Peter Attia: What if we’re wrong about diabetes?

Translator: Joseph Geni
Reviewer: Morton Bast I’ll never forget that day back in the spring of 2006. I was a surgical resident at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, taking emergency call. I got paged by the E.R. around 2 in the morning to come and see a woman with a diabetic ulcer on her foot. I can still remember sort of that smell of rotting flesh as I pulled the curtain back to see her. And everybody there agreed this woman was very sick and she needed to be in the hospital. That wasn’t being asked. The question that was being asked of me was a different one, which was, did she also need an amputation? Now, looking back on that night, I’d love so desperately to believe that I treated that woman on that night with the same empathy and compassion I’d shown the 27-year-old newlywed who came to the E.R. three nights earlier with lower back pain that turned out to be advanced pancreatic cancer. In her case, I knew there was nothing I could do that was actually going to save her life. The cancer was too advanced. But I was committed to making sure that I could do anything possible to make her stay more comfortable. I brought her a warm blanket and a cup of a coffee. I brought some for her parents. But more importantly, see, I passed no judgment on her, because obviously she had done nothing to bring this on herself. So why was it that, just a few nights later, as I stood in that same E.R. and determined that my diabetic patient did indeed need an amputation, why did I hold her in such bitter contempt? You see, unlike the woman the night before, this woman had type 2 diabetes. She was fat. And we all know that’s from eating too much and not exercising enough, right? I mean, how hard can it be? As I looked down at her in the bed, I thought to myself, if you just tried caring even a little bit, you wouldn’t be in this situation at this moment with some doctor you’ve never met about to amputate your foot. Why did I feel justified in judging her? I’d like to say I don’t know. But I actually do. You see, in the hubris of my youth, I thought I had her all figured out. She ate too much. She got unlucky. She got diabetes. Case closed. Ironically, at that time in my life, I was also doing cancer research, immune-based therapies for melanoma, to be specific, and in that world I was actually taught to question everything, to challenge all assumptions and hold them to the highest possible scientific standards. Yet when it came to a disease like diabetes that kills Americans eight times more frequently than melanoma, I never once questioned the conventional wisdom. I actually just assumed the pathologic sequence of events was settled science. Three years later, I found out how wrong I was. But this time, I was the patient. Despite exercising three or four hours every single day, and following the food pyramid to the letter, I’d gained a lot of weight and developed something called metabolic syndrome. Some of you may have heard of this. I had become insulin-resistant. You can think of insulin as this master hormone that controls what our body does with the foods we eat, whether we burn it or store it. This is called fuel partitioning in the lingo. Now failure to produce enough insulin is incompatible with life. And insulin resistance, as its name suggests, is when your cells get increasingly resistant to the effect of insulin trying to do its job. Once you’re insulin-resistant, you’re on your way to getting diabetes, which is what happens when your pancreas can’t keep up with the resistance and make enough insulin. Now your blood sugar levels start to rise, and an entire cascade of pathologic events sort of spirals out of control that can lead to heart disease, cancer, even Alzheimer’s disease, and amputations, just like that woman a few years earlier. With that scare, I got busy changing my diet radically, adding and subtracting things most of you would find almost assuredly shocking. I did this and lost 40 pounds, weirdly while exercising less. I, as you can see, I guess I’m not overweight anymore. More importantly, I don’t have insulin resistance. But most important, I was left with these three burning questions that wouldn’t go away: How did this happen to me if I was supposedly doing everything right? If the conventional wisdom about nutrition had failed me, was it possible it was failing someone else? And underlying these questions, I became almost maniacally obsessed in trying to understand the real relationship between obesity and insulin resistance. Now, most researchers