MLG Antivirus

I don’t get it… What’s going on?? 1 minute earlier *epilepsy warning* Wait, what? Shoot all the iPads and win a free one! This looks legit… I want a free iPad… Lets fucking do this! SnipingMontage.exe activated Where the fuck is my iPad? Well… I guess I’ll just… Fuck it. You only YOLO once Oh, fuck! How do I cancel this? Oh god… What the fuck is this? I need to find help! My computer is doing weird things WTF is happenin PLS HALP!!!1 Whats the best way to delete a computer virus? Wait, I think I got it! It has to be somewhere… This is too old. Got it! What the Fuck are they doing? Virus Scan was complete. Subscribe to enjoy the fun again 😉

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