Natural GOAT LICE Treatment

Hey it’s Jaime from Guildbrook Farm and we have a little bit of a lice problem with our goatees. So we got our goats probably
about three months ago and when we first got them we noticed that the baby, who has
a little bit longer hair than the older doe, kept scratching and rubbing up
against the fence and you know was using her hoof like a dog does to scratch
herself. And after closer inspection we noticed that she was infested with lice.
Lots of lice. So what we did was I made up a lice powder which I have here
and it’s about a 3/4 cup of DE, which is diatomaceous earth,
it’s about 0.15 cups of sulfur powder which is this stuff here, and then some
tea tree oil and some peppermint oil. Now lice don’t like any of those things. The
DE is sort of an abrasive to lice and any soft body animals, and will
supposedly cut them up. The sulfur powder, peppermint oil, and the tea tree oil are
all deterrents for lice. So we started applying this every couple days to the
baby, which her name is Asriel, and we noticed that the lice were decreasing
and decreasing but she still has them now three months later. Now the reason for
that is because the life cycle of lice in goats is that they hatch out about
every three to ten days, so she was completely infested. We killed off all
the adults but there were tons of eggs in her hair and so like three, four or
five days later, a couple more hatched out and we did it again. She still had
enough, enough adults lived to lay more eggs and so on and so forth.
The numbers are decreasing but she still has lice. So what we’re going to do today
is we are going to trim her hair and we’re going to use an electric trimmer
with a number 10 blade on it. This is going to cut her close but not too close
and hopefully it will cut off most of those lice and then we’re also going to
sprinkle her down with this and we’re going to probably add a little bit of sulfur
powder to her diet. And so that’s going to attack it from all angles. You get
sulfur in her system that’s chasing away the lice, we have the powder that’s
killing off any of the adults and then we’re just going to shave off those eggs.
Anything that we can. Now I don’t know how this is
going to go guys, to be perfectly honest. She’s probably not going to like being
restrained so we’ll see how that goes. And for you guys who are interested in
doing something like this, keep in mind that our goats are kept in a
very shaded area. There’s some concern that shaving your goats might cause
sunburn so you might want to keep that in mind if this is something that you
guys decide to do. All right so we’re going to go grab Asriel, we’re going to
lock her into the milking stand, put a little food in there to entice her to
stay a little bit with us, and we’re going to see how this goes. Alright so “note to self” the clippers are
dead. I need to charge those right before doing anything like this. They were
charged fully but then they sat for probably about a month.
Definitely charge your cordless razor before you go to shave your goat.
Well now we’re going to apply the DE and the sulfur powder. So if you guys are
using DE, as you know, if you breathe it in it can cause breathing problems and inflammation so just make sure you don’t breathe it in or just be very careful in
applying it. I’m rubbing it in really good
backwards under her hair kind of thick. Make contact with any lice that are in there. We got quite a bit of hair off but could have gotten a lot more. She still was quite a bit of hair. She’s
about as long as Evie’s right now. I wish I would have been able to trim
her up just a little bit more on the sides, but you get what you get and you don’t make a fit. I did rub in the DE and the sulfur pretty well. Now that’s going to
cause her skin to dry out quite a bit but it’ll clear up. Right now my main
concern is getting all the eggs and the lice off of her so she’s much more
comfortable and I think this possibly ought to do the trick. Like I said the
eggs were kind of hatching and we were just trying to stay ahead of it and they
kept reducing and reducing and reducing but I think this might be the
final trick. We’ll probably put on another dose of the DE mixture in about
another three days or so and see how that is. Now when we first brought them
back with lice I did treat both goats even though I didn’t really see any lice
on Evie, but I’ve only been treating Asriel going forward because I don’t see any
reason to keep treating Evie when she doesn’t have a lice problem. It’s
really this one. All right so today is day two after shaving and doing the lice
treatment on Asriel. We’re going to go take a look at her and see how she’s
doing. Alright so she’s scratching, so they’re
still there. Let’s take a look. Really? Someone wants attention. I might get spiked in the face. I do see… I saw one and it was an adult,
and there’s another one right there so we still have lice but we’re gonna give
her another treatment of the powder and we’re just gonna keep doing that until
we get rid of all these lice. Huh baby. You don’t like it do you? Alright
guys so day three of Asriel lice eradication. ilaria and I attempted to
get Asriel back up in the milking stand and shave her again. We fully charged
this… what is this? A Wahl pet shaver thingy. And yeah it didn’t hold a charge
for like more than two minutes. I would not… at this particular time I would not
recommend this particular razor. So we’re gonna go in and check on Asriel
and see what her lice are doing today, see if we got off a lot of the eggs and
can see if we can find any adults in there still. Come on… There’s one. All right so there’s a
lice still. I don’t know if you guys can catch that on camera. So we still have a
little bit of a lousy problem. We’re going to keep putting on the sulfur and
the DE and giving her a little bit of extra sulfur in her feed and we’ll see
if that keeps working. I would love to know what you guys do for lice. Now again, I’ve only had goats for a couple months now. I’m only going by what I’ve read
that other people do as far as natural methods of getting rid of lice, which is
shaving, removing the eggs and putting on sulfur, and giving sulfur and
using DE and peppermint oil and tea tree oil. I’d love to know what you guys use?
What has worked for you guys in the past if you guys have goats? Leave your
comments down below, and if you guys like this kind of stuff, hit the bell, like and
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appreciate your support. We’ll see you guys in the next video. Are you eating my

