MyStreet Trick or Treat! PT. 2 | MyStreet Lover’s Lane [S3 Ep.15 Minecraft Roleplay]

*cue random music* *still random music* (Gene) Uhh The guys just keep looking over this way (aphmau warewolf) Huh! Let them (zane) It’s getting to the point where its kind of creepy (Aapdmau warewolf) Just don’t pay attention to them I’m not in any mood to talk to them right now Hmph! (Aaron) Ehehehe It was kinda funny seeing you jump like that They didn’t seem to be doing it out of harm *magic noise efect* (aphmau warewolf) *an angry hmm* (Aaron) I-I mean YEAH, HOW DARE THEY (zane) While it annoyed both Aaron and I that they kept scaring you, I’m kind of on the fence about this one Aaron is right…It was a tad funny AFTER the fact But at the same time they were doing it to help Lucinda (aphmau warewolf) Yeah, I know I just want them to suffer a tad (sure a TAD…) for doing that to me So…let them keep their puppy eyes for a while ehehe (Gene) Oh, you can be evil..I like that (zane) She’s not evil! She’s pure (Aaron) Yeah, pure evil (zane) Huh? (Aaron) You don’t live with! She hogs the bathroom all the time! (aphmau warewolf) HEY! *la dee da music* (garroth) Laurance, I don’t think this is working (Laurance) Just keep up with the sad puppy eyes Aphmau likes cute things she’ll break eventually (Travis)I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up (Dante) Right this is unnatural Should we just go over there and apologize again? (Laurance) No, that’s the easy way! We gotta show her we mean it. (Katelyn) Uhh what are you guys doing (Travis) Long story short, we messed up reaal bad wih Aphmau and we’re trying to make it better by looking like adorable puppies to get her to forgive us (katelyn) Well you’ve been doing this since I saw you guys across the street it’s just creepy at this point (LOOK IT’S ROSS disclaimer) Why don’t you just go up to her and apologize? (Laurance) We’ve already tried that and she’s not accepting (Katelyn) Ooh, then you must’ve done something bad Well, with how ridiculous you guys look, at least it shows you’re working for it (Travis) Speaking of looks, Katelyn, you look awesome in that vampire outfit. Very siuting (Katelyn) Aww, thanks Travis. I thought it was going to be unique, but it looks like Gene decided to go to the same store I did (; ・`д・´) ughh (Travis) Let’s be honest, babe, you pull that outfit off way better than he does. (Katelyn) *vampire accent* Oh, you flatter me muahaha (Garroth) Say Katelyn, Lucinda’s booth ran out of your dad’s strawberry puffs. Do you think he’s going to bring some more? (Travis) Where is your dad anyway? And Aphmau’s mom for that matter (Katelyn) Oh they went to some get-together with some old friends tonight (Dante) Hey, I heard about that! My mom’s supposed to be there too! (Katelyn) Yeah, an old people thing I guess (Kawaii~chan) Hey there guys *crickets* (Katelyn) What…are you doing…with my clothes (Kawaii~chan) Oh, well Katelyn~sama said she’d help me with my costume, remember? (Kawaii~chan) Katelyn~sama, can you help Kawaii~chan with her costume? (Katelyn) As long as I don’t have to do anything (Kawaii~chan) PUUUURRRfect! That’s what I wanted to hear! Thank you Katelyn~sama! (Katelyn) Hm. Katelyn wins again Oh (Travisssss) I must be in heaven (Garroth) Okay, hold on one second! Who is the real Katelyn? (Katelyn) Haha very funny Garroth (Travis) Hm…that’s exactly what a fake Katelyn would say to throw us off (Katelyn) You guys can’t be Serious! (Katelyn) C’mon it’s just Kawaii~chan in my clothes (Laurance) See but that’s where I’m confused. The real Katelyn wouldn’t get dressed up for a party like this. She only get’s dressed up for theatre and stuff she hosts. (Katelyn) That’s not true (Kawaii~chan) Why are you impersonating me imposter? *giggles* (Dante) This is