believe obesity is the cause of insulin resistance. Logically, then, if you want to treat insulin resistance, you get people to lose weight, right? You treat the obesity. But what if we have it backwards? What if obesity isn’t the cause of insulin resistance at all? In fact, what if it’s a symptom of a much deeper problem, the tip of a proverbial iceberg? I know it sounds crazy because we’re obviously in the midst of an obesity epidemic, but hear me out. What if obesity is a coping mechanism for a far more sinister problem going on underneath the cell? I’m not suggesting that obesity is benign, but what I am suggesting is it may be the lesser of two metabolic evils. You can think of insulin resistance as the reduced capacity of our cells to partition fuel, as I alluded to a moment ago, taking those calories that we take in and burning some appropriately and storing some appropriately. When we become insulin-resistant, the homeostasis in that balance deviates from this state. So now, when insulin says to a cell, I want you to burn more energy than the cell considers safe, the cell, in effect, says, “No thanks, I’d actually rather store this energy.” And because fat cells are actually missing most of the complex cellular machinery found in other cells, it’s probably the safest place to store it. So for many of us, about 75 million Americans, the appropriate response to insulin resistance may actually be to store it as fat, not the reverse, getting insulin resistance in response to getting fat. This is a really subtle distinction, but the implication could be profound. Consider the following analogy: Think of the bruise you get on your shin when you inadvertently bang your leg into the coffee table. Sure, the bruise hurts like hell, and you almost certainly don’t like the discolored look, but we all know the bruise per Se is not the problem. In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s a healthy response to the trauma, all of those immune cells rushing to the site of the injury to salvage cellular debris and prevent the spread of infection to elsewhere in the body. Now, imagine we thought bruises were the problem, and we evolved a giant medical establishment and a culture around treating bruises: masking creams, painkillers, you name it, all the while ignoring the fact that people are still banging their shins into coffee tables. How much better would we be if we treated the cause — telling people to pay attention when they walk through the living room — rather than the effect? Getting the cause and the effect right makes all the difference in the world. Getting it wrong, and the pharmaceutical industry can still do very well for its shareholders but nothing improves for the people with bruised shins. Cause and effect. So what I’m suggesting is maybe we have the cause and effect wrong on obesity and insulin resistance. Maybe we should be asking ourselves, is it possible that insulin resistance causes weight gain and the diseases associated with obesity, at least in most people? What if being obese is just a metabolic response to something much more threatening, an underlying epidemic, the one we ought to be worried about? Let’s look at some suggestive facts. We know that 30 million obese Americans in the United States don’t have insulin resistance. And by the way, they don’t appear to be at any greater risk of disease than lean people. Conversely, we know that six million lean people in the United States are insulin-resistant, and by the way, they appear to be at even greater risk for those metabolic diseases I mentioned a moment ago than their obese counterparts. Now I don’t know why, but it might be because, in their case, their cells haven’t actually figured out the right thing to do with that excess energy. So if you can be obese and not have insulin resistance, and you can be lean and have it, this suggests that obesity may just be a proxy for what’s going on. So what if we’re fighting the wrong war, fighting obesity rather than insulin resistance? Even worse, what if blaming the obese means we’re blaming the victims? What if some of our fundamental ideas about obesity are just wrong? Personally, I can’t afford the luxury of arrogance anymore, let alone the luxury of certainty. I have my own ideas about what could be at the heart of this, but I’m wide open to others. Now, my hypothesis, because everybody always asks me, is this. If you ask yourself, what’s a cell trying to protect itself from when it becomes insulin resistant, the answer probably isn’t too much food. It’s more likely too much glucose: blood sugar. Now, we