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carry your back because your shave biopsy that we didn’t show a video of you have to shave biopsy that found you had a little sister right there are right next to your eyebrow yeah and then the shave way through this is completely remove it and you keep having that drainage from it because part of this is still there so we’re going to take that little core out of it ok alright will do that pressure genuine oh ok with what you’re just good okay yeah but it’s not you know we got a quarter of it out okay they cared for dr. Vaughn the best and none of them your scar on the side is just coming on what would be good for another shot of Karen how many weeks now i’m thinking i was here two weeks ago you took the soil or three weeks ago for a check up on this one but since we get it was a gate on that that was what we need to check in awhile overlooked now yeah really do you know it’s beautiful and I have no no you no problems with it either the way it looks for shield for sure oh yeah you get beautiful job so thank you again and thank you to our patrons especially google kitty and windy and wine thank you ladies for the help that you give us any problems till next time carry myself telling you to stay in good health

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