bad guys Do you think it’s Ivan? (Laurance) It could be He did say he would get us (Garroth) But the question is: which one is the real Katelyn? (Katelyn) Um duh, obviously (Kawaii~chan) It’s me (Laurance) She looks like the real Katelyn (Garrroth) Yeah, I think the one in the vampire outfit is the culprit (Katelyn) You guys are dumb I’m goin to talk to Aphmau (Garroth) I’m going to follow that Katelyn (Laurance) Right. I’ll stay here Travis, you know Katelyn best, let’s you and me interrogate this Katelyn here. (Kawaii~ chan) Huh? (Dante) I’ll go with Garroth! (Laurance) Divide and conquer. I like it. Let’s go Can’t let Ivan ruin this party *aaaaaaand music* (Katelyn) So, I hear the buttheads messed up with you. (aphmau warewolf) Ugh, they sure did and i am still upset with them (Katelyn) I don’t blame you They can be annoying, but it’s funny because they’re only annoying when they mean well (aphmau warewolf) Heh. Then I guess that means they always mean well Either way, nice costume, Katelyn. (Gene) Yeah. (Katelyn) Heh. Jealous I look better than you Gene? (Gene) * vampire/cat hissing sound * (Katelyn) * vampire/cat hissing sound * (Aphmau warewolf) Alright, calm down you two. (Katelyn) Say Aphmau, you know that vampires and werewolves aren’t- (Gene) Already used that line (Katelyn) stop STEALING EVERYTHING FROM ME!! * vampire/cat hissing sound competition* *here’s some more music* ( Ivan) I’ll show then No one kicks ME out of a party I hope they enjoyed the party while it lasted *maniac laugh* hmm…I don’t see the others Maybe they went home Either way… TAKE THIS *potion throwing sound* *the potion appears to be screaming in mid-air* (Aphmau warewolf) Alright you two, I wanna see a clear vampire fight *potion is still screaming* No fangs, and no throwing glitter in the eyes *the potion is STILL screaming* (Gene) Was that a joke? *yes, the potion is still continuing to scream* *the potion is about to stop screaming * *GLASS BREAKING SOUND AND SPLASHY SOUND* *now it’s Aphmau, Katelyn, Dante, Gene, Garroth, Zane, and Aaron’s turn to scream* *Aaaaand Ivan laughs like a maniac again* (Ivan) TAKE THAT!!!! See you later suckers *game bounce * *The three moms laugh for such a long time they must have super breath power* (Savannah) OH MY GOSH! I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW DOPE THAT PARTY WAS, YO! (Maria) It so was off the chain! (Zianna) SWAGALICIOUS! (Maria) hm..huh? We forgot the guys (Savannah) Don’t worry, they stayed back to catch up with our old pals; Eric let me know before we left. Now come ON! My mija is supposed to be helping her friend with our neighborhood party! (Zianna) Ah that’s right! My little Gar Gar and Zu Zu! Which reminds me, aren’t your boys here too, Maria? (Maria) Ah, yes they are! Gene and Dante have been hanging out a lot more which makes me so proud of them (Zianna) It is always nice when your kids get along (Savannah) Uh… Ladies? (Maria) Hm? (Savannah) I’m not sure if I have a sugar high or I’m sensing things, but….. Someone left a pile of babies on the floor And they look like our babies but…. BABIES This is……. This is…. *rainbow music sound efect* (Laurance) DON’T PANIC I SAW THE WHOLE THING LADIES, PLEASE DON’T PANIC THESE KIDS ARE YOUR KIDS BUT KIDS IT’S A LONG STORY THAT INVOLVES A POTION BUT I’M GONNA GO GET LUCINDA, AND EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT (yeah you’re the only one panicking right now, Laurance) DON’T PANIC, YOU’LL HAVE YOUR KIDS BACK TO ADULTS SOON *zooming away sound* (Savannah) So… These are our babies…. This is…. Just…. Too *all three moms synchronize magically* PERRRFECT!!!!!! (Sylvannah) DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS???!!! (Zianna) WE GET TO BE MOMMIES AGAIN!!!! *squeal* THIS IS THE BEST HALLOWEEN EVEA (Savannah) Okay wait.. Ladies… I’ve been waiting to do this since I found out… *clears throat* Aphmau? (baby aphmau) Hm? Yes Ma’am? (Sylvannah) You see this little boy over here? (baby Aaron) Me? (baby aphmau) Uh-huh! (Sylvannah) Do you want to be his girlfriend? (baby aphmau) Ha What? EWWWWWW NO! He’s a boy, and boys have cooties *blows rasberrys* (Sylvannah) Ah….Ah…. Just music to my ears (Zianna) Ladies What are we going to do with them? (you though I was going to use the same pun again? whaaaat nooooo……) We might not have enough time to enjoy this! (Sylvannah) I’m not gonna lie… I want to take them trick or treating (baby aphmau) T-trick or treating? *mini gasp* What a wonderful idea! Well, what’re we wating for? Lets go have fun! Do you kids want to go trick or treating? *everyone says yay this is gonna be awosem i cant wait to trick or treat yay i cant wait * *Spooky Scary Skeletons by The Living Toombstone plays* *normal music* (baby aphmau) How many candies did you get Katelyn? (baby katelyn) I got wots and wots of candies! (baby Dante) GEEEENEE, THERE’S A SCARY CANDY!! (baby Gene) Oh, that one has peanuts in it. You can’t have it (baby Dante) Thank you big bro! (baby garroth) Here Zwane, uh, let me open this candy for you. (baby zane) Thank you! You’re the best big brother ever! (Zianna) I’m going to cry..this is so beautiful! (Savannah) I know!! I miss this age so much! (baby aphmau) Aww….I didn’t get a Reeseses… I like those…. (baby Aaron) here you can have mine (baby aphmau) Aww, thank you! (Sylvannah) Mija, he has cooties! AHH COOTIES AHHHHHH (baby Aaron) *sniff* awww (Savannah) Oh….I guess that was kinda mean of me… Aphmau he doesn’t have cooties, come here and get your Reese’s. (baby aphmau) YAY! (savannah) It’s okay Aaron, cooties are a myth (baby Aaron) They are? (Savannah) Yes, cooties aren’t real, they’re just something I made up to scare Aphmau (baby Aaron) Oooooooh (baby aphmau) huh…can I have your Snickers too? (baby Aaron) NO (baby aphmau) Why? (Aaron) Uhh…because I have cooties! (baby aphmau) AH COOTIES!! *screams* *Aaron And Sylvannah laugh* (Sylvannah) What a little devil you are! I guess you’re alright… Only as a kid though *door opens* (Eric) Sylvannah I’m hoome! Sorry bout that Me and the guys wanted to catch up with…. *that rainbow sound music efect again* *the fanboy scream* IT’S MY SUGAR PEA!! BUT SUGAR PEA SIZED!!! (Sylvannah) Now Eric, I can explain…. (Eric) Oh hush Sylvannah, I don’t wanna know how this happened I just love my baby girl being this age!!! (baby Katelyn) *giggles* You’re the best daddy in the whole wide wold ever *Eric fanboys* (Maria) Tell me about it… They love you unconditionally and don’t complain about anything! (Gene) Mommy you’re the best! (Dante) Can you read us a bedtime story tonight? (Maria) Of course I can! (Katemeow) Me too daddy! (Eric) Well I’ll tell you one. How about I read you all a bedtime story right now? Bedtime stories are always my favorite to tell! *Everyone fangirls/fanboys about the fact that a bedtime story is about to be read to them* (And again, I’m not translating) (Narrator.) And so that night, Eric, Savannah, Maria, and Zianna all had relived fun memories of being parents once again. The night continued with fun and laughter Katelyn and her dad made strawberry puffs like they used to. Dante and Gene enjoyed playing video games with their mommy. Garroth and Zane enjoyed eachother’s company for once in a long time Savannah learned to love baby Aaron, and acted as his caretaker for the night long with her mija But she still didn’t like him as an adult to this day And with our happy tale concluding, we here on MyStreet wish you all A happy Halloween (HOLOWEEN) *Evil laughter and outro music*

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