know that refined grains and starches elevate your blood sugar in the short run, and there’s even reason to believe that sugar may lead to insulin resistance directly. So if you put these physiological processes to work, I’d hypothesize that it might be our increased intake of refined grains, sugars and starches that’s driving this epidemic of obesity and diabetes, but through insulin resistance, you see, and not necessarily through just overeating and under-exercising. When I lost my 40 pounds a few years ago, I did it simply by restricting those things, which admittedly suggests I have a bias based on my personal experience. But that doesn’t mean my bias is wrong, and most important, all of this can be tested scientifically. But step one is accepting the possibility that our current beliefs about obesity, diabetes and insulin resistance could be wrong and therefore must be tested. I’m betting my career on this. Today, I devote all of my time to working on this problem, and I’ll go wherever the science takes me. I’ve decided that what I can’t and won’t do anymore is pretend I have the answers when I don’t. I’ve been humbled enough by all I don’t know. For the past year, I’ve been fortunate enough to work on this problem with the most amazing team of diabetes and obesity researchers in the country, and the best part is, just like Abraham Lincoln surrounded himself with a team of rivals, we’ve done the same thing. We’ve recruited a team of scientific rivals, the best and brightest who all have different hypotheses for what’s at the heart of this epidemic. Some think it’s too many calories consumed. Others think it’s too much dietary fat. Others think it’s too many refined grains and starches. But this team of multi-disciplinary, highly skeptical and exceedingly talented researchers do agree on two things. First, this problem is just simply too important to continue ignoring because we think we know the answer. And two, if we’re willing to be wrong, if we’re willing to challenge the conventional wisdom with the best experiments science can offer, we can solve this problem. I know it’s tempting to want an answer right now, some form of action or policy, some dietary prescription — eat this, not that — but if we want to get it right, we’re going to have to do much more rigorous science before we can write that prescription. Briefly, to address this, our research program is focused around three meta-themes, or questions. First, how do the various foods we consume impact our metabolism, hormones and enzymes, and through what nuanced molecular mechanisms? Second, based on these insights, can people make the necessary changes in their diets in a way that’s safe and practical to implement? And finally, once we identify what safe and practical changes people can make to their diet, how can we move their behavior in that direction so that it becomes more the default rather than the exception? Just because you know what to do doesn’t mean you’re always going to do it. Sometimes we have to put cues around people to make it easier, and believe it or not, that can be studied scientifically. I don’t know how this journey is going to end, but this much seems clear to me, at least: We can’t keep blaming our overweight and diabetic patients like I did. Most of them actually want to do the right thing, but they have to know what that is, and it’s got to work. I dream of a day when our patients can shed their excess pounds and cure themselves of insulin resistance, because as medical professionals, we’ve shed our excess mental baggage and cured ourselves of new idea resistance sufficiently to go back to our original ideals: open minds, the courage to throw out yesterday’s ideas when they don’t appear to be working, and the understanding that scientific truth isn’t final, but constantly evolving. Staying true to that path will be better for our patients and better for science. If obesity is nothing more than a proxy for metabolic illness, what good does it do us to punish those with the proxy? Sometimes I think back to that night in the E.R. seven years ago. I wish I could speak with that woman again. I’d like to tell her how sorry I am. I’d say, as a doctor, I delivered the best clinical care I could, but as a human being, I let you down. You didn’t need my judgment and my contempt. You needed my empathy and compassion, and above all else, you needed a doctor who was willing to consider maybe you didn’t let the system down. Maybe the system, of which I was a part, was letting you down. If you’re watching this now, I hope you can forgive me. (Applause)

