Is it Bad to NOT have Morning Sickness?

Is it bad to not have morning sickness? Most women would envy you, not throwing up
or even getting nauseous. Around 80% get morning sickness to some degree,
meaning it is normal. Is something wrong if I’m not having morning sickness? Morning sickness has a correlation to a lower
risk of miscarriage. It is also linked to greater odds of having a girl. I certainly wouldn’t mind a cute baby girl. Morning sickness is thought to be a survival
reflex, helping women avoid undercooked meat like fish and eggs that were more likely to
carry pathogens and parasites. You get the same benefit if you avoid those foods, even
if they don’t make you ill. Would I reduce my risk of miscarriage? By avoiding those foods, sure. So if I pretend to be as miserable as them,
I’m fine. I mean avoid the food, not throw up your breakfast.
Throwing up a lot leaves you dehydrated and ruins your teeth. Then I’m glad I don’t have morning sickness. If you want to be like your pregnant friends,
just sit around drinking ginger ale, feet up to avoid ankle swelling, complaining about
your breast and back pain. It’s a G rated version of guys sitting back
with a beer, complaining about their lives. At least you’re creating a new life. If this pregnancy is easy, I’m much more
willing to have a couple more. Your odds of having morning sickness are more
likely with a girl, and at least 70% of women with morning sickness so bad they land in
the hospital have a girl. It may be that this one’s a boy, but you’ll suffer like everyone
else with a girl. Do you mean with morning sickness or an adventurous
toddler who gets into everything I own, especially my closet?

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