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  • I don't personally have goat but a friend of mine recommended Coral dust. It can be used to treat the sleep space to. Both goats should be treated. And bedding taking care of.

  • I think the shaving went really well because she's used to being groomed & brushed by you, I thought she was really calm and well behaved for you. I wondered whether she might infect Evie (was that her crying in the background? She was NOT happy at all was she.) The other thing is are you treating her bedding or where she sleeps, burning the straw and disinfecting the floor, can you disinfect earth? because they could be in there as well & climbing back on board every night. Do they make Nit Combs for animals the way they do for humans? If not just a strong comb with close together teeth would work? I don't know the policy for washing Goats, can you? if you can then a Lice-B-Gone Shampoo & a good scrub might help, other than that, the Louse mixture your Goat Guru recommended being rubbed in then combing them out, put a tarp or sheet over the milk stand to catch them as you comb her, then you can wash them away, but away from their area, looks like the best bet. Those are the kinds of steps I would have taken if my dogs ever came home (on the odd occasions they had to go into kennels, it's beyond cheeky to ask anyone to take 3 long-haired dogs while you go on holiday) from boarding out with lice. (Thankfully the only thing they ever caught was kennel cough, and they never went in again because I freaked out 😆!) Good Luck in your battle against the bugs.

  • Do you have a lice comb? The comb can help get rid of lice and eggs manually, if you comb daily, then put the nits/eggs in soapy water. Just curious where you got the recipe for the DE mixed with the essential oils? You don't want the nits to be discouraged away from the DE, so putting the essential oils in places the DE doesn't stay very well like the undersides, will help drive the pests up where the DE does stay like on top, as you want the little nits to get lots of contact with the DE. Also lice are considered highly contagious, so unless you want those nits leap frogging back and forth between your goats prolonging the process, its always recommended to treat all your susceptible animals that have any kind of contact. Hope that information may be helpful in some way! : )

  • That is the loudest goat. Have you thought about a 3rd goat to giver her company? Or possibly a livestock guardian dog? It would comfort her

  • when u have 3 goats and are working on 1 of them the other always have company,,,i learned that from my limited experience,,,still learning, thanks,,that video made my head itch

  • I see cattlemen hang bags that cows rub against at their leisure. I wonder if something like that would help?

  • I have seen articles about using neem oil and neem shampoo on animals and humans for lice, fleas, and tics. You would want to use 100% cold pressed neem oil. I get it from the Rusted Garden website. He buys it in big 5 gallon buckets and rebottles it for sale to his customers. It is a concentrate, so a little goes a long way.