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  • Shepherd's Chapel Network !!!!!!! Pastor Murray is an Anointed Servant of GOD who teaches the Word of GOD with Authority!!!!!!!

  • Dr. Attia, in my husband’s family diabetes runs rampant, in my family on my father’s side my father, his sister had diabetes. I’m terrified my children will get it. I developed Ampulary Carcinoma in 2014. I believe that if regular tests to see that all nutrients in your body were in balance and didn’t have to choose between organic and non organic. All food should be grown to be consumed by rich and poor, we are all human. My son suffers from low thyroid, the doctor gave him Cenroid I believe the problem is something else. Though I am not a doctor. When I received chemo my thyroid was low the natural path recommended I take chlorophyll. When I returned to my doctor for another test my thyroid was back to normal. My son fears not doing what the doctor says, but tells me he still feels tired. Doctors just hand you a pill, and don’t necessarily have compassion. Not all doctors are created equal but you can’t tell, especially when you feel sick.

  • Amazing!! I feel so proud to call you a college ! I wish this talk can also inspire other Physicians to serve patients under these principles. Our patients don’t need authoritarianism and judgments but empathy, care and compassion. Thank you so much. God bless you.

  • It shows moral character to climb down from the pedestal and realize that no profession knows everything and that they can be wrong. I applaud his courage and his attitude adjustment. He is a better doctor for it. I wish more doctors were progressive and dared to think for themselves.

  • A holistic doctor could have told you that in a heartbeat. Wear out the pancreas with lots of carbs that spike your sugar all the time and…………you guessed it. Insulin resistance leading to diabetes, and of course, the naturopaths know that and are helping diabetics turn around their diabetes all the time.

  • My personal theory on insulin resistance is this:

    Your cells are trainable in that they’re adaptable. If we move a lot we’re programming our cells to use glucose as energy through insulin sensitivity. If we lay around and do nothing, we’re programming our cells to store glucose in the liver through insulin resistance.

    Insulin helps move glucose into cells for fuel. That’s it’s job. Period. When we shut the cell doors down and vast amounts of insulin can no longer compensate to force glucose into cells, we’re insulin resistant.

    Intermittent fasting and calorie deficit not only help lose and maintain weight, it allows the repair of arteries from decades of course insulin (from excessive insulin as seen in insulin resistance) cutting and clawing at your arterial linings, (THE TRUE CAUSE OF HEART ATTACK IS SUGAR).


  • Any chance that too little dietary fat is part of the problem? We have been told to cut back on fat inrake for about 50 years to help stop atheroma leading to heart attacks and strokes. Have heart attack and stroke rates improved? I think not. Most low fat foods are packed with sugars which are causing the insulin resistance and then the obesity you talk about here.

  • Mine started with the medicin3 I was prescribed cause me to gain 85pbs in less than 2 months no matter how much I tried to lose weight exercising for hours watxhing my diet it took 20 yrs to lose60 lbs .During this time I was also treated for months with steroids causing my diabetes prior to that it was alwats under 100 them shot up to over 400 once the treatment ended and barely came down .Now I only drink sugar free water barely eat exercise regularly got hurt doing the exercise then prescribed another medicine gabapentin and quickly gained 18 lbs in a month .My thing is your right I also use to think people were lazy in losing weight and getting in poor health I quickly wised up at 21 knowing that was not the case .I wouldn't mind being a test study for scientist to prove how allergic I am to drugs even though I am straight edge never smoked ,barley drank on occasions and use to be an athlete and this still happened .I'm pretty sure I can prove your research fairly quickly since I am extremely sensitive to whatever substance I consume and itwont take long for you to monitor and see for yourself how science has it wrong .Hope this helps anyone who faces the same adversity aka struggles staying fit but seeing no positive results .

  • Everyone one has something to sell to make money….if they thought they could sell us sand to eat to boost mineral nutrients they would do it! That is why we are a sick nation…..not because of hunger….because of corrupted food sources in the food chain.

  • Fast, eat less processed food, exercise light, never over exert yourself to work and your compulsion to always be successful and be at peace to yourself. Laugh more, have a caring good heart. Sickness comes not only from flesh but from spirit as well.

  • You are correct. The endocrine disorder causes the obesity. My metabolic syndrome was not caught before I progressed to full type 2 diabetes, and it was in that 2-3 year period that I rapidly gained weight. The ADA diet I was given by my physician was more carb-laden than what I had been eating. I took note of my glucometer readings and reduced carbs. “Eat to your meter” is the saying.

    I currently eat 50 or less grams of carbs daily, and under 1500 calories. I have struggled to lose weight, dropping 50 pounds from my peak weight to a BMI of 30. But my HbA1C has been a rock solid 5.6 for years, after 20 years of being diabetic. The endocrine disorder is still there, but at least I am not at high risk of the complications of diabetes.

  • So nice to hear the humanity of this doctor. I hope they find the reality of diabetes soon. My brother is skinny and has type 2 diabetes….so it is not obesity that this disease only affects. Pray they find the answer.

  • I blame the enlightenment of the middle 1800's , people like kelloge who wanted everyone to eat grains for which we are not made to eat.

