POPS! Diabetes Care Case Study

[Lonny] So I have diabetes. That was one of the driving foundations around
the experience I was getting as I was managing my diabetes and how the tools that are out
there today are just outdated and our belief that there was a better way to do this. [Dan] We were looking for someone to take
us to the next step – the next level – where we would be confident that the app wouldn’t
crash, that it was a creative success and people would love it. [Lonny] There are so many different zip-up
kits to carry around. You can’t easily move, you can’t easily manage,
you can’t see your trends without all these different seams that are in the process. When you’re living with this for the rest
of your life, any seam is a complication that makes you kind of forget about it…we don’t
want people with diabetes to forget about it. So we’re basically trying to say there’s gotta
be a better set of tools that makes this just easier for people to live with. [Dan] We wanted the MentorMate team to really
understand what it was like to have diabetes and I think most of the folks really got that
and they were able to take that feeling of I’m a little overwhelmed and translate it
into an app that’s really simple, easy to use, it’s crisp, it’s clean. [Lonny] There’s nothing more important for
us right now than getting to our FDA submission so that we can get product approval. So the biggest impact that MentorMate has
had is in helping us do that on time and on budget but with really good quality work that’s
documented super well so that we feel comfortable about making this FDA submission. So, that’s probably the biggest measurable
impact that we’ve had. [Dan] Clearly the folks at MentorMate know
how to listen and listen beyond the words, maybe even to the feelings and say this is
what we’re looking for. [Lonny] I am personally really excited about
what we’re doing both as a business to help a lot of people with diabetes, and I’m also
personally excited to use the product. When you open the app, you feel good! As opposed to feeling like. “eh…you know, I don’t want to add more data
here…I don’t want to have to do these different things”…with the MentorMate app, for me
personally, I like using it!

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