ORAL SEX MIRACLE CURE for Morning Sickness? [Study]

gordon galloped has a theory he hasn’t
tested yet i hope they can pour codifies interested
but he says that pregnant women who are continuously exposed to their fathers
semen no father now their father argument is
that why i would stick with the father uh… are less likely to suffer from
a_t_m_ nausea when he finds the subject line is lame i
guarantee near and tell me if i’m greatly milan up uh… out in this like or need has been written all over
at the end i is my skype pregnancy in nineteen eighty uh… is i think if you know give me all sexy or
feels respect on taken months there thank you the hypothesis has yet to be taxed an
elephant in like two times here at that time i let’s be clear first of all it’s not
just that you have to perform oral sex on him she has to be continually exposed to the
sperm i don’t know how many times per day that’s supposed to be out of these
up two and then uh… but that that’s his theory he presented this concept to
the two thousand twelve northeastern evolutionary psychology society’s nexus
in front of a group of pierces hocus-pocus and so there’s a big decline
in the background but anyway whether there’s a couple
interesting aspects of this one i didn’t know that apparently morning sickness
has no actual scientific explanation capitalize and i’m eddie mair an abiding difficult but also on you might question his motives in
talking about this and we’re going to help you to continue doing that he has long been making headlines as a
proponent of the healing nature of sperm uh… into dozens of relates well a lot of people doing i don’t think
into doesn’t anyways we conclude exposure to c min offered antidepressant qualities i guess he felt much better after i said
earlier today i think that and a present for the manhattan identified i still
believe that i just got to be honest with you uh… anyway he says that if it’s true if it actually uh… helps
not just the net effect of the woman um… they can help with apparently
there’s some serious things that can develop from morning sickness again apparently lied to high blood pressure
early labor uh… and things like that so look if it helps to that i guess
that’s good divan okay for this is not currently pregnant
but we’ll just have to see if you know slightly last slightly scandalous and
specter of this he also says that one reason that they
think that this might be true is that apparently morning sickness is lower in subsequent pregnancy so long as the father of each
child is the same so if you are having your second or third child right now and
your wife is still suffering from massive morning sickness you might want to get a blood test for
maine and this is gonna shock you you’re buying tickets get used to being
pregnant and i have an impact on scientific here’s the theory is that the
controversial maybe if you want her to feel better maybe you perform oral sex on federal

99 thoughts on “ORAL SEX MIRACLE CURE for Morning Sickness? [Study]

  • Option 1: Hey pregnant wife, give me sex.
    Option 2: Hey pregnant wife, since you won't give me sex I will go find it elsewhere.

    Sounds fair?

  • You got me. I'm a virgin. Sorry, but no falatio is a deal breaker. That goes both ways, too. If she doesn't want me to give her "oral pleasure" (I'm making Pulp Fiction references here, btw) then we have another DOA relationship. I don't need to get into a relationship with someone with weird sexual hangups. Call me a virgin all you want, but don't be jelly.

  • I hope this is true and that it is conclusively proven, because nothing would be funnier than hearing a doctor prescribe a blowjob to a pregnant woman.

  • TYT should leave science to the scientists; or at least do a minimal amount o research on the subject they discuss, otherwise it's just pointless.

  • You don't test theories John, you test hypothesis through experiments and then end at a theory. The word theory does not mean guess or "an idea that popped into my head". A theory is an explanatory model that has been validated by experimental evidence. Please learn your science vocabulary before doing science stories. Lear the scientific method too, because you sound like a creationist. "Evolution is just a theory". Yes it is, that's why it's absolutely true. Theory = validated fact not guess.

  • I have a theory; and bare with me ladies; that women who give me blowjobs and swallow my semen are 20 times more likely to win the lottery. Now, since the chances of winning the lottery are about one in 10,000,000 it's necessary that I will need a very large amount of willing test subjects. In time, I hope that we can get to the bottom of this mystery and make scientific history.

    You also have to swallow. That's very important for science reasons.

  • I've been listening/watching TYT since it was Cenk, Ben and Jill on Sirius satellite radio. IMHO it's some of the best journalism in the world. I understand you guys are branching out and that's totally awesome. That being said, I kind of wish TYT wouldn't "like" every one of these tytuniversity shows, flooding my stream.

    You guys are totes awesomes though. I think that's what the kids are saying πŸ˜›

  • Not a perfect fit for this story but I said it before and I will say it again "for science" is the best pick-up line ever.

  • Shhhhh… don't ruin the magic of science. It's like creationism. It doesn't need to be true or logical; I just need some folks who believe in it.

  • um.. ok. interesting topic. Now, Look, I have nothing against the practice of any religion, but I draw the line at the constant shoving it in my face via A GAWDAMN Unskipable MORMON.ORG ad at the beginning of 90% of every Youtube video Get out of my f**king face with those ads. Enough is enough. What the frak does Mormon.org have to to with The Young Turks (a Progressive Liberal News Show), NOTHING AT ALL!!!

  • Jeez all the TYT shows fail at science. Morning sickness has been explained for 70 years please look it up on Wiki. Do a wiki search before doing a story so you don't sound completely idiotic.
    "Morning sickness is currently believed to be an evolved trait that protects the fetus against toxins ingested by the mother. Many plants contain chemical toxins that serve as a deterrent to being eaten."

    There are many other reasons as well.