  • Dr Eric Berg here on YouTube always talks about how obesity is a symptom and so are most diseases and they're caused by sugar and carbs. Healthy Keto Diet.

  • My husband turned to an 80-10-10 diet and his entire health turned around. But we went back to a bad diet because his tooth retainer ruined his good teeth and he can no longer chew it. He doesn’t want dentures made of toxins. And a back injury has deteriorated his health again. We are praying through at least eating fully organic and cooked vegys n fruits that he can still keep some good health. His sugar is down but not far enough. But we don’t believe in drugs, in the Bible the word sorcery is pharmaceuticals. The insulin people take just makes it worse and causes more problems.
    My husband brought his sugar readings down 200 plus points by walking up a mountain and walking back down and eating raw okra… in just a few hours.

  • Powerful information at looking how the body is really always looking for ways to protect us and it makes mistakes and believes a lie at the cellular level. Correcting this misinformation can reverse ailments. Allergies are the same thing. The body can misinterpret the environment or food or chemical with a trauma that is happening at the same time and because it thinks this is a threat to the body it will put up a block to stop it from getting into the blood and then will store whatever it is in the cells. Often, as the Good Doctor says, they go to the fat cells, but depending on what it is, it can go to other cells and create other problems as well as deficiencies because that nutrient is no longer getting into the blood. These out of place, lies have a dissonant frequency which is not harmonious with the body. It can also be communicated with. This is the whole new science of energy medicine and quantum physics.

    It is also important to note that there is often an emotional component such as the Trauma can and often is an emotional trauma. This can also start in the womb and thus trigger chemistry that can affect one.Then it becomes commingled at the cellular level. Vaccines are a huge cause of confusion in the body as foreign chemicals masked as basic minerals but may be one step removed from nature can stop the show by putting up blocks and no one will look at this as caused by the vaccine. (Besides over-amping the immune system and not allowing it to do its job).

    This is another aspect for the Good Doctor to take a look at. I recommend Dr. Leslie Feinberg and his NeuroModulation Technique and Dr. Alex Loyd, Dr. Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique NAET These are 3 totally different approaches that have had good results. NMT and NAET are rooted in the same technology but the Healing Code is different. Also, looking at the wrong messages that were installed into our subconscious before the age of 7 might need a rewrite through one of these methods or even Psych – K, Developed by Rob Williams and recommended by Dr. Bruce Lipton This incorporates The Cream of the Crop Health Care (my company since 1980).

  • This is so touching and eye opening. What else so you need to know the corrupted system we live in don't want us to be healthy ? They are robbing us and killing us slowly. But yet we have brain to question.

  • All I know is when I hear doctor, hospital, or health care clinic is criminal, someone who doesn't know what they are talking about, or in it for the money and will just prescribe another "medication" or some other doctor based approval approach to cover up what is really going on. Listen people, I was overweight most of my life, and then got back into shape, and then got fat again. If you sit around and eat a bunch of stuff, of course your going to get fat and feel horrible. If you eat right and exercise you will lose weight and feel better…plain and simple. All I eat now is oatmeal, chicken, lettuce, milk, apples, bananas, and canned vegatables. If you are someone with really bad sinus issues, horrible heart burn, stomach problems, etc…it is the food causing these things. I finally found out what was giving me heart burn so bad, that I thought that I was having a heart attack was, believe it or not, bread. If I eat about 3 or 4 slices of bread, which I would only eat once in a blue moon, I would get heart burn like you wouldn't believe. I don't know what is in Holsum bread, and Thomas blueberry bagels, but let me tell you something, I can see how people can develope cancers from continually eating these foods, and the crazy thing is, is that bread is one of the main things on the food pyramid. The food pyramid is complete bullcrap. Eating healthy is the key to a clear mind, great skin, no heart burn, no stomach problems, etc. Another thing nobody is talking about is soy along with the wheat, and it is in EVERYTHING. When I eat anything with wheat or soy, I wake up the next day depressed, with heart burn, and a very foggy and heavy head and in a really bad mood. I'm telling you people, diet and eating right is key. It took me almost two years to finally figure put what was doing these things to me. Another one is that my skin was filled with rashes and psoriasis, which I had most of my life, amd now it is completely gone and it hasn't come back. I really think that the yeast from bread and other foods kept causing me to flair up with these rashes. I haven't had a bad rash since I've cut out all breads, wheat, soy and other greasy, saturated fatty foods. One more thing to keep in mind is that we need more salt, not less and less of it. Too much is not great, but too little is very bad on the body. Do your own research is all I can say. Look at why oriental country's that salt their food very heavy live longer and do not have heart attacks.