  • Walmart carries that same brand but plug-in version for Fairly cheap price. you might want to put the settings to 7or 8. 10 seems a bit too long still. still too much fur for those lice to hide out in and since there is no concern with sunburn I think you would be okay

  • Though I have always enjoyed your videos, I really enjoy this new way you have been presenting them. I just read down through the comments and am quite impressed with all the suggestions others had. With all the talk in the world that no one gives a hoot about others and their lives, you get a real good example like this of what a wonderful world we live in.

  • Durvet screw worm spray…kills all life stages on contact..not organic or natural but works with one or two sprayings…we used to have a reptile rescue a few years ago and could never get rid of the mites…tried everything everyone says to use…. nothing ever worked for months…..tried the durvet and one treatment in each cage and that was the last we had mites…works for lice too…most livestock or farm and ranch stores should have it….

  • Hey there Guildbrook'ers 🙂 Glad to see ya'z again! I started to research some things for you and found some seemingly good tips on one of the first sites I located myself on – link provided below. It offers several methods of ridding parasites in more natural ways without the use of commercial toxins. I'll be honest – I have zero knowledge or experience in dealing with goats as an adult BUT I do remember an incredible amount of trial & error performed by my parents to tackle just about every problem we ever had on our little "farm". The site offers remedies such as allowing chickens to roam with the goats to eat up any pests, pasture rotation (which I understand would be difficult for you right now considering you only have 1 goat pasture), and a variety of herbs that repel parasites in various ways. I hope this helps! Ultimately, persistence is key so don't give up! =] Happy Homesteading, guys!! 🐐🐓🐣


  • I enjoyed watching, don't have a farm or goats but always enjoy watching. A dream life for sure, I'd love to live on a homestead, just can't seem to get my wife and kids on board.

  • I saw the other goat scratching in your video so I would check her as well. Don't have goats, but I can say we had head lice at school this year and it was never ending. The key is the nits. Good luck.

  • Mayo works on lice-for humans too. You need to leave it on long enough to suffocate them. you can google it. What about their environment being contaminated?

  • I have Wahl trimmer for humans and I had the same problem. I am in search of good clippers myself. Once you have used cordless it is really hard to go back! That darn cord keeps getting in the way! Had goats years ago. Good thing ours seemed to thrive on neglect, I didn't know or do any of the things that I keep seeing on you tube. Lucky that I didn't accidentily kill them.

  • You could try Neem oil. I have used it on my chickens. I put warm water in a tote container and dipped my chickens in it. Then repeat a week later. They have no more lice a yr later. Worked great for their problem. You might try it in a garden sprayer to apply it to her. It is all natural and will not harm her. Interrupts their life cycle. good luck

  • Hiya, i dont have goats but i have 2 small dogs. We had problems with lice and the only home made remedie that worked for me was giving them a worm bath and wash them in fairy liquid, but leave the body and legs in the water soaking because lice play dead!!! Them i rince them off well and i will spray them all over with a home made lemon solution!! In 1 liter of water to 1 big lemon cut it up and boil, them leave to cool over night… i dont rince… just make shore you dont get it in there eyes. I also spray the floor and on there beds! It works for me! Try it 👍🏻 i love your Chanel 😜 Xao Sam from Spain

  • Oh My Gosh, J… are you not breathing that in?? lol Big ol' DE cloud all up in your face… Is it true that DE not only kills the bad bugs, but also the good bugs and bees too? I read it on a chicken website from someone's comment. Haven't done any research on it. Just wondering if you've heard or read that too…?

  • are you just treating the goat or are you treating the sleeping area get rid of the hay that they are sleeping on and do that every several days. it isn't cheap and you will not get rid of all the lice. it is in the ground, and where ever they lay down at. you just have to keep up keeping it clean. inm not saying hospital clean. as I have seen goats will scratch against everything. that should keep the infestation down. by the way tell the owners of her before you what is going on.