  • It has already been proven. TYT sucks on science. Do your own research. Morning sickness has been explained for many years. John is an idiot.

  • I think the key phrase from that quote is "currently believed," as in, they don't know conclusively if that is the correct answer. So the TYT claim stands.

  • Morning sickness has a scientific explanation. It is to deal with parasites and other things that might infect a baby back in caveman days. Thats why meat, eggs, anything that can be spoiled triggers that stuff.

  • Yes good for morning sickness, and making sandwiches, talking very little, taking our the trash and watching Star Trek re runs, all good for morning sickness

  • irrelevant, funny how My wife and I always feel much better a few hours after having sex early in the morning, right before we go about our daily lives.. never paid any attention, until now. Interesting… Hey John, you should try with that girl on the left, make her a believer.. (:

  • This theory assumes the pregnant woman is married. Hypothetical what if the woman is pregnant but not married and the post man or male neighbor gets a blowjob from a pregnant woman does that count or do they have to be married for it to work? What if the pregnant woman is gay/lesbian? Really what guy would be so selfish he would want his pregnant wife to move around on her knees to do a blowjob that could possessively cause the baby to get hurt.

  • I read the title of this video and I thought it was going to be the other way around. I thought it was a cure via giving the female oral… the actual story makes no sense. It just sounds like a male fantasy or a story by The Onion.

  • You don't even get a Pulp Fiction reference and you dare to peg me as a virgin? I even spelled it out for you. Good luck, bai.

  • They get sick in the morning because the baby is kicking them in the ovaries all night long, which is the equivalent of being kicked in the balls

  • Damn, John REALLY wants 2 FUCC Lisa!!… Yo john, just make a move already dawg!!!… She is pretty cute!… If i was as close to her as you are, I'd be trying to get in her pants just as much too….. She is a cutie and a hottie… I'd give her all the ORAL she'd want, believe that…!!!

  • I'm not hating or anything, I'm just saying you could say "I wanna see Ana's stance on this" or "I wanna see where Ana stands on this" – both are correct. I totally understand how if English is not your primary language, the mistake that basically combines the two phrases can be made pretty easily.

  • There are numerous studies, not just his, about the effects of semen, not the sperm(for the vasectomized), on women. The effect on men are obvious, but most studies have stuck to coitus. The lining of the vaginal wall absorb compounds found in the semen&contribute to the positive effect, in addition to the orgasm's effects. Epithelial lining, which lines all externally exposed surfaces, exists in the colon,strictly speaking the GI tract is on the outside, vagina and mouth too. These areas

  • are more susceptible to absorption than say our skin due to highly permeability for excretion of mucus and other fluids. Obviously oral sex may have a benefit on a woman, if she one has him ejaculate in her mouth, this would suffice, or swallows. It is still selfish as she can derive more pleasure and easing of sickness if she just gets a good [email protected]#ing. As for the comment on the GI being on the outside.Is a donut hole inside the donut, or outside of it?

  • Same thing goes with women on their periods. Most of the symptoms they exhibit during menstruation, or right before menses, will be the same they will exhibit when pregnant, as right up to the period, the body thinks you are pregnant. When it realizes you are not, lack of hCG to supplant the ovaries' roles, you get the menses to get rid of the excess tissue. This is why sexing up your girl right before their period helps both of you out, and during you can find other ways too &avoid the blood.

  • Holyyyyyyyyy shit… that first bit was fucking awkward, I had to take a break for 5 minutes because I couldn't stop laughing, wtf? xD

  • That's a bad way to identify virgins.
    I bet most of the virgins wound use a better replacement for ''kissing it''.

    And why would someones sexual experience be relevant?

  • Lisa is wrong in a couple of things, women's sex drive actually increases during pregnancy, so this isn't really a horny husband thing. Also, semen might cure depression, it has some of the natural chemicals that you'll find in cocaine

  • No projection here πŸ˜‰ . I was in a hurry to lose my virginity (and denied I was one) so I can speak from experience when i say 'nothing to be ashamed of' because I was.

  • What I like about TYT is even when one of them makes an embarrassing fuck up, like "their father's semen" they keep rolling with it anyway and don't start over.

  • damn john, couldn't you have let lisa read this one and then comment yourself?! none of your straight male viewers wants to see you talking about swallowing semen!

  • i saw the title and i thought it was about cunnilingus. . . now i think this "researcher" is full of shit lol

  • these are probably the only comments where me and the other person weren't calling each other dumbasses after every reply. and to be honest, I STILL don't know if you were serious or not.

  • Lol Oh I know…people can be so rude that it boggles my mind. I am serious though and diet has a big part in how tasty and satisfying his sperm is. I was able to tell that my husband had had a cigarette by his sperm. He hadn't smoked in months before that and showers as soon as he gets home from work so other than the semen I had no way of knowing. But the fluid tasted like smoke. Really. No joke. We were both quite impressed.

  • it's because the initial sperm that fertilized the egg is sometimes seen as a foreign body invading the mother's body. The more exposure the mother has to identical sperm, the less intense the "morning sickness" is. Not all women get morning sickness, and some get it worse than others. This remedy hasn't been proven at all, but the paper is quite interesting. Read it!

  • You should be aware that there is actual theoretical reasons behind why this could work, don't dismiss it just because it sounds funny.

  • sickm the woman takes all the power u stupid how can u waste it like that, it's sick, fucking gays, I'm sick u want to give me up from women.

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