Investigating the Interference of Influenza Viral Fusion by Antibody “HC19”

This is an influenza virus particle
influenza infects millions of humans each year its envelope is coated with
three different membrane proteins. My research focuses on this one
hemagglutinin or HA for short HA is a crucial player in viral
effectivity and thus possesses two functions. [music] One of which is entry into
target cells by binding to carbohydrate receptors terminating in sialic acid
on the host membrane An invagination of the plasma cell
membrane occurs trapping the viral particle in an intracellular membrane
compartment called an endosome. Activated by low pH in the endosome
HA overcomes a considerable energy barrier to mediate fusion between the
viral and endosomal membranes – completion of fusion allows for the release of
viral genetic material into the cell where it can then travel into the host
nucleus for replication of influenza. The other component of my research involves
an antibody in humans called HC 19. Here HC 19 binds to and can neutralize HA
blocking target cell attachment. However hundreds of HAs will typically
participate in some membrane attachment meaning that low concentrations of HC 19
may be ineffective in preventing cell entry. But how by a low concentration of
HC 19 impact influenza’s mechanism of fusion. Is there a state at which HC 19
can disrupt the HA’s participating infusion to inevitably delay viral
infectivity. These are the questions my project is protecting to answer. As
part of the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at Brandeis
University my research on HAs function and influenza fusion kinetics
can be applied in creating biomolecules that reconfigure membranes without
threatening the integrity of the bilayer. HA is of particular interest in this
line of research because hemagglutinin can safely deliver viral cargo beyond
the endosome without rupturing the endosomal membrane. I hope you enjoyed
the video and stay safe during the winter time [sneeze]

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