43 thoughts on “More pregnant women are using pot to ease morning sickness

  • Smoking while pregnant isnot a good choice. I was born in tbe 60's. I have seen woman fro my childhood up that smoked weed when pregnant. None of those kids were add adhd. Hyper ect. Still its not a good idea.

  • I've got a funny feeling the good doctor has no idea what he's talking about. I could be wrong but I don't think he's ever had morning sickness. Why didn't Fox Jews get an expert in morning sickness on? WHY? No matter what the topic or subject Fox Jews always goes for the old hebrew male for their opinion. Why? These people are fucked in the head.

  • I'm sure the damage is much less than the public school system… why do they keep showing the dude smoking… is he pregnant? Fox News you are tanking! Peace ✌️

  • If a large section of the American population isn't retarded who'll vote for the republicans and watch the same shit year after year on Fox Jews? No retards then there's no republican party voters. No retards then Fox Jews will not exist without viewers. America needs retards like sunshine needs the rain.

  • Liberals are producing future stupid kids shameful these poor kids legalizing child abuse from the government state level way to go California and any other state shameful!!!!! As for us we keep our kids away from all that garbage and so should you God help these for children

  • I love the line “they can now legally smoke marijuana while pregnant”. Um I believe they can legally drink alcohol and smoke cigs while pregnant in California, right?

  • no actual studies! as a pregnant woman who uses cbd oil ( the kind made from hemp with no thc) I was sent to the specialist dr by my obgyn.. THEY CLEARLY STATED THAT THERE ARE NO HARMFUL AFFECTS ON THE BABY IF IT WAS JUST REGULAR MARIJUANA! All the ignorant people in the comment section are just that- ignorant. I'm im western pa, one of the largest and most advanced medical centers in the country, I am confident that IF it was harmful my dr's would know.

  • Pregnant women are advised by doctors to avoid caffeinated drinks and sodas. The risks, known and unknown, are just not worth a gamble with your child's wellness.

  • They refer to kids having problems with memory and needs a little extra help. It more likely cause of the over crowded classrooms, so the teachers doesn't have that extra time for that kid, so they pushed to see pediatrician to get kid on Ritalin. 10 years old, guy is a bullshitter. They push kids on drugs at the age of 7.

  • So what. Women have been given birth since the beginning of time. It's no one's business what you put in your body I'm sure millions of children are born absolutely fine

  • I do not believe anything they say these days regarding anything. I had morning sickness extremely bad. I could eat, I couldn't handle the smell of food, the smell of anything really. I started out my pregnancy as a smoker, I stopped smoking (that too, obviously made me sick). I was very emotional and had extreme anxiety and tried smoking marijuana one time and felt horrible about doing it, so I told my doctor. My doctor told me that he felt that the condition I was in, the morning sickness, weight loss and constant emotional stress/anxiety I had been experiencing would probably be helped by occasional marijuana usage. He explained to me that even though they warn against it, there was no studies with evidence proving that marijuana had any effect on an unborn fetus. He cautioned against everyday use of it for the same reasons that they say smoking is bad, but felt that it could truly be helpful in certain circumstances like mine where I was unable to eat anything and actually loosing weight when I needed to be getting the proper nutrition for the baby to grow. I stopped having the extreme morning sickness after 6 months and was able to eat some things without trouble and only turned to marijuana a handful of times over the 6 month period- but it helped me through the hardest part of my pregnancy. I had a healthy baby girl who turned out to be a straight A student, perfect – delightful child, who just graduated from college. It's hard to believe all that they warn you against when you think about all that they are poisoning us with like GMO's, chemtrails, vaccinations against diseases where more people die from the vaccinations than ever from the threat of the diseases they try to ward off.

  • My nausea peaked at week 6-8. I was desperate and I ordered "No to Morning Sickness Tea" just hoping for some sort of relief. It definitely settled my stomach and made eating so much more tolerable.

  • Anyone who says these babies are gonna be drug addicted please go jump off a cliff! Weed is not a fucking drug! People just label it as a drug because it makes you feel good! But the same idiots bashing weed smokers are the same one who take anxiety and pain meds while their pregnant smh that shit is worse for your baby! I have seen babies addicted to REAL DRUGS like meth! No baby whose mom smoked pot comes out the womb having withdraws! Ive seen bitches drink mountain dew and smoke cigarettes their entire pregnancy and had kids come out with asthma and adhd! I know plenty of women that smoked pot during pregnancy and their children have healthy babies with no behavioural issues! Im sick of you fucking judgmental cunts who basg people for what works for them but your the same pieces of shit who give birth to kids who are mentally fucked up and shoot up schools, rape kids, turn into serial killers and you didnt even smoke pot or do drugs while you were pregnant!

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