  • What shoots his theory down it the laws of physics. If what his says is true then the bodies of fat people are defying the laws of physics and people have been eating processed gains and sugar since the 1940's.

  • He was right to despise her. Insulin resistance doesn’t just magically occur. It is a result of years of eating garbage. This is a perfect example of how correlation doesn’t imply causation. Insulin resistance is a result of lifestyle choices in the overwhelming majority of people, and lifestyle is a huge factor in its progression even in people with some underlying genetic anomaly.

    He “followed the food pyramid to the letter.” Proof. Overconsume insulin provoking foods, get insulin resistant. Ta-daaaaaaah!

  • It’s not just one thing you can do for DM. Everyone is different your body works differently. The answer is a dynamic one. Treat every person with DM differently. There is not a one answer fit all. Every patient will need dna test cellular testing to see how there cell are reacting. But guess what none of this will matter because it cost to much money and no companies will make money.

  • We all get things wrong, but the key factor is… did you learn from the mistake and modify your behaviour? Unfortunately these days most patients and relatives only see revenge and £/$ signs, it's a very limited number that only wish to hear the word 'sorry'!

  • Has he tested whether it's fat that blocks insulin? Intramyocellular fat? And perhaps we eat too much animal protein and fat which causes inflammation, IGF1 growth factor proliferation. See Mastering Diabetes for more info. Eat whole food, plant based diet and follow, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Michael Klapper, Chef AJ, Dr. McDoogle, etc. Your problems will be solved. You will be healthy and happier.

  • I tell you, my diabetes started around my age of 52, doctors found my sugar lever is somewhere in 250. So they start diabetes treatment. and later i found out, when i left USA for 15 days even for a month vacations, i noticed my sugar level was not so bad as when i was back In the USA. Later i moved to Philippines where i noticed lower blood sugar than in US. After living here now for 15 years, my doctors tell me i have no more diabetes and i should stop eating Metformin, to kill the effect of diabetes. So i stop. And when I check my sugar level, it is always withing the normal numbers. How can anybody explain that?. US doctor predicted i will have to , in older age, inject insulin and the opposite just happened. I don't use Metformin anymore and eat sweet like a healthy person and sugar level is just fine. Miracle? I think its the food Americans eat. Corporation making food are killing people, here is it still not so bad. Chicken is a chicken, pork is a pork and everything else is sort of normal. My diabetes is the proof of it. plus more sick you are, more Pharma companies make money. They need us to be sick.

  • My experience is I developed insulin resistance, the glucose was not getting into my cells, I felt hungry, ate more, which made it worse. Due to digestive issues I’m on a high carb diet. I got a blood glucose monitor. I noticed that short spurts of exercise dramatically dropped my blood glucose. Also, I took certain supplements, like zinc, and others, that help insulin long as I do short bursts of exercise and keep a check on my blood glucose my AIC is about 5.2. But before I discovered this it was 5.7 and climbing. So if someone has insulin resistance and doesn’t know it, and is into high carb eating without the balance of protein, fiber, and fat, they may find they’re always really hungry, and eat more and more, causing their blood sugar problem to get worse. I recommend a 10 GE blood sugar meter and some test strips to everyone. It could give you the critical feedback you need so you never get diabetes.
    Knowledge is power.

