a crime or sin, and can stigmatize those with suicidal thoughts or attempts. But anyway, this is a great cause and thank you for using your platform to raise awareness on this issue!

  • Hey Kevin, used your Step 1 dedicated schedule, and it ended up working out very well for me. I was wondering if you could do the same for Step 2CK? Thanks in advance!

  • Suicide comes from stress , so if we lower that stress we wouldn’t have that number of suicide.
    E.g. lowering the hours of working as a resident by bringing more doctors to work in the same position so they can take shifts.

  • Students and residents are humans too why should residents work up to 80 hours a week, the maximum should be 50-55 hours per week or less, why do they not get paid fairly well and only get paid in their residency’s like a person gets paid in McDonald’s, aren’t doctors humans, don’t they have a life and family and freinds and freedoms or are they limited just because they choose the path of helping people, a path of helping people starts with a a person helping him self, students Choose this route to make other people life’s better not to go there and end up killing them selves because of the work they have to do everyday.

  • You inspire and motivate undergrads and med students to keep pushing forward when its hard. It's people like you who I believe should teach medicine. You defenitly have inspired many others including myself. Thank you Dr. Jubbal and keep up the videos.

  • I've never heard about this before but then again it totally make sense. The stress, no real social life, loans and the thought of wanting to quit but the pressure to be a doctor from family/friends forces you to stay. And then the "what is your purpose in life" is questioned. All of that can be a ticking time bomb for some. Unfortunately everyone can't get out of that rut and believe that it will never get better. Prayers and light to anyone going through that feeling of depression

  • I’m starting medical school this upcoming year. I’ve seen dozens of medical school youtubers and heard many many many doctors talk about how it is a badge of honor as shows to be overworked to the point of pure exhaustion. I think it is important for this problem to be solved as it turns many people off medicine and many people away from specialties that they would love and would be incredible at.

  • wtf here i am in fuking highschool not really struggling but cruising wanting to be a med student.
    Being a med student is so hard and the challenge is not easy but when your so close why would you take everything youve worked hard for….
    so sad F

  • That's a huge bug in systems.. it's not in USA alone.. here in my country as medical student will put blames on you even when one teaches you anything and you must learn and practice alone and exams will do the rest..at the end of the day you be worth less.. always think about it as the system is broken not us

  • While it is wonderful that you are shedding light on this issue, it is important to note that there are huge initiatives already underway. How do you plan on integrating (or do you) with groups like the National Academy of Medicine (NAM)? They have working groups such as the Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience and these groups are comprised of medical school students, faculty, deans and other stakeholders (such as the senior leaders of the Association of American Medical Colleges).

    I am concerned that by bringing attention to this issue by linking to your consulting business website, instead of mentioning work already being done (especially since NAM is actively looking for more involvement), that you may be dividing resources, rather than uniting.

    In case people are interested, here is the link to the work already being done on this important issue, please encourage everyone to get involved: https://nam.edu/initiatives/clinician-resilience-and-well-being/

  • https://www.idealmedicalcare.org/ Dr. Jubbal, just wanted to make sure you knew about this lady who is passionate about ending physician suicide, maybe you can work together!

  • Hey Kevin check out Dr. Antonio Webb video on Physician suicide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwCbvLDPAtI&t=624s&app=desktop

    Physician suicide is real. Not everyone has a great support system to come out of a depressive state of mind. Depression is real and physicians experience it too.

  • Love this! Made a video to share the medstudent perspective! (: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoyWeE8Tnfg

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