88 thoughts on “Mom Kelly Turner Charged With Murdering Her Daughter, Allegedly Faked “Terminal Illness”

  • 😶 the majority of serial killers in the u.s. are in the ages between 35 and 45 mostly Caucasian male

  • SOME👏🏾PEOPLE 👏🏾SHOULDN'T 👏🏾HAVE👏🏾KIDS. This all goes back to the conversation of sex education, availability of birth control and abortion.
    1. Make sex education consistent and stop making abstainnince the only fucking goal. Religion is great but it's not helping this problem.
    2.Avalibility to a variety of birth control. Stop treating the study of Male birth control like it's too dangerous. If woman can deal with all the effects so can men. Things like an IUD or the shot should be at least partially coverd. condoms aren't hard to find.
    3.Abortion isn't s forum of birth control. It's a serious emergency termination of an unwanted pregnancy.
    4.Foster care and adoption needs to seriously be looked into CPS is s joke and so is the foster care system.

  • Wait. I don't understand. A woman can trick bunch of doctors? Wow. Only in America (should be the nameof this channel).

  • What I want to know is where is this girl’s dad and if he knew about what her mother was doing and if so did he try and stop it.

  • If you all wonder why a mother con do something like this. She has Münchhausen by proxy, probably one of the worst mental issues there is in the world!

  • Put her on trial if found guilty , take her out back and put a bullet between her eyes. We are tired of feeding, clothing, housing and providing medical care for these criminals. She clearly was NOT remorseful when she was starting the same process with her other child. WE WANT SWIFT JUSTICE NO MORE 20-30 40 YEARS ON DEATH ROW
    This also a blatant example of Doctors neglect to their patient. If she came in with a big bruise from falling down they would have called social services.

  • I know of a woman who’s doing stuff like this but does have a child with a medical issue (nothing terminal) however she doesn’t work, she makes GFMs & uses them for herself, she’s had many GFMs funded & doesn’t use them for what she says. Idk what to do about it tho. It just sucks because I actually need help yet will never get it with people like this around.

  • Why didn't doctors and social services find this out before Olivia died and stopped this? This is sad! They only found this out AFTER Olivia died? It's really such a shame!

  • The mother should be thrown into a volcano, twitter banned me for saying that but i stand by what I said. Into the volcano w her.

  • I went to high school and middle school with her eldest daughter. We were best friends for a short while. My heart goes out to her and her middle sister. Olivia was such a sweet little girl and it is really disheartening that this had to happen. For our Junior year, our entire high school came together to raise money for Olivia to take her to Disneyland through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Then Olivia had passed away at the beginning of our Senior year. Rest in Peace Olivia. You were the best Bat-Princess out there.

  • I hate this video format and host. Her pronunciation is so bad, she mispronounced a word every other sentence and has REALLY weird cadence and inflection. She speaks like she has a vague idea of what a newscaster should sound like but doesn't actually listen to them on a regular basis. She says some things too slow and others too fast. It's a really hard video to watch!! Maybe practice reading the stories more often beforehand? Ugh, I love these stories but the delivery is an absolute chore to slog through.

  • I'd strongly advise investing in a teleprompter. The constant glancing at the laptop is not a good look. Learn the script by heart or get a prompter.

  • See, this is why I can’t really blame Gypsy Rose for killing her mother. Dee Dee could have very well killed her one day. Muchausen by proxy means the mom was irrational and would stop at nothing to exploit her daughter’s health and possibly her death just like this poor child. It was self defense

  • Its literally just gypsy rose blanchard's case again. Just terrible and disappointing, no one should put a child or anyone through this. It upsets me how history is just repeating itself.

  • Much better job on this story, Stephanie, than a recent one. This was much more respectful and also better edited. There are some valid criticisms about the background music and the setting, but this is still a big improvement.

  • Sick!!!!! Everyone needs to know what she did in prison. She needs to be left in a gym with a murder and the gaurds needs to be mysteriously called away.

  • The background is pretty distracting with people walking around and logos on display. It would be nice to see a plain, more professional background used in the future!

  • The editing and presentation really shows how rushed and unprofessional this video was. Aside from the horrible music, they also clearly didn't redo any of the lines. Hopefully next time they remember that the plural for diagnosis is diagnoses, not "diagnosis's".

  • A monster. This is heartbreaking and infuriating. Hell will be waiting with open arms for Kelly Gant. She should live the rest of her life behind bars and forever ask for forgiveness.

    I had so many dreams when I was a 7 year old and hearing Olivia had a bucketlist broke my heart. I’m not religious but I do believe in God so I know this little angel will be in heaven while her mother will be burned in the pits of hell.

  • The bg sound should be turned down a bit since it’s almost as loud as her voice. It’s distracting and a lil unnecessary.

  • This video was soooo poorly made and edited! The annoying background music, the woman literally yelling and her horrible grammar! Put some effort in reporting such a serious and heartbreaking case, at least!

  • …why is there kalimba music for a story about a child murder. its okay to just not have music especially on a serious subject

  • 1. The background music is loud and annoying.
    2. This woman’s bad eyebrows are very distracting. I get that one eye is bigger than the other making one eyebrow higher but that’s not even the issue. They’re just the worst made up eyebrows I’ve ever seen. Yikes.

  • Why didn’t all these doctors report this at the time? They’re all so open about talking about it now, maybe they could have saved Olivia’s life…

  • That was so cool that the little girl got to ride in the police car! She loved that! ❤️ May you fly with the 👼 angels little girl!

  • the entire video is a perfect example of what NOT to do while making it…. lousy background music and backdrop…. it's like listening to a boring tv show while one of the speakers isn't working… it's pretty bad when you aren't even paying attention to the story…. which SHOULD be interesting…she ought to find another field cuz this ain't working………..

  • This isnt a live speech!!!! There is literally no reason for you to be reading some boring monologue to us all. Do your fucking homework. This is youtube, you get to take as much time as you want editing, and cutting, there is no need for the viewers to deal with your horrible inflection on the wrong words, because you have no clue what the next sentence your gonna read, says…. memorize your lines, and add some personality. I never go off like this, but this video gave me a headache. The music is the least of its problems. I'm going back to phillydtv

  • The cheerful background music is very inappropriate when discussing the murder, abuse and suffering of a little girl. Have some respect for the subject matter, please.

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