  • I am eating less than my daily amount of calories should be for many years but I am still overweight !! recently I have diagnosed with prediabetes !! I am just 24 and I always eat healthily and I don't even like the taste of sugar

  • Assume that insulin resistance drives obesity. Insulin resistance is driven by many "bad" genes each contributing a little nudge. So…if you reject the obesity–>insulin resistance, doc. You take away all hope–an individual can't change genetics. He/she CAN change lifestyle and diet. Consider the practical nature of treatment–what is under an individuals control (lifestyle and diet) and what is just a crappy hand dealt by a mean dealer (genes). Logical.

  • This is why im going into medicine, I need to spread the truth and skepticism that has led me to my own good health in the first place.

  • This “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it) is the most smart as well as easy to follow program for overall health and curing diabetes. Through this program, you could change your diet and lifestyle without being particular about your carb or even calorie. My transition to a healthier life style hasn`t just helped me lose fat but also recover from diabetic issues and high blood pressure! It`s correct that you truly could reverse diabetes…

  • Thank you for this video. I was diagnosed with type one, 4 months ago. 5'2 120lbs. A thousand questions of why??!! I excersised and ate properly. So why??

  • Please don't take away trillion dollar business of a pill a day pharmaceutical industry please…they want to stop research at treatment level not cure level… Please don't tell truth lolz kidding

  • Assumptions gave us Macro evolution, without proof, yet believed by most scientists. And they wonder why unproven assumptions have permeated science and medicine. What about not eating eggs because cause cholesterol? Wasn't that science? What about taking the fat out of food and putting in sugar? Yeah, that was a great scientific idea. Assumptions and no proof, then it gets published, and we trustingly follow and suffer the consequences.

  • 2019 calling you! Yeah, duh. Sugar is toxic. Okay. Thanks. You could have skipped to the point, but I guess that wasn't common knowledge six years ago.

  • Fatties are gross. They do eat to much and they don’t exercise enough. And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the food pyramid tells people to eat too much food. This talk sucked.

  • Dr. Peter Attia is a wonderful person having the courage to admit publicly that he may be wrong about that over-weight patient. He has an audible called "the drive". highly recommend. I like him even more after bumping into his Ted speech.

  • the real problem in this country (usa), are the DOCTORS , i do get free healthcare as im a veteran , but i still would prefer in an event to go get treated somewhere else , meantime i take care of myself as much as i can .you should do the same

  • Wonderful talk … today's "given", is tomorrow's "riddle" … rinse and repeat … you can be my doctor any time … need more like you … peace and love to you.

  • I looked up "Metabolic Syndrome" on the pinnacle of internet intelligence: Google. It stated that it was a cluster of conditions (conditions include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels) and went on to say that treatment can help, but can't be cured.

    Show of hands, who believes that it can't be cured?

  • My guess is related to cyclic physical/dietary stress, and the lack-there-of in western diets and lifestyles. This is somewhat of an appeal to nature, but I think its OK so long as it is acknowledged.

    A more 'traditional' human lifestyle involves intermitent fasting, and seasonal dietary composition. You eat a lot of meats in winter season because the animals are out looking for scarce vegetation and have no brush to hide in. Lots of vegetation and/or fish in the spring and summer, and lots of fruit in the fall. and every so often, you eat lots of nothing.

    In the developed world, you eat lots of everything all of the time. I am convinced that the combination of starches sugars proteins and fats all in the same general proportions all of the time, with very little if any fasting, and baseline activity, triggers a 'we have lots of food lets just store it all' mode, which is mediated by insulin resistance. Specifically the combination of fats and high glycemic index carbs.

    I think people on moderate/high carb low fat diets do well, and people on moderate/high fat low carb diets do well, and everyone else is fucking themselves.


  • Embarrassing our society needs to be Ted Talked into realizing that obese people aren't choosing to be obese. They are sick.

  • Career suicide caught on camera. The American Medical Association has no tolerance for individual thought. I hope Dr. Attia can make a living selling books, because he'll likely be shown the door. The AMA and big Pharma are in the business of finding new "cancers" – not cures. Finding cures is detrimental to economic health.

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