Living with Type 3c diabetes | Ali’s story | Diabetes UK

Initially in 2006 I was diagnosed with
Type 2 diabetes I was finding that the the medication
that they had given me wasn’t actually helping with the glycemic control and
what I didn’t know was this was actually an initial symptom of pancreatic
cancer, and then about six months later I started becoming symptomatic of the
cancer with back pain, with pain on eating, a change in bowel habit and
continuing to lose weight without trying. Eventually I was diagnosed with
pancreatic cancer and now we know that that diabetes wasn’t Type 2 diabetes it
was in fact Type 3c diabetes induced by the pancreatic cancer and not
through any other sort of lifestyle factors. I wish I’d actually known what
type I was initially because it wasn’t until a couple of years after my
diagnosis for pancreatic cancer that they actually said well you’ve got Type 3c,
I sort of looked and said, what’s that? My doctor absolutely, thankfully he’s
retired now but I told him that I had Type 3c
diabetes and he told me I was not only making it up but that I was
attention-seeking which is quite appalling really. Well Type 3c diabetes
is quite a brittle form of the diabetes and it is it is quite tricky to control it. I take insulin and I carb count, I also
have a glucose monitor that is a continuous monitor and it’s linked to my
phone and also my Apple watch so it will actually give
me alerts if my glucose level is going too low or too high. It doesn’t always
work perfectly because I still have 20% of my pancreas left following surgery
for pancreatic cancer and that little bit of pancreas decides to work
sometimes and pump out insulin when I’ve already counted the amount of insulin
I need for the food that I’m eating and then I can find that I can rapidly
go low into hyperglycemia. The hardest part is really maintaining that
control and getting the balance. Diabetes impacts everything because it’s
uppermost in your mind all the time, you know, you get up in the morning
what are my bloods looking like, you have breakfast you know, I’m
about to eat breakfast how much insulin do I need. The beauty of
continuous glucose monitoring is the fact that you can check it and check it
without it being too obvious so you know where you’re at. Things have got a lot
better nowadays

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