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Welcome to Dr.Grace medical show I’m glad you are watching today Today, let’s talk about malaria What is malaria? Malaria is an infectious disease that is caused by a parasite called Plasmodium and it is transferred by a female anopheles mosquito I want to give you some facts today about Malaria Do you know that Malaria has been existing for the past 50,000- 100,000 years And 10,000 years ago, they increased in their population This same Malaria, in the year 2015 according to World Health Organization it was discovered that 3.2 billion people were at risk of Malaria and that is almost half the population of the world that number is alarming And, in the same year 2015 214 million people were recorded to have malaria as new case and 438 thousand people died from Malaria Same year, it was discovered that 125million pregnant women were had malaria parasite and 10,000 maternal death was recorded and that is why you need to know about Malaria You need to take this infectious disease very seriously how does it happen and how can you prevent yourself and that is why you are in this show stay tuned with me as I take you along the course of malaria Malaria is caused like I said by parasite called Plasmodium And there are different types of the Plasmodium We have the Plasmodium falciparum Plasmodium ovale PlaPlasmodium vivax Plasmodium malariae and plasmodium knowlesi Among these five types that I have mentioned Plasmodium falciparum is the most common and it’s also very dangerous because it can cause cerebral malaria Plasmodium vivax (not Knowlesi please)and Plasmodium ovale are called relapsing malaria because they have in their life cycle the hypnozoite stage this is the stage that allows them to stay in your body in the liver they stay there for as long as 4 years And you can travel out of the country that has malaria to another country that does not have malaria and then you still develop symptoms of Malaria. This is the because of the plasmodium ovale and the vivax So as long as you are out of the country for 4years you can still have the Malaria What are the symptoms of Malaria? Body pains, Headache Body weakness joints pain lack of appetite bitter taste flu-like symptoms are present what are these flu-like symptoms? chills, weakness, joints pain and body weakness these are present as well And in children, you see them having diarrhea there are also symptoms of vomiting or nausea which is the feeling of vomiting and your appetite can be lost How do we treat Malaria? Or how do we diagnosed Malaria? When you come to the hospital, we take your blood samples and we test you What are the treatments for Malaria At present, the most effective treatment that we know now is the Artemisinin Combination Therapy which is ACT And do you know that the resistant to the ACT is on the increase and that is why we have to help ourselves prevent malaria How do we prevent this Malaria? First, let me tell who are at risk most of this Malaria one, are the children less than six years old two, pregnant women three, immigrant or travellers and four, immunocompromised those whose immune system has been depressed they can have the malaria infection so, how do we prevent it? sleep under mosquito treated net avoid mosquito bites by all means keep your environment clean away from stagnant water because it has been shown that malaria is very common in subtropical regions why? because of rainfall, constant high temperature high humidity and stagnant water The stagnant water allows the larva of the mosquitoes to mature if you keep your environment clean, you’ll keep them away from your environment For the pregnant women you can transfer the infection to your unborn babies and that is why it is very important to prevent yourself from having malaria because if your baby should develop the malaria infection it can cause spontaneous abortion which is pregnancy loss at early period and it can cause still birth it can lead to low birth weight and your pregnancy can be delivered at preterm which is not advisable this is why you have to prevent yourself and everyone around you from having Malaria infection How else can you prevent this? Spray your room with insecticides when you go out in your environment, where a light long sleeve clothing that will cover your extremities. unfortunately, there are no vaccine for the Malaria parasite at the moment For Immigrants how do you prevent this go to your primary care physician or your doctor for advice they will tell you the medications you can take that will help you that can prevent you from developing malaria Unfortunately, 1 out of 4 children sleep under mosquito treated net And so this advice is for parents ensure your children sleep under mosquito treated net. it helps them that will be all, for malaria if you have any question or comment drop your question below or link me in my blog the link to the blog is below so we see you next time Thank you and have a good day Bye

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