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– Wait, what did you even do? – Okay, that doesn’t make sense. (light playful music) Hello, I’m Justin. – I’m Gigi. – What’s your name? – That’s a pretty cool name. – It’s nice to meet you, Kira. – Where are you from? – You have a lot of sun in California? – Huh. I hate sunny days. It’s just burning my skin. – How many times have
you been to Disneyland? – Okay.
– Awwwww. We haven’t even been to Disney World. – How old are you? – I’m seven. – When is your birthday? – That’s a really good day, ’cause it reminds me of May, and in my school we do May the fourth be with you. – Sushi. – Oh. – I don’t like sushi
’cause I never tried it. That’s why I don’t like it. I’m a very picky eater. – Yep. I’m not sure if I’m sick right now, but I have a cough. – Have you ever been sick? – What kinds of sickness? – You had cancer? – The worst sickness I had is a cold stomach flu. It lasted for like a week. How long does cancer last? – Wow. – How old were you when you had cancer? – How did you know? – Were you scared? – Is having cancer painful? – Shots. The painful-est things in the world. It even sounds painful, I mean. – No, but our grandma every morning gives us like these gummy vitamin things. – What was it like being
in a hospital so much? – How? – That sounds dangerous. When you’re sliding down it could, When you’re here it
could have so much weight on you then you go, pchhhh. And then you go, waaaaa poooosh. – How much? – How? Didn’t it scare you losing all that hair? – I feel sorry for that. – How long did it took to grow back? – I bet when it was like, after the one year I
bet you looked so cute. – Really? – Is that true? I mean, ah… Are you all better now? – Oh ho. – Do you feel way better
after it was over? – What do you do for fun? – (hmph) (laughter) – Noooo. – Yes, he’s jealous. I know that face. And I know that noise.
– Not true. – He’s jealous. – Do you know how to play any instruments? – Me too! – Oh. – Do you like animals? – Oh, cool, I do too. She has a very long name. – What’s her name?
– Ewok John, Bob, Candy, McCoo-gars. – What was it like doing Kids Try? – I love doing those. – I love doing try,
yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. – Up high. To the side. To the other side. Down low. Way to go. (giggles) – I almost high fived myself. High five, myself. Very good done. Okay, put it up, Justin. No baby fighting. – (growls) (growls)
– Not me! Not me! Not me! (screams and laughs) – Alright, (mumbles) good job.
– Good. (applause)
(light playful music)

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