  • Have you tried using straight tea tree oil in a spray bottle. When applied straight to the nits. the tea tree oil soaks into the nits and kills the larva. then they won't hatch. I have tried several times and works great

  • Are you treating where she sleeps? Do goats have their own spots? What about her brushes, towels and her lead? I think Patara with Appalachia's Homestead uses DE in all of her bedding. But I've heard when your children get lice you need to clean any thing they come on contact with, probably the same with goats. Some people change their pasture regularly. That way the lice in one pasture starve and die before the goats come back. Good luck. xoxo

  • Literally ruby your mixture into her ass area and around the neck and in the ears and face. Careful. Not a goat owner, but a dog owner that has dealt with this in the past and regularly. Honestly Dawn usually does the trick alone if you let it sit on the animal for about 5 minutes or more. Ticks, lice and fleas: in my experience. If that does not work, H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) with baking soda and wash with Dawn. LET THE DAWN SIT!!! for about 5 minutes while the animal has the mixture of H2O2 and baking soda on it. Yes Caustic, but really not that bad, just not in the eyes. Great for skunked animals as well.

  • can this mixture be used in chickens bust bathing area? I've used DE I'm curious about the sulfer is ok for chickens?

  • After you said be careful with the DE and breathing, I unintentionally held my breath whilst you were doing it 😂

  • will you sprinkle DE on the ground area where the goats are to kill adults, eggs and larvae? Does that work?

  • Eucalyptus oil is said to help. But otherwise, use a lice comb. It's a steel comb with very close together teeth that catches all of the adults and larvae. You can get these combs for people for under $5, but it will take time and effort to comb the entire goat.

  • vinegar strips the hair to cut the sticky goo that holds the eggs and treat with your powder to keep them off her and treat your ground where she's at with Mama too! I used his on my goats and I got one goat one time I had to oil her down (veggie oil) for two to three hrs then vinegar treatment then your powder mix, comb her out after vinegar treatment! hope this helps!my🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍

  • Mine got them this winter and I mixed 4cc sunflower oil and 1cc of ultra boss in a syringe and shook it well and put it on their withers as deep in the hair as I coud get it. Then husband changed all the bedding.

  • I have found food grade DE to use on my chickens who get mites. I put it in their food and on the ground. After cleaning their coop and dust flying everywhere I got some of those critters on myself. (Gross) BYW, I did not use DE in my food.

  • Looks like you are doing it right to me! Im thinking a few more treatments then some maintenance treatments on both should do it…oh and their bedding….which Im sure you do….cause you are cautious that way!

  • Sounds like you cleared it, but I can't figure out how. Was it the treatment in the video or something else?

  • Hello, our vet gave us Co-Ral for the lice but I am nervous to use it as you can overdose them. Has anyone out there used it? Thank you.

  • You could try coconut oil – it works well to stop nits (head-lice) in school kids, and works great on our cats to stop fleas and also give them a beautiful coat. – or you could experiment with a combo of coconut oil and DE etc –                                                                                                                                                                                                                             PS. Food Grade DE is a great natural vermicide to take internally to deal to parasites in humans, and has other beneficial side effects too.

  • Hi guys I'm new to owning a goat and I'm wondering can you bathe a goat and if yes how and with what I want to do it right and not damage his natural oils or anything.Thanks

  • I'm new to goat ownership. Could you use the lice shampoo you use on people.
    If it works on kids it should work on a goat, right?

  • Lice like fleas live most of their lives off the animal and only jump on to feast. You have to treat the betting the dirt and the area that the animals live in in order to really rid them of lice. Otherwise they are just re-infested constantly. Now there are some poisons that would work but it wouldn’t make very good goat milk. Just like some flea medicine ‘s you can put on a dog and it will kill every flea in the vicinity within an hour. God knows what it’s doing to the dog though.

  • Looks like the goat and people were in the fog DE yikes ….
    use a mask so as not to breath in any dust!!!

  • Just an FYI with the diatomaceous earth…… It is edible to humans & will not harm you. Check your potato chips….. diatomite is used to make them.

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