Meet Ryan, a medical engineer

I’m Ryan and I’m a medical engineering
apprentice at James Cook University Hospital. I decided to become an engineer after doing
my work experience at Johnson Matthey Catalysts in Billingham. I applied for my apprenticeship
through the NHS website and then two weeks later I had my interview. In the email, they
gave types of questions of what they were going to be asking. There were technical questions
but there were also general interview questions. I started my apprenticeship in August 2013
and I spent the majority of the first year at the training centre which was NEETA in
Billingham. Since then I have been on site at James Cook Hospital. The job consists of working in theatres, maintaining
equipment, servicing equipment, whether that’s large equipment, for example incubators, ventilators,
or small equipment like fusion pumps or syringe pumps. Medical engineering is important to the hospital
in that they are required to fix, service or install machines when called upon, whether
it be in theatres, children’s department or any other wards. Sometimes pieces of equipment
get reported in as faulty so as a medical engineer you have to ensure that the equipment
is working fine. By doing this, you have got to carry out functional checks, self checks,
to make sure it is electrically safe. There is a different type of pressure when
you are working in theatre as well, there’s an operation ongoing as you have got to do
the job as quickly and as efficiently as you can. One of the things I enjoy is problem solving
because it’s thinking of a solution, how to overcome a problem and then doing that
idea and overcoming that problem. The thing I love about my job is working with
other people, working on different pieces of equipment and understanding different departments,
what they do, which machines are in the department.

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