Malaria Prevention in English (accent from USA)

Malaria is a disease caused by a parasite
that is transmitted to people through the bite of
the female Anopheles mosquito. Symptoms of malaria are: high fever, chills, abdominal pain, headaches, tiredness and fatigue. If anyone experiences
any of these symptoms, it is important to go
to the nearest medical facility. Malaria can cause
serious health complications, especially in infants and young children. To prevent malaria it is important to avoid
being bitten by the mosquito. The malaria mosquito
usually bites in the evening until sunrise that is, from dusk until dawn. Inside the home you can protect
your family by using mosquito nets placed around the beds or sleeping areas. A very effective preventive measure is to install plastic or metal
mosquito screens on windows and doors. You can apply insecticide sprays
for use inside the home. You can also use battery
operated or electric diffusers with pads impregnated with insecticide. Outside of your home, eradicate weeds and shrubs
around the house and remove used car tires. Pick up trash by placing it in bags
or in tightly closed containers to be picked up
by the waste collection service. You should avoid stagnant water
accumulated in containers or puddles because mosquitoes can breed there. Collect empty bottles and other containers and place them face down
so they do not hold water. Ensure that containers of drinking water
are covered and tightly closed. Clean gutters and roofs
that could serve as water reservoirs. Environmental sanitation around your homes will be more effective if it is
conducted together with your neighbors. Let’s all work,
children and adults alike to keep the malaria mosquito out!

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